Did Scientists Just Find Vulcan from Star Trek?! #isthisreal

Did Scientists Just Find Vulcan from Star Trek?! #isthisreal

NASA says, live long,
and we’ve found Vulcan. Like, the real one, in space,
right now, like in real life. Like, up there. Look, I’m not going to
go all Kolinahr on this, but is this real? [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, nerd fam. Welcome to Uno, Dos, Trace. I’m Trace. And in this segment,
Is This Real? I look into the research
that supports or debunks something that’s going
around the cyber webs. And this week, my
Trekkie buddy, Kenny, texted me to tell me that
planet Vulcan is real. That’s right. The planet where Spock and other
countless characters from Trek land originated is out there,
in our universe right now. Until Eric Bana
destroys it, of course, in an alternate timeline. It is true that sometimes
N-A-S-A gets a little N-U-T-T-Y. But is this
one of those times? Here’s what we know. Astronomers announced the Dharma
Endowment Foundation telescope in Arizona spotted an
exoplanet orbiting 40 Eridani A. The planet is tidally locked,
likely, so it doesn’t rotate. One side always faces the sun. It orbits every 42 days. It is a Super Earth,
meaning it’s big. Man, it’s real big, almost
twice the size of our planet. And it orbits in
a habitable zone, an orbit where temperature
allows for liquid water. It’s also really close to us. It’s only 16 and a
half light years away, which makes sense if the
pointy-eared bastards are going to come. Eridani is a bright spot in
the constellation, Eridanus. It’s a river. If Orion took a
baby step forward, he would be knee-deep
in the Eridanus River. You can see the system
with the naked eye. But you can’t see that 40
Eridani is not just one star. No, no, no. It is a trinary system. There are three stars– A, B, and C. And they
were discovered in 1783 by William Herschel. So we have a star system. Vulcan is the name for the
Roman god of fire and volcanoes. And in the 19th
century, astronomers believed that there might be
another planet between Mercury and the sun because Mercury’s
orbit was all weird. And they couldn’t think
of how to explain it with Newton’s new math. And then Einstein shows up. And he’s all like, nah, nah. I got this. General relativity. But they were going to
call that planet Vulcan. So we have a planet’s name. How the two got
linked to Star Trek comes down to a 1968
book titled Star Trek 2. It was by James Blish. He pegged our
green-blooded bastardos to the home planet of Vulcan,
in the system 40 Eridani in the book in the ’60s. And after an extensive search,
I actually found the actual book at a book repository. And he writes on page 34 that
Kirk says, “Mr. Spock’s father was a native of
the Vulcan, which is a planet of 40 Eridani.” That’s right. He said, the Vulcan. To distinguish it from
the 19th century Vulcan– because at the time of Star
Trek, the original series– there had only been one
fictional planet Vulcan, the one that may have
existed between the Mercury and the sun. And it didn’t, of
course, but this Vulcan was new from the show. The books were written
to support the show. So Blish had to acknowledge
this new Vulcan somewhere. Star Trek is pretty
good with the science. But no one mentioned
which of the three stars it orbited at any point when
we’d known they were there for almost 200 years. Then in 1980, Star Trek Maps
was written by Jeff Maynard. And it is so nerdy. It’s a Star Fleet Academy text. And it explains how
warps work, and lays out coordinates in 3D space, and
shows locations of Federation and non-Federation planets. It’s actually awesome. Look at this. This diagram lays out how
omnidirectional beacons help starships navigate
in Federation space. Oh! God, I know what I’m
going to do this Sunday. I put the full PDA in
the links, nerd fan. Book club? Yeah. I got you. Maps also pegged
it at 40 Eridani. So how did they know
there was a planet there? Long story short,
they didn’t know. But then enter Gene
Roddenberry himself. In 1991, in a letter to
Sky & Telescope Magazine for the 25th anniversary
of the show, Roddenberry and three astronomers from
the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for
Astrophysics wrote, 40 Eridani A is the
most likely candidate for Vulcan in real life. It’s a large orange star. It’s four billion years
old, about the same as ours, so there’s enough time for
intelligent life to evolve. And Dr Sallie Baliunas included
the sunspot cycle in the letter to indicate its age. Thanks, Sallie. But this is where the
realness sort of breaks down. On Fandom, they
write, quote, “Vulcan had a considerably higher
gravity, thinner atmosphere, and higher temperatures
than Earth.” The gravity makes sense
because it’s a Super Earth. But the higher temperatures,
that would be tough to say. See 40 Eridani is
cooler than our star. But the planet is
considerably closer. The letter also
mentions that there will be two other
stars quote, “gleaming brilliantly” in the Vulcan sky. And they would appear brighter
than, like, a bright Venus. Correct me if I’m
wrong, nerd fans, but I don’t ever recall
hearing mention of the Vulcan as a multi-star system. So nobody knew that
Vulcan was there. But they guessed that a planet
might exist around that star, and it might harbor
some uber logical life, and it just so happens
amazingly that they were right. Vulcan is real, sort of. Because this planet is
not actually named Vulcan. It’s named the catchy HD-26965B. And when it was
randomly selected by [INAUDIBLE] in the
1960s, they don’t even know exoplanets existed. It would be 24 more years
before the first exoplanet confirmation. Since 1992, we’ve confirmed
almost 3,800 extrasolar planets. And there are thousands of
candidates still waiting for confirmation. Planets might be more
common than we thought. But this story is really the
science writers of the world looking the science fiction
writers of the world and being like, y’all got something right! The astronomers
in this paper are pushing to name HD-26965B
Vulcan, which is just the best. Because, like the
Starship Enterprise, this is going to be yet another
fictional story stepping off of the pages of imagination
and into real life. Nerd fam, tell me about
your Star Trek dreams. Tell me everything that you
thought about this video. There’s the comment section. I’m on Twitter. I’m on Instagram. You name it, come find me. And if you liked it,
share it with your friends because we’re growing
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  1. I knew it, this is s simulation. What's the chances that this exo-planet is in the habitable zone, and may harbor life ? Super strange coincidence xD

  2. But wouldn't the tidal lock make it inhabitable eventho it is in the habitable zone?
    Idk just thoughts. I suck at shit like this.

  3. Hi Trace!!! This video is great!!! Iโ€™m a huge Star Trek fan!!!
    Love you my friend!!! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  4. The feedback loop between science and science fiction is one of the most entertaining things about being alive today, and it gives me a great deal of hope for our future.

  5. Thank you for sharing this discovery. I had seen articles, but have not had time to read them.

    Now I know the details ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Edit:. That ending, LoL ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜…

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    So much fun.

    The Star Trek fantasy is
    1. Medical Advancements depicted in the show
    2. Warp Drive realized
    3. Replicators cause man we could really benefit.
    4. Holodeck cause I mean come ON it's a HOLODECK!

    Before anyone asks I'm like Bones on transporters cause that's an existential crisis that I'm not sure I could deal with.

  7. i once heard a techno song with a spock soundbite in i. He said "as a vulcan, i find the need for hard drugs to be totally illogical" its called Psycun by Gataka

  8. Stark Trek Armada 2 was the most fun I had in a game back then because I was super into Star Trek's "newer" series and RTS's like Starcraft. It was a time for space games!

  9. We have a physical copy of Star Trek Maps behind me on a shelf, we occasionally get it out to look at it, maybe a few times a year, although I'm so worried about damaging it, it mainly stays on the shelf. Now we have the PDF we can look as much as we want! Yay! Thank you so much Trace! ๐Ÿ˜€

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