Django Adventure: Project Presentation

Django Adventure: Project Presentation

– Let me explain you how this project have started First, Ambroise Prince and I, two friends, we are filmmakers, we are also road trip addicts And we looked at road trip stories, we find this crazy story about two french military who, in 1956 ride until Paris from Saïgon with two Peugeot scooters So we have contacted Peugeot, to present them a raid project They looked at us as we were crazy,
and by the way they think we are completely crazy Nous avons rencontré Ambroise et Samuel en Janvier Ils nous ont expliqué leur incroyable projet Ralier Paris à Saigon en scooters C’est une idée complètement folle pour nous Nous mettons à disposition 2 scooters Django Nous les aidons avec nos meilleurs partenaires avec notre réseau de distribution et nos importateurs les S57 et Django sont deux scooters séparés de 60 ans Mais ils ont en commun un très beau design et ces deux scooters sont les ambassadeurs du “French Lifestyle” We know it’s gonna be tough that it will be physically very difficult and that we will drive for 3 months But with our partners behind us,
Peugeot, Total, Planet-Ride, Le Petit Studio We should be able to do a very good thing and actually we are feeling quite confident to have a nice trip because we have prepared all the things in advance We setup a digital communication system You’ll be able to follow us on social networks, on YouTube So you can interact with us and if you any ideas depending on the itinerary we will take, depending on the cities in which we will arrive if you have any ideas, places where we can eat, places where something is going on if there is any artistic events in the city opportunity to party, people we could meet tell us on our social media, send us an e-mail we will be pleased and we will have a look on it if we have time So let’s go for the adventure !

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