Dochula Pass - Lobesa (Punakha), INB Trip EP #27

Dochula Pass – Lobesa (Punakha), INB Trip EP #27

We are going on seeing the beauties of Bhutan. Now we have covered Dochula pass and going towards Punakha now. We are planning to stay at Punakha or somewhere before that. So we will go We are now going around Dochula Pass and where we had entered before. Its so foggy here… The top of those trees are covered with mist. Wow! It has began to rain slightly. So we are now travelling in the rains. When you travel anywhere in India, you get to see political flags like this all around. Here its completely Buddhism flags. I think that place is like what we saw before with water. Lets check out that place. Its written washing vehicles in this stream is strictly prohibited. Its not a place for people to wash their vehicles. Its another place like we saw before. Water flows down and the prayer wheel rotates. I think here you can see it more clearly. Here its done with wood Water comes in through there and the wood rotates well. Then in that priority the prayer wheel rotates well. The water then flows out through here. Ice water. Let me wash my face and see. We are shooting this for the second time now. Because of Emil we missed that shot. I have been washing my face so many times. He wasnt recording the video. Now let me wash my face once again in this cold water. You act well. I am teaching him to act. If he gets into movies, the whole credit should be for me. I am the only person who made his camera fear go. I will become Santosh Pandit Sir. I will study everything OMG! Its a different feel when you wash your face in cold water. When you go to cold places and take a bath in cold water, your body becomes hot. Its only the problem to pour water over us for the first time. When you go to cold places and take a bath in hot water, you become lazy the whole day What is Nischal doing? When he gets the camera in his hand, he himsef doesnt know what to do When the vehicle is stopped, he just gets out of the car. Then he will ask other whether they want their picture to be taken. Those coming as couples are very happy because they take photos of themselves Couples means two people What I meant is only one person can take the photo of the other There Nischal appears saying I will help! Above here if you climb the steps and go, there is something to see Lets check it out. Ita monument like we saw before. Wow! Water is flowing through here too. There is a Buddha picture here. Nice. Beautiful set up The photos of King and King with the main monk and some writings are seen here These flags are so photogenic. Its nice to stand near them and take photos and videos Its so cold. Its so nice to explore quite and calm nature places like this than tourists spots The mountains are getting covered with mist. I think there is a monastery there When we had gone to see a monastery the previous day, I had seen these roads. We have actually gone around and come here Why have you worn a sweater? Its very cold after we left from there. The roads are so special. This road links two main cities of Bhutan. Its the Punakha-Thimphu highway. Vehicles are seen very rarely especially just tourist vehicles. How beautiful. Look at that. Its so nice to see mist over greenery. Its just beautiful The dogs here are not like the ones in our place. They dont mind us at all. Just show off. Its for the first time one is atleast close to us. Show off will be over once you get a bite. You get to know only when you are bitten. You were bitten? Who? From where? From the teashop. I just went near it calling handsome. Thatas the problem. You called it handsome But its not good at all when you get a bite. You have to take injections around your navel They inject you inside the part you have been bitten. Its already painful Before that they give you an injection to see if you have any problem.Then they inject you inside the injured part That is unbearable. But when I was injected, reaction was seen. I had to stay for 2 days for many injections. This injection is painful because its given where its bitten I have been wanting to grow a Syberian Husky. It has lots of hair and blue eyes. Here the dogs are very hairy. Nice to see them. You can take one from here and put it in the car. Nobody will know. Here all the dogs are so lazy. Our local dogs also bark. All are lazy here. Now lets go to the next place. Isnt this the one I was playing with? Will it bite? No. My biscuits will get over now. Looks like he doesnt want. He is smelling and seeing. Should give it in its mouth Usually when we give it food it takes. This one is showing its mouth from the side and saying give This one is good. They are more active at night. They bark a lot and dont let others sleep. Should we take him? Now you have donkeys or horses. These horses dont look good. This one looks better. This looks nice. It is hairy. Its because of the cold climate. Here there is a white horse. There are lots of horses here. I think horses are their main animal here. They have been left free like this. On the way we saw a Bhutanese car stopped. We got down and saw a deer standing here. If the deer looked at us we could have got to see its face properly. Deer please look. What kind of a deer is it? Reindeer I think. He said he thinks. So even he is not sure what deer it is. Its like the sambar deer we see at our place. Its not reindeer. They are found in snowy places. Here it comes. Its so nice to see. He is taking awesome photos of it. It didnt get anything from here. So its going to that Prado Uncle. Did you close our car. YES Its gone to see if it will get anything from Prado. Yes, got a banana The other uncle got scared. He went and sat inside the car. A dog is also along with it. Its putting its head inside to see if it would get something. It doesnt want grass I guess Its posing so well for photos. The poor dog is wagging his tail and standing here. It was a variety experience anyways. He just ran behind the deer without closing the door and window of the car. Whats here? Is it a monastery? Its not a monastery. Its a monument like we saw before. Just a monument. Its an old road. Its written Jhelsai Chorten. Just an old monument It might be one named after someone. Looks very nice. After a long time we saw a shop. Here you have lots cultivation area, houses etc In that hilly areas you have agriculture and houses. Down there you can see a monastery. Its cold and a nice climate You will play till you get a dog bite. You just have to keep a safe distance with it. If it is comfortable with you go ahead. This one is scared. When I went close to it, it barked little. So I stood back. Any hotel or house here looks beautiful. We stopped by a a hotel to have tea. Look how beautiful this hotel looks and has been constructed. Right in front of the hotel you can see a house. On top of the house there is a flag. This is also a house. But this house looks better than this. I think rich people build beautiful houses. It has paintings. Toktokha laden restaurant and bar. Fooding and lodge. Do you know how they have done the name. Its with the lids of plastic bottles Aha. Thats good. This is done with pepsi lids, sprite lids etc. Thats a variety. I liked it. Thats a good creativity. I liked it. Its written WELCOME also in that way. Their windows are all done in wood work and paintings are done on it. Welcome is also done in bottle lids. They have a basket to play basket ball also. Even this board is good. Welcome to Lhaden Hotel. Even the flags are beautiful. We could buy few flags like these if we find them. Tata sky is there in Bhutan also. Bhutan sky Tea is ready. Lets go inside and have tea now Its pretty dark inside. They have some snacks and their heads photo Though the tea is a bit too sweet but its tasty. Its a masala tea. What you see here is a deers head. Its stuffed. On top of it is the Kings photo They are saying they all watch south Indian movies. Though the tea was sweet it was a good one. Got to speak to many people. They are saying more about Telungu movies. They say its supernatural and movies that defeat Jackie Chan. Very good talks about Hindi movies. They dont want any supernatural movies of here They like to see the transformer being blasted. Thats what they like. They are saying they know Tamil to me. Looks like they watch lots of Indian movies. That was a good hotel. I liked it a lot. Now we have to see if we can get any room to stay. Can see if we can find a home stay also Look at the way the roads are going. We will be getting down from here and going through there This is a hotel made of wood. Tensyom Tripchu Hotel and Bar. Look at this mountain here. OMG! I wonder if someone cut it and made it like this Kizhkathukkaya mountain roads are what we are passing by now. 16kms to Wangdue and we are now at Penzogyem. People are filling drinking water from the water that flows down from the Kizhkathukkaya mountain. Bhutan spring. Is this water for drinking. Yes. Its the spring water. Emil. We shall fill water from here. Bring our can. They are saying its very good water. We might have to wait a while. Its a queue here. Stand in the line. Finding the jar from here is the difficult job. I think its behind this. Could you show me the way to the jar. Find it yourself This is plastic. We will take this all over we go. We dont have any other option for such a big jar Come. Sujith Bhakthan. You are in the queue. Yes. I am . All these are drinking water. People fill it in bottles also and take it from here. Since these many people are taking it from here we can believe it. Moreover its written its drinking water and shouldnt be misused or spoilt. Free ice water from natural source. Let me see how much weight he can hold. Oh my I cant hold that much like the other one. Suku, please hold. Its getting heavier. Bahubali Emil is needed to do all the work. He has to drive, wash the car, carry loads. He is well trained. Somebody please come and open the door. After filling it we remembered this doesnt have a lid. So what to do? We can use our plastic wastes that we havent discarded anywhere. We have all the things with us. Scissors, packing tape etc. We will be sticking this tightly with the packing tape. Its being sealed Water we brought from home is still there. Once that is over, we shall open this. Not even a single dust particle in this water. Bags on which Tech Travel Eat logo was printed. You can check them on facebook. They stitched it for us. Sanchi Bags! He is standing and talking. Not bothered that I am holding this in my hand Now lets go to Hotel Terrace. We wont stay at the terrace. We have a room. The hotel was closed because its off season. They opened it when we came. Its open. How is it? How is it for 1500/-? Awesome Will you get one like this at SR Jungle resort? You cannot get for this rate for sure The first bed, second bed and third bed. An awesome room with 3 cots and beds. All 3 can stay well. They have a heater in the bathroom. Its a good and beat bathroom. Isnt it awesome? Never judge a hotel by seeing it from outside. Even humans! Thats true. See how beautiful it is behind our hotel. You can see the whole valley down there We have completed our drive today and reached here at Lobesa. Tomorrow we will be going to Punakha. Shall see around there, right? Yes So see you with another superb video from Bhutan. Till then Bye bye…

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