Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Estate Tour

Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Estate Tour

Mara Lago it sits at the very edge of Palm Beach a monument to one woman vision society matron Marjorie Merriweather Post she wanted a home that was a little Spanish a little Moorish and a little theatrical what she got was a deliberate mixture of many styles that had never been put together before and quite possibly since she hired Viennese architects and artisans and consulted with American set designers to create a masterpiece of the roaring 20s today Mara Lago is owned by billionaire real estate developer Donald J Trump Marjorie Merriweather Post was the great party giver of the early part of the century and she was a tremendously social person which was a very rich person and she had the best houses everywhere mar-a-lago being the ultimate of even her houses Donald Trump knew that maintaining the castle like mar-a-lago could be an overwhelming prospect but he saw in it a unique beauty the construction was so amazing and obviously it was so expensive I believe the house cost twenty million dollars from 1920 to 1928 to build and you know if you equate that into current dollars you're talking about there a substantial amount of money to try and build it and a substantial effort each statue in the palatial home was hand carved out of stone three boatloads of doering stone from Genoa Italy were shipped over just for that then a foundry was set up on the grounds and even when Marjorie Merriweather Post had her doubts about the project she kept building some of the most remarkable features in mar-a-lago are its ceilings the living quads goal that you just open due to they just do not necessarily because of the technicals is because we have the technical skills but just a dollar amount of gold that's the entryway ceiling is hand stenciled on Kona wood the Beeman to enter mar-a-lago is Spanish but changes as you leave your way through with 114 individual room some rooms like the bedroom is taken from the wood of a great schooner great ship and was reconverted and put into this room it's just incredible space the Dutch room is also filled with tile the tunnels were also used in an adjoining bathroom in the room called the Spanish room the furniture is the same as it was in the 1920s each room this majestic home seems more dramatic than the next one of the most talked about is the round room or Marjorie's daughter the actress Deena Meryl grew up her own was called the Sleeping Beauty sweep the castle is at the bi fireplace and then the wild roses grew around the room it's a beauty sleeps the amazing thing is is that those are not an applique that is plaster that's built up and then carved back the most tedious process mrs. post called on great sculptors to work on her daughter's room they ended up making all of the furniture in the room it's all handmade and it was all made to scale for a child it's incredible it is incredible but owner Donald Trump also knew that it was just too much space for one family so after three years of using mar-a-lago as a winter retreat Donald Trump converted a portion of it into a private club and spa he still maintains part of the property as a personal residence for himself make sure all of it feels like a home for visitors he says he's always aware of its great history and exquisite detail well I think Marla NGO is certainly the most spectacular state in the United States and interestingly when Prince Charles came to Palm Beach he came to play polo and to see my logo and the first thing he did is see my logo and I say you may be the only person I know that has a house that's nicer than this meaning Buckingham Palace and he had well I'm not so sure about that it's a very very unusual place

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  1. you hate the house because the owner is ridiculously rich
    but think about it he took a private palace and made it a public space
    pretty democratic

  2. Lots of trump bjilding are tacky tru.p did not drsign this place ….can you imagine dusting this place i met a few people who worked for trump he not a fair boss naturally

  3. Great house Mr. President.
    By the way if you don't like the house. Next time he invites you over for dinner. Decline. That will teach him.

  4. When I get a hold of your tax how crooked you are say goodbye to that bitch lock him up and his family take his red hat friends with him too

  5. The architects back in the day really knew how to design beautiful homes, i.e., Hearst Castle, The Breakers (and other Newport, RI mansions), The Biltmore (in NC), to name a few and of course, Mar-a-Lago. Nothing was skimped on and it was like a competition to see who could outdo who. The brand new mansions of today don't even hold a candle in comparison to these antique mansions.

  6. I don't like Mar Lago, it looks like there is vampires and, warlocks, and witches in that house. What a waste of money. It's so beautiful but it feels so cold.

  7. Tis the end of all western societies when the uneducated unearned billionaire flaunts extravagance to a people suffering in poverty.

  8. Whom hated his mother but loved his father, stayed out of Vietnam with his father's money, a operable bone spur and 5 deferments. A liar, cheater, bully, bigot, racist, and groper.

  9. I notice that in this video, Trump is much younger than his current 72 years. He was capable of speaking in complete sentences and could make sense. Now, he has forgotten those words and speaks in broken sentences and shifts thoughts all over the place. Dementia?

  10. Over the top, decadent and gaudy just like the owner…… I suppose when you’ve got limitless funds you can afford to be as trashy as you like. Look around the world and see humanity…….. that’s actually not a tribute to the owner…. it’s self-absorbed adoration of one’s self.

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