Dream Trip Norway | Salomon TV

Dream Trip Norway | Salomon TV

[Applause] hello this is a dream come true [Music] train trip is happening pretty crazy so when I got the call it was just pretty mind-blowing literally a dream come true really it was about just being in the mountains with someone inspires me hmm I thought you weren’t ready [Laughter] another clue it’s pretty amazing to have the fjords and the mountains and like looking back to when there were no roads the only way actually to come into this mountains it was by sailing and that’s really cool actually also to show Katie that [Music] nor Wayne is just about as different as they can be I think from where I live like another planet oh because it’s so good that’s one of the reasons I wanted to come [Music] it’s really cool to run here because it’s ladies wild and you feel really alone [Music] it’s really a pleasure like to see her seeing all the mountains with her eyes like it’s new for her the trails are insane like seeing them run up these trails with such ease it’s inspiring it’s a lot of good mountains here you can do many mountains in a day and and have the fjords the water close it’s it’s good for me because I grew up with the ocean so if I live in the mountains without any water at all I always miss the water a little bit and here in Norway I can feel I have this connection to the water also [Music] we have been showing her maybe three new kind of berries but she didn’t on the secretive [Music] to have the two of them together to spend this trip with has been more than I could these girls are at the top to see how much work they put in and what it’s like there’s really interesting to me to be able to train with them for a week he’s like animal I mean it’s more about sharing than actually competing and that’s how I always felt like running was for me yeah yeah yeah yeah here with wave right now everyone every directions amazing so to be able to take a small pack and run from Hut to Hut is perfect like perfect is yeah that’s all I could ask for it’s a really good way to explore these mountains running for a whole day to get there and it’s in the middle of nowhere that was really cool to see you’re like what are we gonna stay here now that’s I think that she’s gonna take that with her it was here in Norway when I like realized that wow I am a runner I love it so much it’s like an old friend I just realized I started to appreciate it and I realized the freedom with it like to run in the mountains to run up on a summit and like the fascination that the body can do it but you can transport yourself that’s what really like captured me and what I want to keep keep loving that’s why I didn’t need racing you know I had everything I needed in running one day I just tried the Appy race in Norway’s well I experienced like taking part of a race and I was super cool because it was so many people doing this small uphill race and they were so happy and we loved the same thing so that’s kind of the entrance to racing it wasn’t something different it was just something like you shared with other people but 2012 I made a promise to myself that like I should really take care of my health first like no race no competition is worth like enjoy yourself three and a half years of like being a professional athlete I was really happy with my result or not even like I did things that I can’t imagine now one of the things I was looking forward to the most about being here with Emily and Ida was about talking to them about the mental components of trail running in a competition how do they handle this how do they handle the unknown I did track before and cross countries and I ran for the national team and I’ve done a you European Championships the World Championships and looking forward the Olympics and I got the serious hip injury and had to totally quit running I could not even jog like two or three kilometres during the European Championship I just fell it was small fall it’s just my cruciate ligament broke I love skiing and I love running and it was my work it was my passion it was my everything so it it like it disappeared I really thought I could never run again actually my hip was that bad I mean you get used to everything in life even the hardest thing that happens to like sometimes you can’t do anything about it so in a way I kind of enjoyed being that side like it was it was so new for me but I could also like jump up from the dark hole and just look outside and actually enjoy what I saw after a while I felt like okay my leg is not good for running but I can still maybe go out and hike in the mountains and my first sky race was last year so yeah that’s very quite new for me I have always been like working to find the balance just to feel like the person I am I felt that I could take time to do other things [Music] I learned a bit of being patient like to work for something it will you will achieve it if you really work hard it’s time it’s time you invest and time is really it’s a beautiful thing to give and you get a lot back I’m definitely gonna bring home some memories that are gonna stick the rest of my life and some changes yeah to live in more alignment with my values and readjust how I see the world because of these experiences [Music]

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  1. Total love this! I am going to take a week and explore Norway's Norwegian fjords and mountains while running 🙂 ToDoList #917

  2. Katie!!! I'm so happy for you!!! What an awesome experience! I hope you make a video about your trip, looking forward to it!!

  3. SORRY. this is complete bullshit. nothin else as a commercial marketing movie. tell me someone what the deeper sense of running through beautiful landscape is. this is for blown up EGOs.

  4. Lots of love 😘😘😘from♥️

  5. Writing this comment so I can look back in the future when I'm already in Norway and say "I'm already here and made my dream come true". 🙂

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