Drive-Thru – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Drive-Thru – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Hi, uhhh… Can I get a large fry, burger, apple pie, diet coke… uhm…? Hmm… -*incomprehensible talk* -Uh… I’m sorry, what? -*incomprehensible talk* -Uh… I can’t understand you. -*incomprehensible talk* -No, you need to speak clearly. -*incomprehensible talk* -Look, let me just drive up to the next window. Okay, now I want a… -*Muffled screams* – Uh… I asked for apple pie. – Oh that’ll take a minute. Just pull to the front. …and here’s your apple pie. – Now drive! drive! DRIVE! Careful, It’s hot! END CREDITS

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  1. Gotta be honest, wouldnt be too mad to be the guy wanting his food. He got his food and lost nothing but some gas maybe

  2. There's a robbery going on??
    Fuck that noise, I need that bacon-wrapped milkshake!

  3. When he said "a large fry" I expected the punchline to include him getting one massive chip instead of a portion of them.

  4. "CAREFUL IT'S HOT!!" That's the most caring robber with a gun I've ever seen. 😂👏

  5. this bitch orders a large fry, a burger, an apple pie, and a diet coke. THE FUCK IS THAT DIET COKE GONNA DO!?

  6. Me: That robber is nice
    Me: Reminds me of my childhood
    Manager: WOAH YOUR HIRED

  7. I'll have two number nine… A number nine large…. A number 7…. Two number forty-fives one with cheese and a large soda

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