Drowning for Power – Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

Drowning for Power – Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

(laughing) Yeah yeah Well I mean with other people who are of Mexican descent can you? Brandon: Yeah they always talk to me in Spanish… and I’m just like I just don’t know and it’s tough cuz like my father-in-law like, he doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish so our relationship is harder especially since… I don’t know if, uh… talk much, uh… with you about him He is very much like a man’s man And I’m not… *laughter* We were at the beach, he wanted to do he wanted to, um, I don’t know just kinda do something fun just the two of us so he was like come here, come here, we got like life jackets and we got a kayak and we are gonna go out to the ocean I am not crazy ’bout the ocean don’t like things touching my feet don’t like tide taking me, and I was like, on a kayak [stuttering] I… I just wasn’t crazy about it. But I was like you know, we’re just going to kinda like chill a little bit. But we kept paddling… and paddling… and paddling. And we pass like, the buoy, and I was like… he likes me… …but… Gus: Hang on.
[laughter] Brandon: Exactly. The exact cliche when the father-in-law takes you out… …and could kill you! And like threaten you, and I- I would-
wouldn’t be able to do anything. I’m not going to swim back! I’m not going to fight waves! Gray: Or – or he might just be testing you, and if you can make it back to shore, you’re worthy… ya know. Brandon: I don’t know if I was worthy, but… It’s – it’s a small kayak.
He could easily just like… push me out. And then I almost drowned him. Burnie: You drowned him?! Brandon: I almost drowned him. Burnie: What’d you do? Brandon: Uhh, well… This was later, he was on an alligator… Gray: Wait… Hang on. Brandon: He was on a floating toy alligator. Gray: Ooo-kay. Brandon: And it was like… the whole family and I was with Paula and I was like “Ohh, you know- maybe it would be kinda fun if we like- we you know… …wrestle, or like… flip it, and take the alligator, and it’ll be fun.” Burnie: What!? Brandon: Aaand, I flipped it, and I don’t know! Burnie: …to your father-in-law!? Brandon: Yeah! Like, “Ohhh, my son-in-law flipped me! Ohhh, you!” But I don’t know if he was like, locked into it, and I flipped him. Aaand I… he- he didn’t disengage! He was still locked in with his legs and his arms… And was there for like… 10 seconds! And I was like… Burnie: The alpha move. …”Ohhh my god!” Burnie: So the end of the story is he died by… Brandon: He’s alive! Burnie: He didn’t – He saved his life by letting go. Brandon: He’s – no, I pulled… I – I flipped it back. Burnie: Really? Brandon: Yeah. Burnie: He won! He won. Brandon: You think it was a power move? Burnie: Fuck yeah it was! He could have let go of that alligator any time he wants to!

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  2. I shore thought he was going to take you wave him, but water would have happened if he did.
    I guess I'm to punny today. I'm wavy sorry.
    Ok I'm shore that's it.

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  5. I like how he goes from thinking his father-in-law's gonna murder him to: "Hey you know what might be funny…?" Flips him into the water.

  6. I totally relate to this story with unable to talk to my parents because I can speak English while they can speak other language

  7. I just notice something. 1:47 This has got to be the first time we see an RTAA character's bare feet. Normally the legs would be covered or they are wearing shoes.

  8. I normally find Brandon to be a bit exasperating on the podcast, but every now and then he's just great and this story was a great example.

  9. 1:58 im willing to bet that the dad knew it was coming but he's waiting to see if his prediction was right by flipping it back

  10. Brandon's father in law is a pretty typical Hispanic father like the thing with the air alligator is something my dad would do like he'd fall off it but he'd stay in the water for like 2 minutes

  11. Brandon is the epitome of cringe. If he were in the Greek pantheon he’d be the god of whining, wet blankets, low self-esteem, overly defensive responses, and overthinking things.

  12. Love the way how his farther in law animated character looks like Dutch Van de Lin. They were trying to get to Guama

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