Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal | Vita Review {English, Full 1080p HD}

Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal | Vita Review {English, Full 1080p HD}

hello guys this is right for registered dimension gaming and today I'm bringing you an amazing review on dungeon travelers to the Royal Library and the monster zoo for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV so this is one of the latest controversial games in the gaming industry and that's because Atlas ended up censoring only four images in the game so the artist Bree drew the pictures for these certain scenes that would have put it above an M for Mature rating which is crazy that any game is gonna be above and for Mature and fans were complaining about this anyways this is one of the best games in the dungeon crawling role-playing games genre and it's finally releasing the North America and Europe dungeon travelers to is a first-person dungeon crawler and one lengthy difficult experience like I was saying fans were bashing Atlas force entering the game but it's only for images they had to do it in order to get it M for Mature they didn't want it over that that's pretty bad if it's gonna be a / M for Mature so they had a sensor certain pictures and they're just pictures they're not like cutscenes or anything like that and this shouldn't be as big of a deal as what people are making it out to be it's like this are you buying a game for over-sexualized girls and porno and stuff like that or are you buying it for the gameplay in the story I buy games typically to play them and the story I don't buy him for porn I don't understand why people are making such a big deal about this so when I first saw this game I was thinking of demon's gaze I know a lot of you guys hated me for disliking demon's gaze but it wasn't a good game at all it was one of the worst gaming experiences I've ever had dungeon travelers – on the other hand was much more enjoyable his game that you should not skip dungeon travelers – takes place in the kingdom of Romulo and is currently in a state of para monsters have started showing up everywhere in the world and started revolting against humanity as a player you take control of freed an adventurer from the Royal Library who is sent out to stop the monsters this sets up the main plot of dungeon travelers to the game has an extensive group of ladies that can be used in battle during his travels freed comes across sixteen different girls that can join the party as players traverse these dungeons they come across ordinary monsters and then there are the more powerful mutant girls which these are the bosses the stronger monsters in the game once one of these mutant girls are defeated freed must seal them away inside of his magical seal book the story in this game is very lengthy and Atlas promised me at least 80 hours a game play and so far I'm coming across that pretty easily with all the grinding dialogue and all the customization within the game the game features a first-person perspective and you travel through the dungeons with the d-pad you don't use the left analog stick at all until you're going to a different area once a cave is unlocked you can move with your left analog stick during combat you'll be introduced to a turn-based system where your characters and the enemies take turns attacking one another and it's actually good they brought back a classic system that I loved at the beginning the game you start off with only two characters to use Alicia and Mel vie eventually players will be able to grow up to a five character party and have the choice of which girls will fight and which ones will have to take a seat on the bench there are five main classes that each of your unique characters will be classified under in the game and there are a number of ways to level them up after a character is leveled up to 15 they can specialize in two three classes and this takes a few hours just get to level 15 in this game at level 30 your character can choose to be advanced in three to four subclasses and there are around 20 classes altogether it's crazy how many different subclasses there a distinctive feature that Aquaplus the game developer put into the game is the ability to reset your points so say you don't like the way distributed your points to your characters and leveled up their abilities while Aquaplus added an option to just reset them all and you can redistribute all your points any way you like and this is extremely helpful enemies are often very difficult in this game and you must grind in order to get by most enemies during the battle characters will have normal attacks skills defend and items another great tip for anyone looking at playing this game is to reorganize the positions of the characters some characters will take more damage than others so like Mel V put her behind Alicia and any character that's weak against physical attacks just put them in the back so some characters you're gonna want to put in the back some characters you want to put in the front there's many different options that you can choose and that you're gonna want in order to get through the game easier not only can you love off your characters but you can also create steel books and identify items too there are two different sail books one is from defeating nine or more of a certain enemy and the other one is from defeating a powerful mutant girl and this is called a grand still book when you create a seal book you also can look up the stats and weaknesses of that enemy finding and identifying new weapons and armor inside of each dungeon is highly important he's gonna add more attack and defensive stats to your character some even have special abilities such as letting your character heal after each turn or even being able to escape more easily I often found that it's very hard to escape so having this escape more easily ability basically makes it easier to be able skate if you don't find your current or identified weapons and armor useful anymore you can simply sell them and buy goodies in the shop and you're gonna want to do this because you can find healing and boosting items in the store and you need money and the game doesn't give you a lot of money so you have to sell off your old weapons and items while all these fighting and creation features are cool the dungeons are extremely dangerous as soon as I played this game for the first half an hour to an hour I died and I didn't realize that you should save this game pretty often if you don't save you're gonna die it's not an easy game after a certain point in the game there will be traps a trap can be as simple as dropping you to a basement floor or as deceiving as invisible walls which you can't go through so it's pretty crazy a player is gonna want to utilize the 99 save slots that are available and like I said this will help you throughout the game because say you died if you saved right before you fought a boss or we're about to die you always go back and change what you did try something different they're also 999 items that can be stored and most games don't have that the graphics in the game for each and every character look amazing it has a great anime style about it and the dialogue scenes are quite enjoyable to watch sometimes characters will even encounter two additional characters along to travel these characters will sometimes give out helpful hints and talk for a very long time but you'll get the point and it's not just useless dialogue the developers are trying to help you although the dialogue characters look great the background and environments and caves look terrible the graphics aren't the greatest except for the characters this should not be a huge gripe for players but it is something to take note of the game isn't entirely spoken in Japanese which is fantastic because the voice actors sound good they don't sound like crack and sometimes games like lost dimension have bad voice actors the English subtitles are there to guide you through this game so you won't have to worry about not understanding and finally here is the big detail that you all been waiting for after feeding or finding certain girls / mutants some of them are coming to your party some of them or the mutant girls they'll appear in an over sexualized state and when I say this you'll see their underwear you'll see their butt hanging out of their skirt their clothes will be torn up sometimes and it didn't need to be in this game but I don't see the harm in a dieter if it helps some people get through the game easier because they're seeing partially nude girls then leave it in there for them there are only four of these pictures that had to be censored and changed in order to keep the game under an M for Mature rating I don't think it's that big of a deal overall dungeon travelers to the Royal Library and the monster seal is a fantastic first-person dungeon crawling role-playing game adventure that is a long sentence the king is tough as nails until you start to grind a bit and battles are so fun because of its turn-based system the story is pretty typical but it has some fun moments here and there and some of the dialogues should make you laugh a lot the graphics are a hit and miss sometimes they look really good sometimes they look bad depending on what part of the game you're critiquing with its unique classes and sail book system this is one of the best dungeon crawler games on the PlayStation Vita and TV I give this game an 8 out of 10 if you love dungeon crawlers this is a must-have must buy and it's one of the few games that's coming out on the Vita if you'd like to read my full written review go down to the link below it'll be more detailed and you won't have to hear my annoying voice if you'd like to buy the game don't forget to use the amazon link below that'll help support my channel and Atlas thank you guys for watching don't forget the thumbs up comment below and subscribe and see you

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  1. Demon Gaze is one of my favorite games, probably my favorite for the vita that isn't Demon Gaze 2 which i also loved.

    But yeah I do understand why someone wouldn't like it, it has a shitload of problems.

  2. It doesn't matter why or what was censored. to me. Just tell me a game is censored and my hyped dies, doesn't really matter whats missing. It makes you feel like your parents telling you as a kid you can't watch R rated movies….Difference is Nintendo isn't my parents…

    edit: oh stfu now he's talking about gamergate. I'm done with this. Did I stumble onto a video made by Kotaku? fuck is this shit.

  3. Of course its not ok to censor anything! Censoring is always bad, especially in USA. Weapons, blood and gore is allowed but a little naked female skin isnt. Wtf is this shit? So is there a uncensor patch for this game? Or some kind of patch to decensor it?

  4. The appeal of the game comes from being ecchi, the big deal of this is simple this is not the game any more this is a butchered lesser version in every possible way. The game is now not how it was intended to be played and even the developers said so. I would prefer it never to be released in the west to begin with in order for me to be able to play a fan translation in the future but now it is not possible, the fact you accept censorship and defend it just proves how weak willed your because in the future they will censor many other things including game play and bluntly many other things do i need to refer to bravery second? or will you defend that as well?

  5. I don't quite get why you hated demons gaze so much… I havn't played it myself, but I went and watched the review, and you were complaining about the first person views and the grinding, yet this game has the exact same elements and you love it… I guess the amount of money required could be the issue, but from what I heard in another review, moneys never really an issue if you've been grinding properly…

    I mean, you have your right to hate them, but I'm curious about your reasoning now that you've praised a game that had the exact same elements as a review that you referred back to…

  6. I got the game and it came with a calendar and I opened at home when my dad got it for me and I got so scared that someone would come in my room so it's hidden God my life

  7. I really have no problem when they sensor out kids being sexy, or nude. For the artist to even redraw them is better than the typical steam, or blinding light over the sensitive stuff you usually get.

  8. All this could have been avoided with an "uncensored" DLC patch that you can apply to the game with the unaltered artwork.

  9. I don't understand why people like these games. It's basically one picture attacking another picture. There are no animations. Boring

  10. The controversy is literally just one guy complaining it's censored over and over. Atlus did it tastefully so, by contacting AquaPlus' artists and asking them to redraw whatever was necessary to US standards.

  11. i dont know, but i loved the shit out demon gaze in fact i was planing on playing it again because i like so much. this game has a 73 on metacritic (demon gaze have a 70) so it looks like i will love the shit out of this too. thanks for the review.

  12. I don't think people are upset that there's less nudity in this game. Maybe you're missing the point of the argument.

    The issue is censorship itself. The hardware devs have the right to refuse support for releases above an M rating, which most people dissagree with. Nobody has the right to censor an artist. If you don't agree with the games content, then don't play it.

    The worst example of this in my opinion was Dragon Crown. So many people took issue with the art style of that game that the lead artist felt it necessary to go online and defend his decisions. Artists should not have to defend their art. It's that simple. If I decide to make a game, i should be able to make any game i want without issue.

    Imagine the fallout that would have occurred if steam didn't allow Hatred to release. Im personally not interested in playing a game like that, however i will damn sure defend the developers right to make it.

  13. The reason people don't like having content censored upon it being localized is because it is like someone else is telling you that you can't handle what would be presented to you. As though the imagery would corrupt you or something; which we have proven time and time again to be hardly more than correlation, let alone causation. That's just my take on it though; admittedly I am somewhat of a bleeding heart liberal that thinks that there shouldn't be any censorship in situations where individuals aren't harmed to preserve the nature of content to its truest form, so feel free to disagree.

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