Ellen’s Solution to Receiving Bad Holiday Gifts

Ellen’s Solution to Receiving Bad Holiday Gifts

First, let’s talk about some
gifts that you don’t want. Have you returned gifts? Have you ever returned
a gift that you got? Just about all of us. Is there anybody here
not returned a gift? Ever? Never? Really? A couple of really sweet people
or you’re easy to buy for. Well, I like when somebody
gives a gift with a receipt, personally. I like that. But it is weird
because nothing says “I have no confidence
in this gift” like including the
receipt in the gift. But it is worse when
there’s no receipt when you get the gift because then,
it’s awkward to ask for it. Like hey, you bought it, right? Because there’s no receipt. I’m just making sure
you didn’t steal it. But instead, you try to return
the gift without the receipt and here’s a tip. What I do if you don’t have a
receipt is bring a CVS receipt. It’s so long. OK, sure, let me
give your pasties. But I was curious what the most
common returned gifts were, so I Googled “most
common returned gifts”. That’s how it found out
and I found the list. It said every year,
people return $1 billion worth of gifts. A billion dollars. To put that in perspective,
thinking about a billion dollars, that’s what it is. Number one on the list
that people return: shoes, which is a terrible gift. It’s hard enough to
buy shoes for yourself. What makes you think you can
buy shoes for somebody else? It’s got to be embarrassing
when you give somebody the wrong size and it’s
like, oh Aunt Linda, I thought you were a men’s 12. People return candles. That seems like
a good idea, too. They give them back because
they don’t want the scent. They don’t want
vanilla or they don’t want lavender or everything. I like a festive
smell in my house. I like a tequila candle. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Thank you. I think candles are nice. It’s a nice way to say
“your house smells”, but it’s still with a gift. Also on the list is gym
wear and I understand that. It seems like a nice gift first,
but then it’s mid-January, nobody is going to
the gym anymore. So just remember that. If you’re shopping
in February, you’re buying slightly used gym wear. I’m here to help. Here’s a tip. If you don’t know
what to get someone, I have a very simple
solution: buy something from The Ellen Shop because we
have something for everyone. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] So many cool things in there and
we have a great return policy. The way it works is
everything is so great, you won’t want to
return anything.

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  1. I keep unwanted gifts for a few years and then either regift or bin them.
    I do however traditionally give candles to family at Christmas, to light 'in memorium' and in honour of lost loved ones.
    😉 R

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