Elon Musk and Gayle King test drive his new Boring Company tunnel

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  1. He's a billionaire. She's a woman. Of course she's going to grope him. This is what Trump was talking about.

  2. I know what will make the tunnel less claustrophobic. Allow lazer projection from any media on line or other wise to stream along the walls while traveling.. For instance prepackaged, scenery from earth and worlds alike, that come with your car manufacturers core computer.

  3. He has been their puppet from day one….he looks so fake…but that does not make him real….look at his mother for God sake

  4. Cars won't be flying sweetie, much too loud. Have you heard a drone fly around? Or a jet? Or even a helicopter. Underground is the future

  5. I thought the problem was over population and a growing amount of vehicles to support it. So even if we make more buckets, they will eventually be filled. Maybe I got it wrong, maybe there is so much more space that it can support an unlimited population. Well, here's to fixing the traffic problem until it eventually fills up again. I love the way musk thinks, very smart. Let's get to mars fast man, then make tunnels. You got this man. 8)

  6. Now do you believe the old stories of the government having tunnels under all the suspicious Walmart’s that “closed” for no reason.

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