I am here Marco Kingdom will feel hell on earth what a beautiful meeting much did you know no I don't think I've seen her face before you know I came to me speak soon I think right I don't think she's from this kingdom – ha ha skin is as bright as the morning song she glows like a newborn baby yes I got again Obama I mean if you're tired of this friendship tell me it's not by force you tell me what did I do keep on young Makita you're asking me how can you said that she don't get it on see now is more beautiful than I am how much you're angry because I said it you Sophia which shook hey magic you're so badly behaved why do you always talk like it out hey you're just too proud of yourself there's no me you're more beautiful that ever a person much learn how to bring yourself down and be humble that girl is really more beautiful than you are okay my dog Antonio you have been worried since you came back from the strain this morning did anyone offends you can you imagine Louis complain with hot I don't understand you okay we met his beautiful maiden she is my daughter how many times have I told you to stop the spirit see everything I understand that you have you are equal as others it's your food oh it's your food I promise you go talk to her tomorrow I am the only meeting that the King recognized in this kingdom it's about your daughter what about her no you did I so proud of herself and I do like that do you know that yesterday she refused to eat our food just because of what she has with our friend Ruben I know how much I paid her for her it's our food like please let her understand that she's not the only beautiful maiden we have in this kingdom I shut up if you don't know what to say you close your mouth what I say before noon we'll go together what's wrong why won't you tell me that there are entities are more beautiful but just only take that's why the Prince Joseph now I know I need to remind off every day so you mean you cannot Charlie go to the stream to fetch water without calling me please tell me one reason I should call you let's stop pretending you are not a good friend to me and you're not that mechanism yeah what did I do because I told you the truth okay I was only joking you were joking you know I don't like that kind of chokes and a painful part of it you kept on repeating these I am very very soon you know you're the only friend I have and I can't do anything to make you happy only while saying oh all I ask is for you to value me yeah fine with me that's all I need from you much about you know I value you I have always valued you and I will always I'm sorry for not calling you these days let's go back on fresh water only don't worry yourself I'm sure you're part of what I'm of you very heavy so just go home I'll meet you at home later oh okay is it wooden Google there's something I want to discuss with you it's about the meeting I on opium I saw you today what about her making look strange to me have you not seen her before not only not say that before that was the first time of me seen her so how does she look she's light-skinned but not as beautiful as I am we have beautiful maidens in this kingdom but this strange is the one I don't my love you're so so cute I have never seen a median in this kingdom who is more prettier than you indeed young man bright morning star you pretty like the flowers in the morning wakes up with the morning dew my price you have started again with your price oh no machi it's in my best interest to protect and I appreciate your beauty indeed you're blessed by the gods I can thank the gods enough for giving me such a beautiful million like you an emotional lucky to have you as a friend in my husband-to-be Margie I can't wait for the day that the both of us and ps1 I can wait to but then I have to go soon books take you I love by huija belly my kitchen my Sun my moon I love you much hope you my guess you know my name don't be surprised I am a meeting of this kingdom just a friend left a long time ago but now is open hey Nino Oh No so tell me what is your name don't be too fast to know everything which time really it will new me it's just that I like you so much you're very beautiful there's something about that girl that she's hiding from me but I like her I wish she would be my friend then I forget about them much for good after she's always very proud of herself just because the prince of the land chose her his nevela if she's the most beautiful maiden in the land movin on Nicobar koneko baka McKagan is a nonsense my daughter I am very fine I heard your voice thinking that you are in trouble may the gods protect her for me forever but that meeting that meeting who is she where did she come from you guys got to watch you say I you telling me that you finally collected that love from the module cause he was acted as if he stubborn but I taught him a lesson of his life I showed him that is nothing but the little fried if I can just handle anyhow but now that there you have collected for him you know I know that you already Lance what are you going to use this one fighting ask like a child why asked why the land is all yours have you forgotten that your Milan the land is your still infinity forever [Applause] believe me the girls will find a way for you in this season because he's the king he also thority and power in his hand no one had the power to christen him not even the SA more of this land okay I will leave everything to the course I know you got a fight for me they can take mine under goofy because we fight okay Oh Guinea is from helping you but I'm not happy you're not happy what is it much it I feel for Mizuki your father wouldn't have cleared this piece of land we're fully aware darlin belongs to him and who told you that that's my Ma's you kicking ducks lung belongs to the king and everybody everyone knows about sets I'm sorry I'm not talking about it I don't know what's your problem NEMA a la lubricant you truly believe so of course is my father he should not with if you will hear me advise your father [Applause] much my love my bright morning star my Sun my full moon hygge BAM go inside and dress up so that you accompany me to a movie Kingdom for the apprentice traditional marriage okay my friends lets me go in and get dressed don't be too fast my princess I came with a maid that will dress you up Sachi give her the best of rails I came to see my princess so that you accompany me to a mobile Kingdom for today is the apprentice traditional market that's very thoughtful of you good but my prince well you have informed us before now so that she will be able to finish our house choice program I'm sorry now I wanted it to be a surprise to her my price you did wrong don't mind – that is how to behave huh magic keep the press waiting you are you son I'm sorry my father but I'm confused you don't have to be confuse how to destroy the tank sentence is five million lives as you can make them feel your pain my daughter America's happy so where if I may ask so this stream of course audio pussy have water maybe maybe that means you're not shocked because tano from Yangon gets your pots let's stop going to the strip before them at about a minute ago Obama I cannot go to the string with you thinking I'm above the level now explain to me how do you I mean I can't be going to destroy because the kink in the prints my love has provided you're just very very lucky if the color kiss you I wish I were you so you come with me level has changed don't hug me like that okay we are not on the same level Obama it's obvious or for your level please please I beg you to not come back magic my skin you look so beautiful have you been crowned princess already try to learn how to talk I am NOT gonna do much you think I am otherwise I will ask my mates so bitch you're my friend you just loves me for no reason I'll be lucky okay and again I'll see you real a machi how could you change so much after all my kindness to us you how you must be very stupid wait which kindness are you talking about because you helped me in the front all that I'm the pasta and I have made that Dame from me it's okay magic ahead father you said but do not forget whatever goes up you make me laugh but words are given to her by the king let just loves me forget it forget it I'm happy and will longer with ha you are your own now because I never liked her because of our family yes doha mada is a very good woman there's the father is the problem we are having at the scandal [Applause] but how could you how could you my friend how I wish I was the median chosen by the Prince I would have been a better princess I know that Oh chica I would like you to teach me dance terry has the other gene sorry don't worry yes my daughter Apple now and I wanted a mama well I sent for you because I wanted to know if there's something that troubles you that needed my attention nothing my king you and the priests have tried for me in lords and the gods of this land bless you both my daughter you deserve more than that that's even this moon and the stars in the sky recognizes your beauty thank you my king I have to be on my way now my father asked me to come home immediately after seeing you it's okay but don't forget to tell me your needs because I am here to attend to for you you are the source of joy for my precious son the heir apparent to my throne thank you my king there is one of my means I would like to drop for another who is she from you ask so cheap my king someone has been sorting me she has no regards for me as the future princess of the skeeto my king I want her to serve me Oh is she obeah mom the daughter of little Asiago your wish is my command from today hope your mother daughter of late Morocco will serve you as you wish greetings my prince britain's but boom one Moderne i can see the boot off you are getting along in my kingdom that is very good yes my prince we are Prince have you decided to relieve your aides of the abilities because a prince shouldn't be seen working like a commoner it is not fair not you're really moving question about boomer it's not a crime I need to be as free as the ego even if I own the sky I was born Prince I did not make the choice myself remember the course chose me so my last she bought the single doubt of who I am the most important thing is a freedom of anything and everything that's what you are the footprints of Omaha Kingdom I am Telling You Prince I off let you distance yourself away from things that brings joy to you it will mean what we say I was supposed to accompany you – uma be Kindle for the Aurelia joining all of the prince is his choosing well you left me behind yes my prince only to get to the palace without your presence Oh but upon a minute should not be added to the supposed action I could not wait for the boot off you any longer so I had to go sorry about that my prince it was not my fault either it was his fault we waste their time he you wish that time please I was preparing no preparing it is better for you to come unprepared now to be prepared and yet in result [Applause] popula the King needs a prison in the palace right now I'm not jealous just go be a man go a bit but right now no doubt go down on your knees so you had the pasta that is assaulted my princess you start to self princess machi until she gets tired of you I have spoken your daughter must do my wish so that she can learn her lesson today it seems you're just coming from the farm oh please forgive me sister please I've already forgiven now it's nothing thank you I was sleeping mother I will do no such thing and disturb me knots I need to go back machi I can't believe you can do such a sincere friend and who are you to ask such question I may be nobody but I wanted to run apologize to her she's been your friend since childhood oh gee I will forgive you for one thing I can't stop telling you the truth machi you are my sister fuck off it is my issues not yours I don't want you to have it but name in this kingdom why can't you just get it to match you why all the tree never gets cut me to talk about this rubbish again otherwise otherwise you try the King to punish me yes that is all you can do but to say let me tell you one thing life is not easy as you think it's not machi be very careful be very careful [Applause] you don't look happy what is wrong nothing he can't tell me dance I only remembered my late father I just remembered how he died what a pity it's okay you know that's what will you hum yes when I've been away for a while but I'm back again ahsoka why do you keep living it seems you don't like our kingdom that's will be questioned for another day if you live I will be all alone again you're always alone thank you I will see you soon you need me you know that is a big difference between royalty in poverty what did I do to deserve this my friend I've not done anything to you I don't want it anyway I'll tell you a joke you know I never knew your menses are you take it back at me all you have to do is to keep quiet when I'm talking what is suits [Applause] wicked photon it would be my best friend to be made not just I'm not lying made it's not made no money you see my mother and I we have been talking to her but she and my father they insisted on turning DeYoung key into her meat I'm tired body ghost know that stop talking don't stop talking or dilemma the villagers are watching and they are talking it's because you're my friend I come – not working – not alone man hello MA I've sworn never to stop talking to her I will never stop talking 23 change for good are we not monkey see Oh No mochi of Omaha Kingdom we appreciate you we thank you so much that is why we have come here today we are joyful we are happy I know no problem but I want you to know that Oh Dada or Dada you see your hand now you have the power you have money you can do it you know what what I want to tell you that HM yeah Kamala GI come we win so this is just the beginning Maggio KK naba you had him klappa reply Mizuki do now agent ayatollah village no problem our school oh my age emoji a Jamaa onion oh yeah my daughter I have said everything I can say to my brother I have talked as much as I can talk to my brother but he still chooses to live life the way he wants to live so what do i do I leave him maybe because he's do you know me and the best friend to the King but I have said all I can say to him each time I see of your mouth so free because of machi I feel sad came back to my senses you cannot beat her so that she will come back to her senses what you have to do is come down on watch my nanny just watch I believe that one day the gods of our land will speak and save some people of this island I'm not happy you any whim I'm not happiness cannot solve any problem do you hear me in a we were in a we were cannot solve any problem what we will do them alone the gods will surely controller aids okay have you finished Oh maracas together so you have loves to walk all alone in this candle mappings Weaver wait for a bootable to come out company him with you oh I know you always take your time to do everything um your highness who was born in prince well you know I will always protect your interest by the way this one you're cutting grasses good food I guess I don't know you would cut ready do you know how good that one oh my breast I went to set my truck just to make it cut my target but some bush vishwas is to be made on the long run I decided to cut this leaves and go back home goosh rejoice well I say good hunt I believe in a better so we have to go right I won mati they are responding I would like to put force to discus you want to discuss something with me discuss what I say the boot of force you are not included a myself but I think you are what I just said the boot of force single yourself out please okay go discuss that both um I think I still am NOT in my issues yes ahsoka in case you've forgotten I am several no district I am still you know of this kingdom the father of the future princess of discredit I have the right the power the authority to do whatever I want so be very very careful you saw the community Edie did you come a fool I don't blame you I don't blame you is it because you and the king of collaborated together to destroy our kingdom I kept talking to you you wonder if you're gonna lose your money oh no no no you do angel I was a quadroon view you do okay okay they fly that does no here goes with the cops into the grave boom I am head of this kingdom we are a king and you know the sides for people not just that they treat people like animals they believe they have authority to alter themselves and give a much a part of treat people bad as well I hate them I'm just here because I don't know what else to do I am tired of this kingdom also but I believe that one day the gods mother you sent for me yes myself I call you to speak me too because I don't understand what is happening and what is it that is happening I am NOT happy concerning your attitude and that of the father the king over a young girl whom you were to make a slip too much II much is not let much to you but you know she is the choosen war children one my foot now listen to me son you must free that girl and let her go mother you should speak with my father the king the decision is not mine it was this decision and remember while talking to my father concerning this you have to be very very careful you know what my father can do well so on dyslexia orders because our watching I have said mine they got a virtue let them watch for now see the love of my life [Applause] [Applause] this is non master ticket Oh garbage area eat you I know that date what is happening in this kingdom mizuki Keith died because of the odds of the king to ice him now that he's dead what will become of his fun this rain will not allow my brother will have sluts mother beautiful didn't fool you are sick because I want everybody to the mid this F good would it to be respecting you in this kingdom that's why I did it you're sick I understand but please act with culture she's my mother or myself okay before you said to how much you decide will have to wait for the last stop before I start going anyone make sure of your not finishes at GG before she leaves are you telling me I am here finish who is that a Whipple increase agree [Applause] oh so you are here you better stand up and tell them to resume your duty otherwise I will make you regret this if you like ignore me wait tomorrow comes and my father's father is not too late then you will see the other side of machi do you know what I can't do much what does my daughter don't you that you've decided to destroy her life I'm gonna be better tell your daughter not to keep me waiting [Applause] [Applause] what about this one you came here hope there is no problem hope all is well on his way I only came to confirm what I had so this is true I know this or nose fuck I know I don't need to be told so much it can be this wicked – told you our best friend it droppeth not me please I appreciate your concern thank you all but please just go before somebody sees you yeah I think you came to help me out you able begging me to go so this is true if I forget to the palace your ladder you have left I hope all this way father it's high time much becomes my wife I need a cruiser Tamina this is awesome son this is so nice you are now suing that you are the true son of his father so what do you want father I want to pay her bread price and do all the necessary things that you condition demands for her to be my wife allow me to consult the elder so that will fix a date for us to grow up they have bright price or do you want to do it yourself not at all your idea is the best are you not trusting you for it that is my son kamijo jo kyle at SEMA what is it I got Acuna please what is it ready for what anyway it's non your voice higher oh thank god you you already know what I wants to see now so what are you prepare for our it's great man our age greed yes did I tell you I'm celebrating anything oh did I send an invitation our questions just a start it's not wandering around invitation now see please don't involve me I'm not celebrating anything can you just please go for your invitation and don't put me in this Biko Biko three-button tea yes my dear we tell the gods my daughter has been a boon on my neck since the day the King chose her to be the princess of a behavior Oh God I understand it's not your fault that is how she wants to keep her life a juvenile forget about a character be happy a party blessing that is about on your family or have you forgotten what the priests Marisa Korea two universes in your family I hatched the prince I don't want anything to do with royalty all I want is for you to live a normal life like all of us but you go everybody can never be the same she learnt it from her father and you know that's I am NOT a happy woman we have you you better be happy we have you what would be would be Hey hi this is my daughter daddy prince is asking for her hand in marriage I would be very very happy hey Google be happy be happy why are you here again what I get to see if there is any way I can be of help that's very thoughtful of you thank you well you know the King says no polish that's it I know Co yoga as a human being I am I feel for you you understand my biggest joke is how much your friend I know that because of our land was stretching you more but imagine all she has done to you justice standing strong I cannot try it you did a good friend I'm telling you I'm fine what a little buggers you a fool to ask me such question I repeat myself who are you and where am I he's the study Prince that's what is killing our people my kinesia any region get out there and throw his guts they are found dead on the world so I feel like it can be true oh no the place watch the stream take his bet as his day no one has seen him you not understand if I had known I wouldn't have aligned to go to listen to my son please my princess the Queen needs almost now she's in pain she needs on what [Applause] my eldest since as a more cannot do anything cosine in the loss of myself I will send the guards and some of my warriors to go in such a room uh yes your highness that would be a very good idea yes your highness I support that let's forget about that fool who calls himself ISM and doing such of embarrasses I trust our warriors I know and believe they can find him uncle your highness I'm sure our warriors can find your son our Prince God God [Applause] go into the bush such all the forest in this kingdom I'll look for my son bring him back here Dead or Alive the place is nowhere to be found and who tried as much as we could to see if we can come back with him but all to no avail I don't think he's in this kingdom yes you were what was right you have such for him in all the bushes in this kingdom he is nowhere to be found a way no no that is not possible doctor not happy my son was we found the case must be found yes you way one more chance hello beautiful meeting where are you going [Applause] we paid for my my son has not been found a lot of people has been going on in this kingdom where is your power and authority to bring back my son and stuff these that has been going on in this kingdom woman get out of my sight let me think I need my son saying I got to bring back my son I need my son I said get out I don't want to see you in this velocity game you are the cause of my family I am time I'm all the collected for my sermon no one is walking my segment like I want to do anything domani you do not go to the market sturdy

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