[Eng sub] [VLog] V , Exciting Vacation 191009

[Eng sub] [VLog] V , Exciting Vacation 191009

[Come to play with the Hyung in Jeju] [Eating pastries while parked in a parking lot] [Explosion of excitement] [Driving Challenge] , Coach: it’s better you get into Water from your legs! , V: Really I don’t know how to do it? Coach: just with your leg !, V: ok than I’ll just jump into [Very Nervous] , V: Hyung I’ll go Fri: come on [ Just Filmed this while bored after finishing diving and returning to the hotel] [One person who exercise well] me and two other who started do dance] [doesn’t look like their a dance] [I came to the internet cafe with my Younger brother , it’s been a long time] V: what? [I play a socaer game] V: wow .. it’s pork belly, [ it’s cool that that internet cafe sells pork belly] ?: Tannie only looking for the meat ,[it was chuseok so I had a meal with my family] [Tannie keep drooling next to us] V: Tannie why? V: hmmmm [Appreciation Time] V: why? …why ,why…. what is wrong? [Tannie is sleeping] V: I….. [Tannie sleeping again] V: with my brother,.. as a special event for chuseok, played a game. V: Aigoo you like it? V: Aigoo you like …it V: Tan..Hand….hand…hand…hand.. V: I feel like this is not VLog but became TannieVlog like V: Tannie say hello to army, for both hand say hello army.. Say everyone for thank you for watching

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