English Lesson – Holiday Season Greetings ( Learning English Speaking)

English Lesson – Holiday Season Greetings ( Learning English Speaking)

Yay, it’s the holiday season. It’s that time
of the year when many countries enjoy the festivities, have a great time with their
friends and families. In today’s lesson we are gonna look at some greetings that would
help you to wish other people. Now most of the times even if you don’t celebrate Christmas,
it’s nice and polite to offer your wishes to others. And that’s what we are gonna learn,
how to wish people in this holiday season. Hey everyone, it’s me Niharika and I am really
excited because the month of December is my favorite month. Well, its the festive season.
So what do you do, what are your plans for this season? Well, you can always share it
with us. But here, today I am gonna help you with some greeting that you can use to wish
this festive season. So let’s have a look at the very first one that I have for you
which is Season’s Greetings. This is a great expression to use when you are wishing your
colleagues or friends or family. Well, most of the times this expression is used in writing.
So if you are texting someone or if you are writing on someone’s Facebook timeline or
you are just emailing someone your wishes. So Season’s Greeting is a great expression
to use for the people and it doesn’t matter to whatever religion they belong to, it;s
just perfect for each and everyone.So yes, if you would like to offer your wishes then
you can use the expression Season’s Greetings nut make sure, most of the the times its used
in writing. Its okay to say it aloud as well, but yes the first preference is given when
you are writing to someone. Moving on the second greeting that I have for you is Happy
Holidays or Holiday Greetings. This time of the year when you are celebrating Christmas
and New Years there is so much joy and happiness around. We all love to be with our friends
and family having a great time. So , when you have to wish someone, when you are parting
your way with someone at work because in most countries they have the vacation time ot the
holiday time for two weeks that is when they are celebrating Christmas and New Years, a
great wish that you can use is Happy Holidays or Holiday Greetings to you. That kinda spreads
happiness and joy in everybody’s lives. So this is also one of the expression that you
can use. Moving on to the third expression that I have for you which is the most common
one- Happy or Merry Christmas. In many countries people prefer saying “Happy Christmas to you
” and in other countries people tend to say “Merry Christmas to you” So this expression
is of course used for wishing someone a pleasant Christmas. SO be it on the 24th of December
or the 25th of December or even prior to Christmas people like to wish other Happy Christmas
or Merry Christmas to you. Its just a very nice generous way to wish someone and it is
a great greeting to use throughout the month which is – Happy or Merry Christmas to you.
The last one that I have for you is Happy New Year Yes – when do you use this? On 25th
of December ? No, that’s the Christmas time.Happy New year can be used of the 31st of December
or after 31st of December which is the month of January. You can wish people Happy New
year throughout the month of January. When do we use it? When we are celebrating or when
we are waiting for midnight with our friends and family staying awake to welcome the New
Year. The moment the clock hits 12 and we scream aloud by wishing everyone Happy New
year . SO this is a greeting that you can scream aloud and of course offer your wishes
throughout the month of January to the people that you meet. So these are the four common
greetings that you can use in this month of December to your family, to your friends and
your colleagues.No how do you respond to these Greetings? Well yes – if you are not wishing
and someone else is offering their wishes to you then how do you respond to these wishes?
If someone says Season’s Greetings or someone writes to you Season’s Greetings, you can
respond to them by saying – Wishing you the same or same to you or you can repeat the
same expression -Season’s Greetings to you too. So either you can – Wish you the same
/ Same to you / Season’s Greetings to you too. Same applies to Happy Holidays or Holiday
Greetings. If someone wishes you by using this expression – Hey Happy Holidays then
again you can repeat the same expression by saying Happy Holidays to you too and then
we have Happy or Merry Christmas – so if someone says Happy Christmas then I will say Happy
Christmas to you too or Merry Christmas to you too or wish you the same.
And then the last one is Happy New year then you can say Wishing you a happy New year as
well. So this is the way you will respond to the
greetings. And now we have some common questions that you can ask to the people around you
during this festive season. That kind off give you a reason to start having a conversation
with someone. So you can use one of these questions in a very confident manner that
will break the ice and you will start to have a good conversation with the other person.
So the first common question that is usually asked during this period is – What are you
doing for Christmas? SO, most of us have some plans we are either celebrating it with our
family or we are having a good night out with our friends. So Christmas is a very close
family affair and most of us celebrate it . so yes – if you have plans and you would
like to know the other person’s plans as well then this is a great question to ask which
is – What are you doing for Christmas? The second question – Are you done with Christmas
shopping? Yes, people of course go out shopping either to buy the Christmas decorations when
they have to decorate their house or their workplace with a nice beautiful Christmas
tree or with some nice pretty decorations then people go for Christmas shopping but
they also go shopping to buy gifts. We do exchange gifts during Christmas , the kids
wait for the gifts all round year so Are you done with Christmas shopping is a great question
to ask to build a conversation. The last question which is again very commonly used by many
people is – DO you have any special plans for the holidays? This is a great question
that you can ask at your workplace. You are having a chat with your colleague and you
would like to know about he’s gonna celebrate his Christmas or his New Year’s then you can
ask – Do you have any special plans for the holidays? The word holiday sums up the whole
month of December. SO be it Christmas plans or New Year plans well we are talking about
the holiday season. So go ahead use these greetings , its always nice – a sincere Christmas
wish is just perfect and makes the persons day so use it with everyone and if you wanna
have a conversation with your friends or colleagues then ask these questions And you have a great
great Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year , I will be back with a new lesson soon
till then you take care.

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  1. Thank you for the lessons❤️ I'm from Iraq and I'm study English language in my college,,I wish to communicate with a native speaker to improve my language

  2. Your lessons are really great , clear and very helpful for me. Your english seems to me easier to understand than American native english.
    Thanks a lot, merry Christmas , happy new year for the crew.

  3. Mam I am your fan like a hell. The way you talk in lectures seriously do effective indeed. Bt I have many doubts in English like when should I use "being" what does it mean actually? Would yu please help me out?

  4. Thanks merry xmas good day and Happy new year 2016.many many returns of the day of your family. i like you so much

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