ep1. Vietnam – Laos Adventure ปลายทางที่ซาปา – ทัวร์ก๊าบๆ

ep1. Vietnam – Laos Adventure ปลายทางที่ซาปา – ทัวร์ก๊าบๆ

Good Morning Guten Morgen Guten Morgen We’re greeting in Deutsch today. Good morning. Day1 of our trip Today we’re here at Mahasarakham, Thailand at Woody’s restaurant “Hai Kok Kae” Everyone now is ready to move This trip we’re heading to Vietnam go through Laos then Vietnam I have a question!!! Is this guy coming with us? come to send you off. That’s all What a relief!!!! Everyone happy now Trouble maker not coming The crews for this trip’s still the same Jen Kaew Woody and Bazaa not going. but you bring passport for what? Seem like you want to…. Let’s go to Laos together I want to but have business to take care of Then thank you for coming today Our plan was leaving home at 5am Look at the time now 8 o’clock okay! Let’s move to Nongkhai get in Laos first then we make a plan later We’re now at Thai border Nong Khai do all the paperwork not long Documents needed here are Bike Registration book in your name including english transtion and Passport Then ask officer for the temporary export motorbike form That’s it. so simple So quick. take only 15 minutes extremely excited. Last one crossing Laos border asked so many questions about tour guide. where to stay blah blah blah…. Hey! my friends there leaving I know nothing no one waited for you Okay get bike insurance and exchange money The hardest part is geting in Loas After that it’s our way Whatever happen we don’t wanna claim any insurance Look at this!!! I’m a millionare 1.5 million Laos kip Please take me with you Boss So tired We’ve done 400 km today Listen! Thanks Who need water? We still need to go another 200 km totally around 600 km no dirt road only on pavement today Cheers You said we have good accomodation waiting don’t disappoint me We have come so far Where’re are we going to stay tonight? exausted 600 km That’s Bangkok to Nong Khai It’s also Laos Traffic too dark What are they doing on the rice field? Catching something! No idea We get a homestay tonight Now we are at Kong Lor village Where an immense river cave is Whatever it is. I need cold beer now! me hungry too Hurry up! here you go I can eat anything give me mercy It’s only first day stay here another day? sure we can go check out the river cave Good no hurry I want to get drunk whole day I order Som-Tum (papaya salad) food served check this out! We have air conditioning This room 20k kip per person ($2) This’s my spare bed Let’s go to bed Good morning day 2 of our trip We are at Kong Lor Village We’re going to take you to Kong Lor Cave It’s an immense river cave But here I’m standing in a stuning tobacco field not again! These 2 boys still in bed everytime woody get up! Coffee from Pak song south of Laos from uncle Eddy Good morning Woody Good morning day 2 of our trip Where are we now Bazaa? Khammouane Khammouane again? look like we’ve been riding around here alot Bazaa! seem like we discover new tourist destination Here at Kong Lor Cave Similar to Vang Vieng but so little people know about this place I believe lots more tourists will come in the next 10 year not many Thais or Asians come here only europeans look like we in europe but SE asia environment Here is very close to Thai border This route called “Thakhek Loop” If anyone interested. google “Thakhek Loop” There heaps more to see and enjoy super exhausted yesterday. no time to see anything What activities we doing? . Riding bike! I’m starving Bazaa! Quiet! we need to find food I’m in the middle of Laos jungle I see pigs. We must catch them to survive you starved to dead Grilled chicken liver? No! heart Okay, let’s try nice. get more you have sticky rice? Yeah Can I get some How much all these? 20k kip ($2) sticky rice 5k (50 cents) We now survive Thank you Beer and grilled chicken liver for breakfast I’m making papaya salad Laos’s chilies! don’t under estimate them Next fermented fish sauced Let’s talk about our homestay here this homestay next to KongLor river not many people come here because it’s hidden inside the village far from main road most tourists will stay in hotels near main road close to the cave but here we get better river view Our homestay operated by local people food is also from local from garden Live withe the locals. slow life some people just want to stay peacefully to see our way of life around here let’s continue our cooking it’s going to be yummy and spicy this salad from the river bank garden so fresh and crispy not bitter at all Try it Look pale Hmmm…. No no What’s wrong? may be missing some kick Spicy Laos’s chilies Sure! spicy dried chilies I like the freshness of the papaya Green-beans Tomatoes from the garden I said not good before but with all in the plate is ok now We’re taking over the kitchen The cook’s not here It’s now my kitchen herbs for spicy minced pork cooking with little bits of water Dried chili salt Roasted rice Fish sauce Finish up with lemon juice Heyyy!! Come eating Try everyone Nice nice nice Taste like home The cook specially made for us Bamboo shoot soup We’ve been here all day Almost 2 o’clock Are we going to the cave or what? From 7 in the morning till now 6 hr Later can we get Jack fruit salad please. Look quite deep here Go go go After I follow the river downstream I see edible vegetation How can I reach it? Lots of nice vegetable I will try to get some Ohh!!! Garden’s owner there We bought tickets How much? 260k kip Around 1k Thai Bath a bit expensive We’re at Kong Lor cave The entrance’s right there Seem like tiny cave since we’ve been in this village They asked if we came with big motorcycles The whole villages know us So Don’t do anything stupid Last time we went to XE Bang Fai river cave The entrance was huge but this one look quite small nicw beach limestone moutain Ohhh…racing boats drifting around rocks The entrance is small but inside is enormous we continue on the boat? guess so They said still a long way to go Almost there. The exit Thanks to this country conserving nature like the way it is wish it would stay like this for the next 50 years And people around the world will come here Beer again? here you go 24k kip worth coming here So close to Thailand Good road too people around coming here little Thais know here existing Jen said we eating dog in vietnam How about cat for entree Melon’s served Let’s go back about 40 minutes return I dont want to If you ask What slow-life is Here it is but it’s getting dark soon And the captain wants to go home Look at the kids playing Rock-reef here we have to walk Make yourself like home hehhh??? make yourself coffee get your own beer The owner said take care yourself I’ve order spicy chicken soup and jack fruit salad Before we went to cave So worry free Look busy today Delicious Taste good. I’ve never had before If you come to local restaurant talk with them and give them time to prepare They will make you one nice dinner After dinner we’re “Cricket Hunting” The kids’re waiting Tell me!! What we’re hunting tonight? Cricket!!! Are we going far? Around 2 km We taking motorbike? Yes They been waiting long Let’s get going How about this side Ready?? Ok Let’s go Show me equipment You sure? we’re geting something Of course!! half basket Who coming with me? I think the all the kids in the villege coming with us I got 1 Can i eat now? Tomorrow we having cricket breakfast for sure Here another one First, you need torch light Keep looking on the ground The kids better than me Look around us About 20 kids here They just come out hunting crickets or anything they can find Look at this This girl get heaps Now, she wants her bottle back It’s gone No, it’s here got it What would you do if you face to face with a cobra I’d grab the stick and hit it then bring home I ate cobra There’re any around here yes Can you find for me? It’s hard to find I killed cobra. not big I did too pinky size Baby Scorpion Come on woody Naughty kids Look how happy they are They want you to grab it You think I’m stupid careful Have you cut the tail off? done They’re profestional Make me look like a baby Look how much they’ve got Can i take them? Haw many you’ve got? none I got 6-7 Let’s get back homestay We’re the bosses of the gang So much fun

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