Everest Base Camp Trek || Full Travel Documentary || Visit Nepal 2020

Everest Base Camp Trek || Full Travel Documentary || Visit Nepal 2020

Today is a special day for us. Today, we three friends are travelling to our dream destination, to live our imaginations, The Everest Base Camp Trek. On the first day, we reached at Okhaldunga; the birthplace of famous Nepali Poet “Siddhicharan Shrestha”. It is used to known as, ‘a traditional gateway to Everest’. An old man, from the town suggested visiting a beautiful nearby airport, called Rumjatar Airport. Though, the airport wasn’t in operations, but, being able to walk freely on the runway gave us a unique feeling. Since the day one, our ‘Bishal Daai’ has been accompanying us with his interesting stories. You know what I used to do when I was a player? I asked my parents to make a home-made protein shake. I would grind and add peanuts, grains, corn, and everything that has protein. I would pack them in a plastic bag, by myself, and take them to Dubai. Arabs would ask me about my protein shake. Once I made one Arab to try my home-made protein shake. He liked it to his bones. Our coach would train us like in military. Only now I am gaining some fat around my belly because I am not controlling on my diet. But, there were some times, when my stomach was as flat and strong as a floor. If anyone would try to hit me with their fingers, my abs would bend those fingers. On our way to Salleri, Bishal dai and we had a series of good conversation. Must admit, his ‘interesting’ talks were always interesting. After sometime, we reached Salleri Bazaar. Even in such hills of sloppy Salleri Bazaar, we were amazed to see Auto-Rishaw in operation. Even in such hills of sloppy Salleri Bazaar, we were amazed to see Auto-Rishaw in operation. From Salleri Bazar, we changed to a local ride to Khari Khola And on this ride, we met and made a new friend. Singing……….. “My name is Pranaya Budhathoki Magar and I am a local resident of Kharikhola” “I love meeting people and more I like showcasing the beauty of my village. If we just had a little extra time, I would have taken you on a tour of this entire village.” Pranaya really loves his village. He took us to places where he would picnic with his friends and family. He even sang his own song to us. Singing…….. Just like his village, his voice is equally beautiful. From Kharikhola onwards, now only we begin our real journey. Trekking Starts. For a long period of our first hiking day, we merely hiked to uphill. After a brief moment of walking, we began to see small settlements. Since, it is the first day of the trek, we are quite excited. Hills, rain or sweat – we were all ready to face it. After a few hours, we reached “Paiya”. We roamed around the settlement and returned to our hotel for a healthy local potato snacks. “At what height, is the Lukla Airport?” “Not much…” “About 2600 – 2700 m.?” “Oh! The same height as we are right now!” At night, we sang out loudly in our own style. Singing………. The next morning, we resumed our journey to Phakding. The next morning, we resumed our journey to Phakding. Vikas, “Guys, I am all drowned.“ Sometimes later, raining stopped. And, the show continues. The next morning, we started our journey to “Namche Bazaar” We saw many Yaks passing by on route to the Namche Bazaar Crossing some of the beautiful suspension bridges and walking uphill for a time being, we finally reached to the Namche Bazaar Namche Bazaar is a beautiful, and a clean city located in the top of high hills We have covered a long distance. Tonight, we are tired and going to our beds, early. Good morning guys, Sorry I don’t know which day it is? But, you want to see the view from Namche? After our breakfast, we went for a hike to see the famous Helipad of the Namche Bazzar. We had some good times at the helipad. Today is our second acclimatization day and we are around 500 meters above the Namche Bazaar This journey has been so special for us. We three friends, far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, inside the fog, shared good and bitter stories with each other. After a good acclimatization day, we returned to Namche Bazaar in the evening. Today, we are offering our farewells to Namche Bazzar and continue our journey. It was day eight, trekking in the famous trekking route. But we can already feel the Everest Base Camp is just an inch away. After Namche, we stayed at Tengboche. This place is something that we have been never before. Much spiritual and peaceful Singing…….. After our, once again, musical night, we began our journey. During the Everest Base Camp trek, a trekker can see the best and plentiful views of the Mount Amadablam. The beauty of Amadablam is so beyond the words, the view only will take your tiredness away. Our today’s journey is to Dingboche While trekking, the sense of cool breeze from the Himalayas, the views of the Himalayas itself , and the sight of the birds flying independent under the blue sky became source of encouragement to push our limits. To reach Dingboche, now we only need to cross one small hill. And the hill is just a turning away. We reached Dingboche. Tomorrow in Dingboche, we have our another acclimatization day At Dingboche, on acclimatization day, we went up to 5000 meters to adjust our body pressure to the Himalayan altitude. In such height; it was all windy. In the evening, we returned to our hotel and that night, we saw milky-way from our naked eyes. From Dingboche, a new world begins. A world of the Gigantic Himalayas. Now, the dream of the Everest Base Camp is about to be the reality We rested at a place named Thukla. After trekking uphill again, we finally made it to Thukla Pass we finally made it to Thukla Pass We made many friends at Thukla Pass That day we stayed at Lobuche overlooking Mt. Lobuche. All the trekkers are walking this difficult route; everyone dreams to reach Everest Base Camp. It’s difficult to walk above 5000 meters, but our dreams of reaching Everest Base Camp haven’t let us sleep. The base camp is where the Mountaineers begin their journey to reach the top of the world. The Everest Base camp lies at the top of Khumbu Glacier, so every year the exact location of Everest Base Camp depends on the direction of Khumbu Glacier. The lives inside these little yellow camps are totally different. The exact altitude of Camp 1 is 5,900 meters, but people label it with 6,000 meters. And Camp 2? 6400 meters. Camp 3? 7,200 meters. There is also Camp 4? 7,900 That’s the last camp? There isn’t any camp 5? No… From there you reach summit and return to base camp? Yes, camp 4 is the last camp. That evening, we celebrated our victory of reaching the Everest Basecamp at Gorakshep During our trek to Kalapatthar,finally, we saw Mt. Everest clearly. Perhaps it was the blessings from the nature. We had seen the Himalayas, but we haven’t experience the Himalayan snowfall. Until now. How are you feeling? – Pratik I am enjoying, this is the best experience ever. True! True! We kept walking in the snow. It is a tradition for trekkers to stay at Pheriche on returning, but we had to meet our old friend at Dingboche. So, we walked for one extra day to reach Dingboche. “the old man asked us to join her for dinner. At his place there were his wife, and his two daughters. At his place there were his wife, and his two daughters. Since, we hadn’t had a proper dinner (rice) for a long time. He served us with rice and lentils but, not vegetables. You know in some high places you can at least find some potatoes, but not in this far western region of Nepal. We did have brought chilly pickle with us. So we mixed everything and finish that rice. Matter of fact, we added another big plate of rice and devoured it. That time we realized living in the plains, we have easy access to so many things, we take everything for granted. For a small thing, we get frustrated. But, people having nothing in the high hills are living a peaceful and happy life. You know people say you learn a lot from travelling, and I learned this big lesson from my Dolpo Trip.” Singing………. While returning to Namche, we met our old ‘new’ friends that we made during our trip. we’re familiar with the roads Fortunately, that day is also the birthday of our friend Vikas. We shared a good time with our new friends at Namche. Last day of walking, but we did walk a long road to reach Lukla Even the trekking was over, we felt like – Adventure was still remaining. This is one of the most memorable trips of our lives. However, the Everest base camp trek is special for everyone. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa said, “To Travel, to Experience and Learn: that is to Live.”

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