Exhaust Buying Guide for Harley Touring at RevZilla.com

Exhaust Buying Guide for Harley Touring at RevZilla.com

howdy this is let me Raziel TV here to talk to you today about how to choose an exhaust for your Harley touring bike if you're interested in aftermarket exhaust odds are good you probably already know some of the benefits everything we're going to sell you here at RevZilla is going to make your bike sound great it's going to look fantastic for those of you considering a full system exhaust too you may also have the benefit of making a bit of additional power we'll talk a little bit more about that in just a bit now we've got something for just about every single touring bike on the road I think you're going to see a majority of the muffler's fitting bikes from 95 on up there's going to be some differences too in the head pipe so make sure that you use our bike finder throw your motorcycles information in there we're going to show you the stuff that fits your bike exactly now when it comes to installation you guys are looking at a couple different install levels we have someone beard or two beard installations on our bsd or beard scale of difficulty a lot of that is going to come down to really what system you're gonna wind up with and what kind of bike you're throwing it on generally speaking those slip-ons or just a mufflers only system is going to run you a one beard inner bsd and those of you considering a full system exhaust you're going to bump into the two beard category we'll talk a little bit more about installation in just a bit now we're going to split this video up into two different sections first we're going to discuss mufflers are gonna slip on exhaust like you can see up here in front of me later on video we're going to move on to full system exhaust normally I would say skip ahead at any point just to you know get to the part you want to be at if you know what you're looking for already however there are some benefits with the touring bikes specifically in buying mufflers then going back later and grabbing some head pipe so I might encourage a couple of you to watch this video all the way through you might pick up a gem of information or to keep in mind though before I start really John here I'd like to let some of these mufflers do the talking let's be honest all of us are out there buying exhaust because it stirs our soul we like the music our bikes make so why don't you listen to some of these bikes through some of these exhaust you can see up here in front of me my guess is that something there sounded phenomenal to you if your heart is still beating so let's talk about different types of exhaust and exactly what it is you might want to consider for your touring bike now normally I would say mufflers only are for the folks who only want to consider something that's gonna make their bike look better and sound a little bit better but I think that weighs in extra heavily on a touring bike because with the exception of you guys on Road Kings just about everybody's got a stereo you don't want an exhausted so overpoweringly loud that you're not going to hear your stereo the other thing that's cool about touring bikes you can see the size these mufflers physically they're much larger than the mufflers on the other families are way bigger than something on say a sporty or a Dyna so what that means is you've got a lot of real estate to have something that looks cool and you're also going to get increased tone again without being crazy loud so for me personally I love throwing a set of mufflers onto a touring bike I think it's a great place to start again if you're not trying to break the bank to mufflers are also a good jumping off point and because of the modular nature of exhaust on the touring series of motorcycles a lot of time you can pick up a really nice set of mufflers and later add a set of head pipes to them something you can't always do with the other Harley families out there so we've got a couple of our really great sellers some favorites here at RevZilla up in front of me I want to talk to you about a couple of them just to give you an idea of the breadth of stuff that's available on the market let's start up here you can see we're kicking off with a crusher maverick now crusher is a fairly new entrant to the Touring exhaust market I really like them because they've focused most of their energy on the touring market they offer a couple of exhausts but it's very evident from there you know from the breadth of the products they offer just about everything is geared to you guys out there on touring rigs their styling is pretty cool you can see this muffler is offered in black they have a variety of finishes but I really like to this stainless tag on here the crenelated tip gives a new kind of an updated look to that exhaust that I think sometimes can look a little bit stagnant crushers really freshening up the game a little bit moving down here is a perennial favorite the Vance & Hines twin slash and you're looking specifically at the monster oval flavor and this is definitely a giant in the exhaust category for touring bikes for a couple different reasons first this is probably most i grabbing a muffler up here just in terms of its cross-section this oval shape definitely looks different than just about everything else on the market one of the other reasons i really like this is because it comes in an epa-approved version that can be really important for a couple of you guys if you have local law enforcement who loves to break horns about the volume of your mufflers the epa version of the twin slashes might be your hot ticket we get a phone call almost all the time it seemed once a day we're getting a phone call from a touring rider who wants to know what the quietest muffler they can put on their motorcycle is that's not a factory piece and that's going to be that epa version of this you don't have to change up baffles you're not gonna have to repack all you do is bolt these babies on your bike you're going to be compliant you're gonna get that great Vance and Hines telling but you're not going to get it at ear-splitting volumes which is sort of cool moving on down you can see we have here a Reinhart slip on this is a very basic muffler but still a great looking one really nicely constructed you've got your choice of these mufflers of kind of switching up your end cap treatment versus your muffler body you can really assemble just about any flavor of colors you want on there chrome black black chrome doesn't really matter how you want to do it you have the option to do that with the Rhinehart and you're also getting that great Reinhart sound and I think a lot of people can pick off from a mile away let me direct your attention to this side we have up here in our SD slant muffler I love these things roland Sands has brought a little bit of youth into the touring market touring bikes are no longer old guy bikes and they don't have to look like old guy bikes either roland Sands has really attacked the mufflers and these look fantastic I really love he's brought some of that racy styling to these puppies check out this carbon end cap here and I really love to again the metallic insert he's got inside here where he's a really fresh look to these but I think the thing that jumps out immediately is the fact these are cut on a side slash you're not going to see that too often these jump out they're peeking out from underneath your saddlebags they look really cool moving on down we've got a set of Cobra Race Pro mufflers I love these things and those of you who are fans of industrial design are probably going to love them too the end cap on these babies held down by 12 point bolts looks really industrial looks really nice it's got that it's got that total you know warehouse vibe and then I also really love to what they've done with the bracket on this rather than simply weld on a bracket like just about everybody else does in the category instead they made a whole muffler strap and incorporate it right into the design through some branding on there again it's really a different way to sort of treat the muffler bracket on here and again it looks really different you can spot this a mile off it definitely brings a little bit of a different look to your touring bike moving on down around things out we've got Arlen Ness by Magnaflow redline muffler I like this thing – very traditional megaphone look on here but they finish it out with a cap here that's been you know recut to expose bare aluminum on top of what is already this gloss black section here looks really great it's a good melding of an old-time favorite just the megaphone the long taper with a nice fresh look an end cap it's a good juxtaposition of old and new right next to each other I think brings a unique look to the redline so at this stage of the game these are some of the favorites we have here at RevZilla let's start talking about some full-system exhausts already we're now into the full system exhaust section so you can see I'm a little bit cramped up here I have a big belly and we have a small set so you might notice me bumping into a couple pipes now the main difference you guys are going to get with a full system exhaust as opposed to mufflers only is gonna be a performance bump you're still going to get the great sound you're still going to get the the great looks that a muffler offers but you're also going to have a little bit more power being made with these pipes and also the potential to extract more power from your other bolt ons your other power adders that you may put on to your motorcycle now if you've watched any of our other full system exhaust videos you'll note that I almost always warn folks to choose whether or not they want to go down the performance path or not very early on before they select and exhaust but a Harley touring bike is just a little bit different I actually don't make that recommendation because just about every aftermarket product on the market is modular that is you can start with a set of mufflers and later if you decide you need to grow into a bigger system where you want more power you can always go back and add in a set of headers to get that extra power so a Harley touring bike there really is kind of a little bit different than selecting exhaust for other motorcycles in the Harley lineup so as I had said earlier I'm surrounded up here by quite a few exhaust I want to run you through a couple of the things that we have here at RevZilla some things you can think about and then also kind of explain some of the differences between some of these full system exhausts what they're going to offer you how they're actually making their power so let's start over here on my left your right with the Reinhardt extreme duel setup so the first thing that stands out about this exhaust is this is actually a full system exhaust that comes with everything right out of the box you're getting your mufflers and your head pipes in the same kit so you don't have to pick and choose Reinhardt has tested this they know what's going to work order it you know everything is going to work perfectly bolt it up and go you've got a couple different finish options when it comes to the actual exhaust itself as well as the end caps the mufflers you have your choice of making this exhaust look exactly like you want it most of your gonna be interesting the power adding capabilities Reinhardt is all about making power and they threw everything but the kitchen sink at the extreme duels so there's a couple different things they did here first at the mouth of the head pipes they use anti reversion louvers it prevents exhaust gas from travelling back up the pipe it's actually really similar to an aftermarket torque cone for those of you who are familiar with those moving on down the pipes they also construct these from multiple diameters of exhaust tubing all you're seeing on the outside is this nice smooth heat shield that it presents a continuous diameter look looks fantastic but underneath the pipes inside here they use several different diameters they've joined up those pipes and that's not just them taking whatever scraps they have laying around and welding up a system there's actually a lot of science behind this as the exhaust moves from the smaller pipe section to a larger pipe section the exhaust comes through and expands to fill that new volume when it does that expansion it keeps the velocity up it keeps moving quickly it helps get the exhaust out of the bike fast keeps your engine from working hard if it's saving your engine from having to do more work that gets translated to the rear wheel in terms of power the final thing you might notice about this too this exhaust setup looks a little bit different than some of the more traditional exhausts out there it's because that rear pipe drops down really really hard rather than make that rear pipe take a sharp bend back in towards the motor and back down instead reinhard is getting that exhaust out of the bike quickly it does two things for you first it keeps the heat down I know those of you who've written around at a touring bike on a hot summer day have had that fried inner thigh it feels absolutely terrible on just about everybody this helps alleviate some of that the other thing it does as I mentioned they're getting the exhaust down and out of the bike very quickly they're not forcing the exhaust in the taking all sorts of sharp forcing exhaustion to taking sharp bends or unnatural curves slows it down slow the exhaust down and you're making your engine do more work to get it out of the bike so Reinhart really went crazy there's all sorts of Technology in here but really all people on the street are going to see is a great looking great sounding exhaust system let me weasel my way past these we'll go over to a couple of these exhaust here am i right let's start firstly with the Vance at Heinz power dual system Vance and Hines is doing something totally different here with the power duals then you got with the Reinhardt first this is a head pipes only system so this is something you're gonna want to consider if you want to mix and match mufflers or perhaps you don't want to be locked into a particular muffler choice one of these head pipes is going to allow you to sort of mix and match some of the Vance at Heinz products and depending on who it is that you're using you may even be able to get away with using a Vance and Hines head pipe with an another manufacturer's muffler so if you already have a set of mufflers and you're thinking about upgrading something like a Vance & Hines power duals can help you out instead of using all the tricks that Reinhardt does Vance and Hines actually makes their power totally different with this pipe right here's where all the magic is going to happen this x-pipe here allows each of the cylinders to scavenge and scavenging is a really nifty phenomenon whereas one cylinder is exhausting its gas it actually helps suck incoming air and fuel into the corresponding jug again that translates into reduced work for your engine and what that means is you're going to put more power to the ground so in addition that Culex pipe of course Vance & Hines is the progenitor of the 220 degree exhaust shield gives you this nice smooth diameter look coming down here keeps the bluing at bay and also keeps things from burning too your pipe really is a great looking great performing header it's moving down below that you can see here we have a set of SNS power tuned duals now these are a little bit different so the first thing you can see here these are obviously black you've got a couple of finish options here but what SMS has done here with the power tune duals is actually giving you some similar technology to what you get in the Vance at Hines you do have a crossover but you'll notice that it's totally hidden on the power toon duals it's actually on this side of things and they give you that nice independent dual exhaust look despite the fact you're still able to take example take advantage of the scavenging effect that you're going to get because you have that crossover baked right into this pipe so again this is also going to be something you guys who have already a set of mufflers on your bike might want to consider these are offered independently of mufflers so it's not going to be a full system set up like you see with the reinhard if you've already got a set of mufflers on your bike that you love the power tuned duals can be a great addition to help you make a little bit more power so we're at the point now we're going to talk installation I know a lot of you folks are going to consider doing this yourself at home so we need to talk about how difficult the job might be and what you're going to need in order to get things done now if you're throwing a set of slip-on mufflers on your motorcycle you should know that it skate just about anybody can do it with a small variety of hand tools and a little bit of time you're going to pop your saddlebags off the bike loosen up both exhaust clamps and then you've got two bolts retaining each of your mufflers to your saddlebag bracket that's for just about every single touring bike 95 on up it's a very simple process I can usually swap a set in about 25 minutes here in the studio and I am NOT world's fastest mechanic some of you guys will be even quicker than I am so if you're considering a set of mufflers it's definitely something you can do all by your lonesome now if you're looking at a full system I'm going to say that bumps things up into the two beard categories I had mentioned a little bit earlier makes it a little bit more difficult we'll talk about why it's not really all that hard though so the thing that bumps it is that two beard category you get a little more pipe to deal with we're not just taking off the muffler we're taking off the entire exhaust system in order to get a full system exhaust on your bike fairly obviously one of the things that means is those of you guys on fuel-injected motorcycles you're also going to have to remove your oxygen sensors you're going to need an oxygen sensor socket to deal with that it is a specialty tool but it's easily found in most most auto parts stores a lot of you guys probably have a buddy who has one floating around their toolbox just make sure that you're prepared to deal with that one of the other things too that bump sevens that to beard category I think for most you guys is going to be the tuning process if you're throwing a full system exhaust in your bike you absolutely have to modify your fuel system so those you've carburetors you're gonna be regen and again those of you with fuel injection you're gonna be either adding a fuel controller or remapping your bike now if you're not going to bring your bike to to the dyno man to put it on the dyno you're probably gonna have to do a little testing and tuning yourself and that takes a little bit of time it's not difficult I actually find the process to be really enjoyable but it does take up a little bit of time so just keep that in mind you wanted to vote probably a whole Saturday or Sunday afternoon to the job of getting your exhaust on and then mapping your bike correctly for that new exhaust so I'm guessing at this point most of you are sort of standing at a crossroads click that info button we can help you down either path in the road some of you are going to want to click over to the site and see what we have that's going to fit your motorcycle through your info on that bike finder we're going to show you the stuff that fits your touring rig some of you are probably also going to want a little bit more education and that's cool because we've got you taken care of as well check out a couple of comment read articles I've written about exhaust we have quite a bit of information out there we also have some really nifty videos both on the product pages and then we also have a really cool exhaust sound comparison that can help you hear a few of the mufflers right next to each other on a touring bike to give you an idea what your bike might sound like after you throw an exhaust on to it now for those of you who need a little bit more personalised help don't be afraid to get in touch with us we have gear geeks waiting to pick up the phone eight seven seven seven nine two nine four five five or you can always drop us an email to CS at revzilla.com as always i'm let me I'm out of here you

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