ah look guys it’s me Nikki hello December is here and that means that the years almost over my god and now of course I have some very very exciting things planned for you for the month of December including winter wonder week but more on that later but to kick off this awesome month I wanted to do a video where I transform myself in a holiday spirit no I will not do a ghost you know December’s one of my favorite months because it just brings family and friends so close together and us to like with winter wonder week and like all the videos and like I feel like during the month of December everyone is like yes glam Hello glam sign me up for more glam so for today I wanted to do a transformation video with a nice before and after later on and I have this look in mine for a long time now and it’s this sort of like holiday Christmassy you know just holiday month spirits look it’s very glammed has hints of warm Brown as always and sparkles as always and just glam as always and during this transformation I’ll also be playing with this right here this is the allure Beauty box of December and it’s a special little one because I curated this one I put this one together it’s so awesome just it felt like being a little personal Santa for all of you guys so during today’s video I’ll be playing with the alert December beauty box and showing you which products exactly I picked and I’ll be showing you how to use them so that if you sign up for this beauty box that you know exactly what to do with them so with all that being said I think it’s time to just sit down and get glammed together alright as always one of the most important steps is skincare and in the allure beauty box that I curated for you guys you will find one of three skincare items you will either get the Ren ever come overnight recovery balm I used this last night before I went to bed the bliss the real peel in Brighton this is a beautiful peel mask or these little cuties right here these are the Bliss holographic foil I masks and if you’re following me on snapchat or Instagram stories or now YouTube stories if you’re ever having a bad day just imagine being snapchat and then seeing your concept everywhere but you’ve probably seen me wear these these are little eye masks that have holographic stars on them and these are so much fun to wear plus they really really hydrate the under eyes I did all of that earlier today so I feel like my skin is prepped and ready for the glam but you’ll find one of these three items in your allure View tea box for primer today I’m mixing two this is the first Sally liquid glass and of course these UA anti blemish matte primer this keeps my makeup on all day long first I apply these UA and then the liquid glass okay for a foundation you know I’m always mixing so today I’m mixing the Milani conceal imperfect two-in-one foundation and concealer and the waterproof foundation by Tom Ford this is in the color 0 0 B oob double O B and this one is 1.5 cream and guys I’ve been looking forward to this moment all day so I bought the miracle body sponge by Real Techniques because I saw Patrick talk about it in the video and since your girl has a rather large face I was like oh that is destined for me guys when I wet this this sponge blew up and it became this I just need to show you that a regular sized sponge is about this size Kabam this is a lot to handle like this is this is a lot but I want to give it a go if I don’t like it I have this as my backups oh here we go oh my god oh my god that blends it in so fast Wow if you’re ever looking to save some time doing your foundation get this bunch because I feel like I do three taps and I’m done oh my god and when you have a ten head like I do what this covers the ten head in ten seconds may zing okay if you’re into saving time when doing your makeup and I feel like everyone does please look into the sponge Patrick you saved the day although I do think it’s a little bit too large for under the eyes so I’m switching to this one for my under eyes for concealer of course I’m using these UA essential high coverage concealer and a little bit of Deneb La Niebla close up stay full smooth concealer and now setting my under eyes using the Maybelline fit me loose powder in Oh 5 when it comes to the eyes the first thing I’m doing of course is priming then ticking my favorite eyeshadow brand Joo vs place and for the allure December box they made a special Nubian mini palette and from that palette I’m taking this color right here for in the crease I’m picking that color up on a ramus number 7 brush and just diffusing it all the way up into that crease also bringing it all the way to the front to that nose line and I feel like ever since I started bringing my crease color in towards the front of the brow everything look so much more cohesive and my nose contour is on point on the lid I’m applying this color right here my favorite out of the entire palette and don’t be afraid to drag this all the way up make it nice and visible also included in the box is my ever glow highlighter in collaboration with Oprah and I’m taking the lightest shade of the 3 to highlight my inner corner now going in with a dark brown liner this one is Roadeo by dose of colors and I’m just sketching out the sort of cat eye shape with this and with the dark brown from the palette I am buffing that wing out and not to spruce things up even more and because I like being overly dramatic and extra and going in with this peaches a loose eyeshadow pigment in the color Prynne and I’m just dusting this over the lid for some extra Sparkle and pizzelles okay now using the dark brown on my lower lash line to smokey smoke and using that same brown Landor extending my inner corner a bit time for lashes these are these so sue Kaley Blackheart ones also included in the box and himself so honored that this is in here is the LA splash art contect waterproof slim eyeliner this is the best eyeliner pen out there and I’m so honored that it is in my box so with this I’m completing the final wing of the look alright of course we have two bronze and it should come as no surprise that I’m bronzing he’s a mesh away bronzing duo as well as bronzing my nose for blush I don’t even think I have to say what I’m using anymore and of course for the glow I’m using ever glow and a mixing the lightest shade with the medium shade [Music] a little bit on the center of the forehead and for lips I’m using this right here this is also included in the box this is a NYX lip lingerie in the color cabaret show now all you need a setting spray and you’re done and they last but certainly not least also in the box as a little extra is this Neutrogena cleansing towelettes wipe and this is to clean up any boo-boos or to remove your makeup and that might glow babies is this holiday spirit glam look completed what do you think let me know in the comments down below also down below in the description box is more info on how you can get your hands on my allure Beauty box of December and again it’s just such an honor to be teaming up with allure and to be your personal Santa Claus mrs. Santa Claus and picking all these products for you that are truly some of my favorites and I know we’ll take your Christmas look or your holiday look towards the next level without any further ado I think it’s time for today’s Dutch word of the day in the last video the Dutch word of the day was green and that was hoon and I must say that I am so proud of all of you that included hone in to your comment or made a video response on Instagram because hoon is a hard difficult word to pronounce so I’m so proud of you and a special video shout out goes to owl herder on Instagram I’m really getting into this green movement I even bought a new energy-efficient car it is Dutch though and I think that’s why the engine sounds kind of funny it sounds something like I love how the word green just became something way different and a special common chata goes to BB Harris and BB Harris said I hate the color hoon my sister loved it though I guess I’m not a Slytherin toven are you included all the Dutch word of the days in one common I’m so proud for today’s Dutch word of the day I’m teaching you the Dutch word for box polar beauty box allure box box let’s go dos dos DOS so you can be like oh my god Glo mama the allure Beauty DOS looks amazing as always if you want to make it into my next video please don’t forget to leave a comment down below including the Dutch word of the day or go to Instagram and show me your video responses under the hashtag Dutch word of the day I once again I want to thank you so so so much for watching today is a brand new video I hope you enjoyed and if you did please don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up or subscribe to my channel it always is such an honor to have you here on my channel and to have your support so I want to say thank you again I love you so much and hopefully I will see you guys on the next one bye guys

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  2. Ummmmmmmmmm I have a wonderful question where the fuck does she get her eyebrows and why does she never the less what she uses on her eyebrows in the description like what the fuck man

  3. Omg! Why did i miss this video? I would love to have that December Allure 'doos' now!!!!! 🤗 you look gorgeous ! Your skin looks great without makeup now. I also have dry skin since i moved to the NL. Would love to see your skincare routine!!!

  4. Just got my allure box today! Can't wait to try out this look and hope it comes out at least somewhat close to yours.

  5. The sponge you got from Real Technique I got it since 2 years bc it's the cheaper than every make up sponge in France and the result is amazing 👍🏻 so yeah basically, use this if you want to look like a nice bitch for cheap 🤣❤

  6. Ok I’m not a frequent commenter but I have so much to learn from you! I’ve seen a couple makeup vids of yours but would love to see how you dress for your curves too! I need halp.

  7. How can you tell if two foundations are a perfect combo to mix? I have a skin color in between nude, beige and natural so i actualy use like 2 foundations but its kinda hard to know if they are perfect combo so …. Yeah having two foundations just to mix is expensive and i have oily skin also….. but yeah I live for makeup 😍😍💄

  8. Juvia’s Place eyeshadows are UNREAL😍😍😍😍 I’m a designer/makeup artist at Ulta Beauty and the Juvia’s Place palettes have been selling like crazyyyyyy

  9. Ik hou echt van jouw video’s nikki en ik spreek ook gwoon nl ik gebruik geen Google translate😂😂😂maar jij bent gewoon 1 van de beste make up artiesten die ik ken

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