Eyes Wide Shut (1999) Official Trailer - Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman Movie HD

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  1. Now watching this you might think this is a porno. Then you might be confused when you realize most pornos aren’t 2 and a half hours long.

  2. Rip to Kubrick, he was killed for the 24 mins that was suppose to be in the original movie. There has to be child sacrifices and pedophila in those 24 mins because in the ending scene it shows them selling their kid to the elites

  3. At the 0:46 second mark, the guy following Tom Cruise looks exactly like the Secret Service Agent that is monitoring George W. Bush at his father's funeral. HMMMM?

  4. Here's a store that has the movie for $7.95 with Free Shipping: https://toucandeal.com/morganhillstore/eyes-wide-shut-r-rated-edition-dvd-1999

  5. If this one and 12 Angry Men are your type of movie, then you must watch this one. Rated No.7 as 2016 must watch.

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