Family Ski Trip

Family Ski Trip

We are both full time working parents And for us holidays are extremely important to spend time together So we just started our trip to Austria, to Flachau The ski resort’s 750km away The navigation already told us immediately
where we would charge, how long we would stay and how long would the trip take
Sometimes the car is charging faster than we are able to finish our break, so that was
a bit surprising I would say I think we both enjoy technology a lot I have an IT background Of course you need to be agile, to adapt to
new technologies, to changes Before we had this car it was mainly Christian
was driving but since we have a Tesla it’s always a fight

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  1. Please, Tesla, for once and for all tell us if the correct pronunciation is ‘Tesla’ or ‘Tezla?’ People get so mad in the US when you say ‘Tezla.’ We need an answer from the source. 😎

  2. Uhhh I heard batteries fail in cold weather. All my ski friends say to stay away from hybrid and electric cars for cold weather

  3. These guys ain’t shit, my grandpa lost his both his parents in a WuwuFu War. HE WAS ONLY 3 years old, and he ran away to Mogadishu. He didn’t wear diapers and he lost his left arm leg. THESE PEOPLE ALL THEY DO IS BE ON da phone and say “Wez are werking beeple” TF IS BEEPLE? 👏PEOPLE 👏👏

  4. please dont ruin trucking for america withyou gay electric semi i have been trucking since 1994 and first of thats the gayest semi i have ever seen if you want to make cars go a head leave it to the the truck makers today like peterbilt volvo frieghtliner and internatinal kenworth please stop ruining trucking just stop

  5. On 2013 i have brand new tesla model s and i was accident then the car was not broken and i was a live now i drive tesla model x it was so cool

  6. I guess they are some sort of managers at a multinational company, since they are professional in bullshiting around without doing any value adding work.

  7. I love Tesla’s especially model x it is my favourite car ever and it’s also my dream car but I can’t afford one 🙁

  8. This is actually kinda silly. No skies involved. Just the usual bla bla bla.
    Come on Tesla, you can do better!

  9. I hope someone at Tesla is paying attention to the advice and knowledge of gentlemen like this.

  10. Can you help estimate the cost of using Diesel SUVs and dilapidated Buses this summer election of billions Indian for most ecofriendly PM in the world

  11. Hey Tesla, do you have an idea of what time frame will the Model 3 be released in Australia? Some sources say mid-term this year.

  12. It looks amazing but you know what is the really problem, not everybody has 100.000$ for buying an electric car (TESLA) The price should be lower and you'll have more sells

  13. Death to ICE vehicles! Used Cars will be in high demand, peak in 2022 – and the EV cars will move from S curve to a Vertical Line. It feels like investing in apple in 2002. Invest in tesla stock now — TESLA + STARLINK = WORLD DOMINATION! – im from the future.

  14. The $65K Model 3 just lost to the $28K Nissan Leaf in a side by side road test on TFLcar. The Leaf was more efficient. Both were terrible, needing 24+ hours to recharge after a few hour drive. Horrendous!

  15. Blue Moon at 0:36 to take a dig at Jeff Bezos? 😃 However this was released before the announcement …

  16. Is that an L!?!! On the numberplate!!!! Im from Luxembourg greattttt (like im spanish but i live there and it’s cool for me coz Nobody knows Luxembourg 🙁 XDDD)

  17. Excuse me, Sir. But, at the beginning, you didn’t started your trip from Luxemburg to the #Cloef in Mettlach-Orscholz, Germany, before you had continued the trip to Austria? You had visited the #Cloef and enjoyed the pretty panorama of the Saarschleife. I noticed it because I’ve been there…

  18. la voiture électrique n'aura qu'un avenir très limité vu les contraintes de recharge des batteries et la politique "des escrologistes" qui veulent fermer les centrales nucléaires dans les années qui viennent, plus particulièrement en FRANCE. J'ajouterai que l'extraction du lithium pollue plus que pour le pétrole et provoque des cancers… De plus la fabrication des batteries, dont on ne connait pas la véritable durée de vie, produit plus de CO2 qu'un diesel moderne (dernière génération). Conclusion : cette voiture de luxe, certes merveilleuse, n'est qu'un rêve pour "bobos-écolos-gaucheux" qui en promouvant l'énergie électrique, pour les déplacements, sont en contradiction avec leur opposition totale à l'électricité nucléaire seule source valable pour éviter la pollution.

  19. How cool is this? The first part of the video has been recorded exactly on the same site where my profil pic has been shot. 🙂

  20. Getting a Tesla? Please use my referral code when ordering yours,It would mean the world to me.Thanks

  21. Buying a Tesla? Please use my referral code when ordering yours,It would mean the world to me.Thanks

  22. they are the future of the world they are the future guys I wish I had one of your cars unfortunately I don't have money

  23. Where in Germany is this? How can I get a tesla for less? I want one or 2. I want 1 to drive and the other one to upgrade, Elon musk is about innovation no matter if someone else does it! Right? Let me in! Plz

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