Family Vacation in Phuket Thailand Part 1: Getting to Know Thailand | Life in Japan Episode 37

Family Vacation in Phuket Thailand Part 1: Getting to Know Thailand | Life in Japan Episode 37

It’s a beautiful day, the first day of 2020. Today we have an epic trip, we’ve been planning and saving for a long time… A special trip to Thailand. You coming Sarah? Let’s go! Remember the camera too. That’ll be important. Wave! Whoo who! OK! Let’s hit the road. Is that Fuji san?
Oh, it is Fuji san. What?! Oh, sweet! You can see Mount Fuji. Where?
Straight out this way. You can see the silhouette of it. Tokyo tower is lit up.
Do you see the tiny little orange tower down there? Taking a picture of where we’re at. Alright! So excited! Where’s a big smile? Everybody’s so excited! We are so cold too. Finally going inside. Yeah! You stopped on top of her! That’s not what you’re supposed to do. Whoa, yes! Getting some drinks at the lounge. Taking a break at the lounge. Right? Do you see the airplane over there? That’s our airplane, Dude. That’s the big airplane we’re going to fly in. OK, let’s go. Let’s go. Common’ this way.
Run! So fast, Dude! 92 – whoa! Wee! We’re going so fast! Just waiting for our moment. Yep. 17… No! Becca, come with me. Anna! OK, here we go. We’re going in.
Thank you. Alright! We’re on our way!
Yes! Oh look guys, there’s our airplane right there. Look there, look. Hi. (music on the intercom) OK Joshua, you’re right here. (announcements over loudspeakers) (announcements continue) Anna! You all ready? Vovó (grandma) too. Yes! Excited! Hey Beccster. And vovô. This guy just wants to play on there, but you can’t while they’re announcing, can you? (music over PA continues) Big J is out. (singing) Welcome to Malaysia. This…
The reality of traveling… …with kids, overnight. Sarah, we made it to Thailand! Is it exciting?
We made it, Sarah, we made it. OK, we’re going to get our shuttle bus for the hotel. We’re here, in Thailand! So excited!
Me too! Me too! So many motorcycles.
And they have Family Mart here too. And I’m going to a water park and to the beach. Yeah! We’re going to go to the water park and the beach? We’re here, yeah! Not so bad, huh?
Not so bad. Look – look right over here. Our first look at the water park, oh my goodness! Look at all of that, guys. Check in is only at 3:00.
Oh my! And, it’s like 12:00 right now. Walks off camera. We are finally, finally, finally…
On vacation… Finally, finally, finally checked in. That took a long time.
Didn’t it, now? Oh! Good hit, Sarah! OK, let’s go exploring! This is the way we get around here. Are we going to the beach or a place where…
Beach! Wow, this is beautiful here! We should just ask him for the scenic tour, actually. Is this cool guys, is this a cool way to get around?
Yes, so cool. We don’t need to do anything. This is our first time to come and check out the beach, see what it looks like here. This is going to be a place of pretty sunsets, that’s for sure, huh? Do you want to try the swing, Joshua?
Yea. OK, ready to get off? We’re at the beach! Whoa! What are you girls doing already?
Making a big sandcastle. Alright guys, it’s the breakfast cart! Good morning! It’s fun too, it’s just loud already.
I’d like to walk on the beach this morning down to the airport. Heading into breakfast. OK, we’re going to sit outside. You got your bacon. Oh – deep fried chicken with sticky rice, huh? Does that look good? OK, we’re diggin’ in for breakfast. Can you eat with it? Alright. Thank you Jesus for breakfast. Daddy, you come in! Do you have your swimsuit on? Not yet. I’m going to go get it on after I get some video of you girls. (singing) Having fun in the sun in Thailand. One, two, three — jump! Yeah! Good job, big boy. One, two, three… Here we go! Becster! We’re runnin’ to go see the plane! Here it comes, Anna. It’s going to go right overhead! (Engines roar) Wow!
Whoa! It went right over me! It went right over us, huh? So our hotel is right next to the beach and it’s right next to the airport. And at this airport you can come and stand at the beach at the end of the runway and watch the airplanes come charing in. Or take off, whatever your preference is. We just went out and bought some stuff here from little Thai stores just on the street. It’s so much cheaper than here in the park. We’re learning how to shop in Thailand. We’re enjoying some downtime. A little bit of Minecraft. On vacation, but editing away so the work doesn’t get away from me. They’re playing a game. They make this train and they go over to the side of the pool, And then vovó throws all kinds of treasure for them to go out and get, And they have to go get it. And repeat this process. This is probably the 4th time doing it. This is not a bad way to do it, is it? Vovó plays with the kids and we relax. We should go walk over by the Thai restaurant tonight.
That’s going to be good. OK, let’s get a picture. OK, you get in there Joshua. Do you want to get a picture with them?
Yeah OK Let’s get a picture. We saw the bear!
You saw a bear? Yeah, it was like a panther, huh? Was it so cool?
Yeah. We’re going to go check out what’s around the hotel, maybe grab a bite to eat. Ohh. Oh, very good! Hi!
Hi! Thank you Some Santa elephants, huh? Hey – did you get some new crocs? Whoa! Awesome! Alright guys, none of your feet on the table, OK?
No, well, I’m not sure. Let’s see. Oh my goodness! Those really look good. OK, he’s right there. Hey Becca, what’s been your favorite thing here so far? That pool by the beach.
The pool by the beach? What’s been your favorite thing here so far, honey? Sleeping with vovó and vovô.
Ah, yea? Sharing a room with them? That’s pretty special. Chocolate.
You like chocolate shake? Yes, Chocolate shake.
Oh. Going in the pool by our hotel. Oh, that was really fun, huh? Whoa! Does that look good or what?! I’ll hold it for you. Yes? Very good, yes! There you go, it’s hot, very hot. Stir Fry Cashew?
Yes, with a bunch of vegetables, it’s really good. Vegetable tempura. So good! Spicy- the sauce is spicy. I hope you enjoyed this special edition of Life in Japan as we’ve been on vacation in Thailand. Make sure you tune in again next week. When our vacation continues, we go to the water park, we do some other exciting things here before heading home. So thanks for watching, liking and subscribing and we’ll see you next time on Life in Japan.

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  1. lol thank you jesus ,for breakfast.i Always say thank you jesus when im happy about anything and everything.but when i have a problem i turn to god.

  2. いいね👍なんかタダで俺もタイについて行った気分になったよ(笑)

  3. Your kids are all so cute, but that Sarah is really a kick! She has the sweetest expressions on her beautiful face!

  4. 日焼けで


  5. It looks like a wonderful vacation, the resort you found is really cool. It's awesome that the grandparents could come along and make great memories as a family!

  6. Nice video,we got to see a lot,but in the beginning when you drove to the airport I was thinking that it would be very nice if some time you'd just drive around in Japan and showed us around,you know like a guiding tour for us! Maybe to where there are beautiful scenerys out in the country side or in a crowded city,or the area where you live,anything would do! Anyway,the video was nice😍

  7. 是非読売ランドに行ってみて下さい!イルネーシヨンがとても綺麗です♡♡

    The illuminations at Yomiuri Land are very beautiful!
    Kids will be delighted

  8. 雲の切れ間から差す光が美しいですね⛅⛱️😃 4:35 タイのファミリーマートには、おにぎり、おでん、日本茶もあるそうですよ🏪🍙🍢

  9. 楽しみに待ってました!タイは予想外でした!みんな楽しそうで私が旅行したような気分です(笑)。次の動画も楽しみにしてます!

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