Fasting For 168 Hours | Fasting 7 Days Results | Weight Loss Journey 2020

Fasting For 168 Hours | Fasting 7 Days Results | Weight Loss Journey 2020

hi its Mieka Fasting weight loss I’m about
to break my 7 day fast I completed I’m looking over there
because my notes are my computer I completed a hundred fasting for 168
hours and these are my fasting 7 days results weight loss loss journey 2020 because
I’m getting a head start um let me see I’m just gonna keep saying that so I
don’t even want to explain it but maybe some of you would get it and understand
why I’m going to have coconut body armor light super drink it has 40 calories for
this whole thing I’m going to have power aid 0 this is what I’m taken back to
work the day did not go as planned today I’m
so not happy but I would have been happy if things would have went right but I
didn’t eat or drink I did go to the gym this morning but I’m gonna tell you
about yesterday I did my eat or drink yesterday seven complete days yesterday
morning I went to the gym and I did sauna and I did a lot of walking and a
lot of sauna then Nikki speaks and I went to Planet Fitness and did lots of
massages the LED light therapy for the first time I’m gonna do a separate video
one day on that God willing and we also did weights and stretching stretching we
did an hour long walk we did no we didn’t we did 30-minute walk we did um
we did one two we did four um weight machines 20 reps that’s it one set we
did about 20 minutes stretching machines two different stretching machines and
that’s what I did so I’m gonna give you my weight and here’s some where I am
going okay I’m also gonna put pictures let’s
look at this I’m gonna show you what this is you guys are not gonna like my
refeed I’m gonna tell you tomorrow more about how you should refeed for safety
reasons I’m gonna have one bite of this but I’m gonna go get chicken and sonic
because to clients showed up at 12 o’clock and one was not supposed to be
there my whole coming home and cook in my
refeed I was gonna come home and cook right now and then go to work for one
more person and they come home and make the complete dinner
I’m refeed oh my gosh okay so I’m gonna put a picture there’s a lady that comes
on my ball and she’s a hustler and I love it and I was like me and this
smells so good all right I’m gonna take a part of this
but maybe now Mouse’s mouth is watering I need to be back at work in 20 minutes
long story short okay but I am gonna take I haven’t tasted this body armor
light coconut flavor it has no colors from artificial sweetener sources 10%
coconut water calories 20 potassium 350 grams which times 2 carbs is 10 protein
zero it has a lot of good stuff it has electrolytes potassium and
something else and then it has coconut water vitamins B 3 5 6 9 and 12 and it
has red an AC me anyway I Drive fasted for a lot of hours since
yesterday and mind something okay do I have anything else to say I’m also gonna
put lock pictures some of the locks I did today today is a hectic day I’m
excited to eat I wish I was gonna eat to please everyone but I’m still a
fast-food person so I don’t care that I’m about to go get chicken strips cuz
that’s what I’m gonna get because I’m in a rush and I’m gonna take a bite of this
and this is carbs do not refit on a burrito okay
do not read on sugar and carbs okay it’s very it a shock your system
I’m the Powerade zero has zero everything so this is a better choice
than this I think but maybe not because there’s only 40 calories for this whole
thing I don’t think that’s that bad if you just refeed on these two and leave
out the bite of burrito and the chicken strips that’s a perfect refeed okay but
a protein or something bone broth or something like that so my weight numbers
no let me just say it I lost 20 exact pounds on to ten point four I can’t room
till my clothes one on the scale I knows to twenty to ten point six I was like I
need to use the bathroom I peed and I was twelve to ten point
four which is exactly it’s exactly 20 pounds down on September 30th I was to
thirty point for I am so happy with that my nine-day fast I did twenty two pounds
which was the first pack bomb the first fast I’ve ever done nine days I’m gonna
put that in the end screen and in the description so you can see the
difference if I look now I am 63 pounds down from that day okay so that’s it I
got a run to work I’m about to be late and then I’ll upload this later and
here’s pictures thank you for watching and stay tuned tomorrow to see what’s
next bye you

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  1. Sorry this is so late and blurry. PLus I messed up how much I lost. I started at 228 and ended at 210.4. Today didn't go as planned but glad I completed this fast FINALLY. I tried 3 other times.

  2. Unbelievable! Exactly 20 pounds? Still, I can't believe you Vlogged us 20 minutes before you had to be at work! That's dedication. That coconut water looked really good, refreshing. Great way to break a fast. Thanks for posting and WAY Congratulations ! ! ! <3 YOU ARE AWESOME !

  3. Be careful sister me and you are the same. I wish I could fast more then two days but I have you beat with consistently it's ironic if we can meet in the middle we can meet both are goals by 2020 like fasting Fatman. You're are hones I will say at least but don't let the you're mind get triggered those are the number I would kill for right now. Try to spike at 222 and make you're base number in the morning 218 pounds two days bad is terrible three days is a curse.

  4. I was jumping up and down when you gave your exactly weight loss! I'm so HAPPY for YOU!!!💜💛💜🏅💛💜💛

  5. like54..congratulations,mieka!you are going your journey..sometimes fast,sometimes slow,some baby steps back but again huge ones forward!endless blessings

  6. Omg 18 pounds in 7 days👏👊👌👍you are a pro ms motavation💪💪💪 I'm so proud of you GREAT JOB👏👏👏that looks delicious thou lol n the drink look good n healthy ohhhh yes go get yur chicken strips girl u deserve that!!!😋👍👍👍👍God bless you🙏❤

  7. In the last 3 months I’ve done 3 3day water fasts and I do intermittent and I’ve lost 25lb and I also eat whatever I want during my feeding time of course being more conscious than before, I’m loosing the soda addiction and I get fuller way faster😍 fasting is a beautiful journey I wish I could’ve discovered it sooner!

  8. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!🥰🥰👏👏 You did the 7days. You rock! I knew you could do it, and if I could I'd be doing a happy dance for you. LoL😂 🤣

    Right now I'm 88hrs fasted still holding on. lol

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