FIRST FLIGHT TIPS WITH BABY | Flying With A Baby And Toddlers | Traveling With Twins

FIRST FLIGHT TIPS WITH BABY | Flying With A Baby And Toddlers | Traveling With Twins

this is my first video in my traveling
with Tots series I can remember my very first time flying with six month old
twins I was freaking out how was I going to manage the double stroller their pack
and play car seats breast milk storage bag pumping back diaper bag carry-on bag
and then actually also take care of two babies at the same time I ultimately
survived that first flight with my twins and followed it up with many more so I
have a lot of tips and tricks up my sleeve at this point and I wanted to
share them with you today so that hopefully you can have a much less
stressful flight than I had my first time we will get right into it
but before we do I have to shamelessly plug my channel please like and
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so much I really do appreciate you guys I am going to be referencing my notes on
my phone throughout this video because I want to make sure that I do not miss a
detail for you guys first things first if you are traveling with a child under
the age of two you will book your flight as you
normally would for yourself online there usually isn’t a selection to add the
Lap infant online so then you will need to call the airline service and have
them added on once your ticket is booked you need to make sure to add your lap
infant in advance otherwise you might get all the way
through security and when the security guard is checking your ticket and they
see you holding a baby but you don’t have a lap infant added on to your
ticket they’re gonna make you go all the way back to the front desk where you can
book tickets and they’re going to have to manually add the infant for you and
then you’ll have to wait all through security again just do it in advance and
call to have your lap infant added before you get to the airport now in
terms of bags that you can bring on the plane most airlines allow you to have
one carry-on bag and one personal bag per paid seat now when you have a lap
infant you are allowed one additional personal bag on top of that when I was
just traveling with one baby I would have my carry-on bag and
of the two personal bags that I was allowed one for me and one for the
infant I would usually have my breast milk storage bag that also was my
pumping bag and then I would have the diaper bag with the extra change of
clothes and diapers and everything you put in there a note I said that most
airlines allow you to have a carry-on some of them don’t if you’re flying on a
cheaper airline like spirit they charge you for that just wanted to throw that
in now when you are going through the security check some things to keep in
mind it will take longer to go through the security check so be sure that you
get to the airport well in advance I was never the person who followed the 2-hour
in advance rule before having kids but since having kids I’m always there two
hours in advance just because sometimes bags strollers pumping bags things get
pulled aside and require an extra search and you just obviously do not want to
miss any flight especially when you’re traveling with a baby if you have an
older baby or a toddler who likes to eat those little pouches or baby food of any
sort be sure to get the pouches that you can see through TSA if you buy some of
the cheaper pouches where you can’t see the contents inside they will confiscate
those baby foods which is really annoying but you know they’re just doing
their job if you buy the more expensive baby foods that come in the clear
pouches where they can see the baby food inside they will let those ones pass
through security in terms of breast milk I was someone who exclusively pumped
with my twins so I always had lots of breast milk that I needed to carry
through the airport and just an FYI they will need to take that bag to the side
and basically test every single bottle of breast milk you have all they do is
open it up and they kind of swipe it with a little strip I don’t know what
this drip is testing but they just confirm that it’s breast milk and then
you can be on your merry way but depending on how much breast milk you
are transporting the process can take a while
and I would recommend using actual like medulla or breast milk storage bottles
and not little breast milk storage bags because the TSA agents aren’t always
that careful they’re busy no judgement but I once tried to just get little
breast milk storage bags through and a lot of milk was spilled that kind of
spilt milk is worth crying over in terms of powder formula that comes in
a can TSA is pretty good about just letting that through I mean it’s not a
liquid so it doesn’t raise any flags to them but the thing I want to call out
for you guys so that you don’t run into this problem is if it is a fresh can of
formula never been opened before and you’re planning on breaking into it on
the plane the first time your baby is hungry when the plane takes off all this
weird pressure stuff goes on I’m not a scientist I don’t know the details
behind it but I do know that when you try to open a fresh can of formula after
the plane is already taken off it can open quite abruptly and explode
everywhere don’t try to open a fresh can of formula on a flight just crack it
open a little bit before plane takes off so that you don’t create a mess on the
plane better yet if your baby is exclusively formula fed just a measure
out the exact amount of formula that needs to go into each bottle in advance
so that once you’re on the plane all you need to do is fill up that bottle with
the correct amount of water and shake it up that way you don’t even need to be
messing around with you know powder formula that could be getting everywhere
all right I’m trying to do this in a somewhat organized manner you guys so
bear with me back to checked items in terms of checking items I am a chronic
over-packer and I’ve just given up on trying to have carry-on bags for free to
me it’s worth it to spend the extra twenty thirty dollars to just have one
checked bag that has all my clothes all my kids clothes and I just check it
right when I get to the airport that way it’s just one less thing to lug around
when at this point I got three little ducklings following me everywhere in
terms of addition baby items that you can check you can
check pack and place completely for free at the ticket counter when you get to
the airport you can also check any car seats you can check strollers for free
however I would actually recommend bringing your stroller through security
all the way to the gate and then you can check your stroller at the gate for free
that way you just don’t have to carry around your kids through the airport
keeping your stroller all the way to the gate to me is just the easier option and
then when you get off the plane they will have your stroller right there for
you when you do board the plane however back to pack and plays really quick if
you are going to be staying at a hotel at whatever destination your flight is
taking you to most hotels provide pack and plays for free upon request so if
you want one less thing to pack just call your hotel in advance see if they
can provide you a pack and play most can and then it’s just one less thing to
keep track of on your travels all right so we talked about checking your giant
checked bag any car seats a pack and play and keeping it your stroller so at
this point you make it through security and all you have are your personal bags
like your diaper bag and your breast milk storage bag your children and your
stroller to help you get through the airport once you get to your gate go to
the stewardess stewardess at that little front desk area and let them know that
you are going to be gate checking your stroller and they’ll be able to give you
a little gate check tag right away which you can attach right before you bring
your kids on the airplane make sure to take a potty break or change diapers we
all know the accommodations for relieving yourself on airplanes are not
great and somehow they’re even worse for kids that little changing table is so
tiny so if it’s a short flight and you can avoid having to change diapers or
taking toddlers to the potty just take them right before you get on the plane
because it is a pain having to change them on the plane and it just I don’t
think is that sanitary then when it comes time to board the
plane you will still have your stroller at this point they’ll check your little
ticket and you bring your stroller and your whole little family all the way
down and then right before you board the plane that is where you will take your
kids out of the stroller you fold it up and you just leave it there and someone
will take it and put it on the plane so that once you deboard the plane your
stroller will be right there for you to use again now we have finally made it to
the actual plane ride this to me was the most stressful part but no worries I got
more tips for you as I keep going through everything if you have any tips
or tricks that you know yourself that I’m not mentioning please comment it
below as I’m sure everyone else would like to read through the first thing you
want to do once you get to your seat on the airplane is wipe everything down
with some wet wipes or Purell wipes disinfect everything your seat the tray
table the window the little like air vent that shoots bacteria at you you
will be surprised what your toddler or baby puts in their mouth when you close
your eyes for a second so just get ahead of that and wipe everything down because
the last thing you need on your vacation is for anyone to get sick the most
important tips in this video I feel like are coming now and that is how to keep
your babies or toddlers happy and not screaming their heads off crying on
planes my face is getting hot just thinking about it because I had some
bangers the number one thing that is going to make your baby or toddler start
crying on the plane is ear pain so just like we talked about with the can of
formula exploding because the pressure from the airplane taking off and landing
I mean we all know as adults your ears pop on airplanes and sometimes it can
hurt it affects babies and toddlers more so the number one thing you want to do
during takeoff and landing is make sure that your kids are doing things that are
actively making their ears pop just little bits at a time so it doesn’t
build up build up build up and get painful for them some things you can
do in advance of getting on the plane don’t give them lots of milk or food in
advance because you’re going to want them to get on the plane with a healthy
amount of hunger if you were exclusively nursing bring a nice cover up for
yourself and then during takeoff and landing or really any time your baby’s
not happy just especially at takeoff and landing you want them to be nursing
because that sucking motion and swallowing motion is going to help keep
their ears from building up a lot of pressure because it’s gonna constantly
be letting air out constantly be given those little pops so that the pressure
doesn’t build up and become painful now if you’re exclusively bottle feeding
your baby’s same concept feed them at takeoff and landing however problem I
ran into once is my kids suck down their bottles before takeoff and landing we’re
complete and they wouldn’t take pacifiers they never liked pacifiers
very much so I had nothing to get them to suck and swallow and pop their ears
throughout the flight oh there were some rough times but I learned in order to
make the bottle last longer I ended up instead of giving them the size three
nipples on their dr. Brown’s bottles we downgraded back to the number one size
nipple so the slower flow nipples that way their bottles would last a lot
longer because the flow of the milk was much slower and I could actually get the
bottles to last through takeoff and landing and keep their ears happy now if
you have toddlers and they’re not doing bottles anymore and you’ve wean them off
their Pasi lots and lots of snacks get them chewing if they’re old enough to
chew gum that can help too what I do with my three-year-old is I give them
little suckers and it basically does the same thing that a pacifier does and
popping their ears lots of foods snacks suckers encouraging them to yawn will
make you have a much better flight experience to add to the point that
takeoff and landings hurt your little ones ears keep that in mind
when you are booking your flights if at all possible try to book direct flights
whenever you can even if it costs you more money
I mean weigh the pros and cons within your budget but it might be worth your
sanity to pay a little bit extra to go with the direct flight the very first
time that I traveled with my twins and a newborn baby
I left the travel plans up to my husband which turned out to be a mistake because
we got to the airport I look at my ticket and I realized that he booked a
three hour layover flight because it saved I don’t know a negligible amount
of money with lay overs it becomes much more of a production you get on the
plane you have a take off you got to keep your kids happy then you have one
landing and then in our situation we had two deboard the plane we had a
three-hour layover had to keep the kids happy during that then we had to get on
another plane deal with another takeoff this time we couldn’t keep all the kids
happy then we have to keep them happy on the actual plane ride the planes not a
shiny new toy at this point they just experienced it the first time several
hours ago so now it’s old news and then one more landing to deal with just
booked yourself a direct flight if at all possible please please I I guess it
couldn’t have been that bad cuz I’m still married but it it’s a pain I got
more tips guys I know this video is getting long but hopefully you’re
getting a lot of value out of it click that little like and subscribe if you
are but let’s keep going after you have focused on keeping your kids ears happy
you can focus on just general entertainment a lot of lists will tell
you to bring lots of nice quiet toys or coloring books for toddlers this didn’t
work for me because someone’s always dropping a toy on the dirty floor
someone’s dropping their crayons and then they’re like mommy mommy give me my
crayon and they like rolled up several aisles they’re never seeing those
crayons again and then they just felt like they lost the most important toy
ever been in their possession so I am all for screen time when it comes to
airplanes my kids don’t play with their iPads or Kindle Fires that much but when
we’re on a plane it is glued to them kindle fires are great because you can
get the free time app that is basically loaded with hundreds of kids games and
it’s just endless entertainment iPads also have a lot of great options my kids
actually like the iPad games more but going forward we’re sticking with Kindle
Fires because they’re significantly cheaper but if you have the extra money
iPads are more entertaining at least for my kids if your kids aren’t into playing
actual games on their tablets and they prefer TV shows or movies be sure to
download those in advance of leaving because as you know most planes don’t
have just unlimited Wi-Fi for you to use and so you want to have your videos
downloaded in advance onto the tablet so that your kids have things to watch then
my last entertainment tip is for anyone who has a little baby that’s maybe not
as distracted by TV shows and can’t play the more complex tablet games you need
to pay I think it’s like 99 cents or $1.99 get the game
peekaboo barn I have it on my iPhone it’s that one in the very middle
peekaboo barn it is the most simple game in existence even children under the age
of 1 can kind of understand the concept it seems really simple I’ll show it to
you I don’t know what’s so special about it
it is like crack for babies and it’s not just my kids I’ve told all my friends
about it and they also agree that their kids were addicted to it and it kept
them happy on the plane ride just this bar and all your baby has to do is just
slap somewhere on the screen and it opens up cow says Moo and some little
kid says cow and then they just slap it again and the barn closes they slap it
again and it’s a new animal with a new animal sound and another kid says what
the animal is it’s a very simple game but it’s really addicting for kids under
the age of 1 any time my baby is in a fit in a public
place or on a plane ride he will just play this till the end of
time and be totally content all those tips and tricks should help you
significantly on flights however if the plane takes off faster than normal or
lands quicker than normal there still might be some ear pain there still might
be some crying traveling is a lot of work on you and it’s also a lot of work
for your baby or toddler just know that you’re not alone I’ve been there most of
the people on the flight have been there and if they haven’t someday they will be
so this too shall pass everything will be alright and someday
it could be a great story if you have any questions leave it in the comments
below and I will try to get back to each and every one I plan on making more
traveling with tots videos for this series so if you enjoyed this be sure to
like and subscribe and check out some of my other videos that should be floating
over my face at this point and I will see you in the next video bye

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  1. Love your videos! You're such a ray of sunshine. I'd love to see any videos about siblings, as I'm expecting baby #2 in May and they'll be exactly 2 years apart. Getting them prepared for a sibling, playing together nicely, room sharing etc. Have a great Christmas! x x x

  2. How to survive traveling with 3 kids on a flight……. DON'T!!! My husband and I have a rule, if we can't drive or take Amtrak, we not going. We also have a set of twins and a 3yr old.

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