Flea Market Swap Meet Selling.. HOW MUCH CASH MONEY DID WE RACK IN?

Flea Market Swap Meet Selling.. HOW MUCH CASH MONEY DID WE RACK IN?

alright guys I'm taking this to the office but is my last update I think there's like 300 bucks here so a little bit shy of 3,000 we'll call it for the first day I'm gonna go through this course I want to keep some ones in fives for tomorrow and so but I did find something cool in here there we go all right season's greetings 2002 and it basically says 0.99 fine silver troy ounce so pretty cool guys found this in something so even I miss stuff at the storage units before I go through them all right and this is this is it this is it so we have got more tomorrow's gonna be our biggest day tomorrow's gonna be the biggest day tomorrow is gonna be the biggest day tomorrow's gonna be the biggest day hey beautiful alright guys goodnight say goodnight honey goodnight good what up guys way to blades ventures here we're doing good Massa very oh we're here guys so we're still going through stuff and my gosh this thing is great this thing is crazy we have so much over here anyway I will keep you guys updated I don't have a lot of time we have Cole helping us over here and we're taking me and Cole are gonna take this we got cashola a lot of cash in there so we're gonna take that and say yeah we'll be we'll keep you updated see ya all right this is day 2 late 7:30 this is the aftermath of the cell now may not look like we still haunts but it was 16 truckloads guys so yeah I mean it was intense this took a lot of Ashley's over there she's like super tired it's a lot of Records I mean there's still a lot left but we sold a lot of Records so kind of nice a little Sporting Goods section over there but we have the employee couch over here but yeah guys this is after two days you know 6000 dollars in profit it's probably close to five I don't know we haven't counted yet so complete speculation at this point but it was 16 truckloads so even though it shows like a lot of stuff we still sold a crap ton and up until today I was constantly constantly bringing putting more stuff out here anyways so I want to show you guys yeah but um yeah it was fun crazy but fun and how many tables we have out here we have 50 or 60 tables out here including the ones that are in there so yeah anyways guys so the next time we meet it will be in the warehouse and we'll count up day twos money and we'll go from there hopefully you guys like this video I don't know if this is in two videos yikes it's not edited but anyway it's been crazy I am super tired Wow let's took a lot out of me especially when you don't have employees I mean of course I had a lot of cool family helping but a lot of moving I feel like I'm a glorified mover some days like all I do is I move stuff from one end the other as a reseller I moved from one place to the other as a storage unit buyer it's the same thing one place to another place to another place man hey I'm gonna take a shower to like this dark mark on my arm right there do you guys see that they don't care how she says you guys don't care all right well much love I literally can take a nap and click bed right here Oh see you next time and we're in the garage guys so I'm going back spending the night there for the last night but before I do I wanted to tally up the money now guys this is all the money I'm gonna count it I got some fives here tens stacks of 20s hundreds back there fifties back there a bunch of ones here we have a couple checks that I took and then all this money here guys that will take to a coin machine anyway so I'm going to tally it up and then we'll be back I just want to show you kind of before and after now yes we accidentally mixed it with yesterday's so we've been doing the cell for two total days that's the only amount of time that we've been taking money is only two days so this is two days worth so I'm just gonna tally it up together and show you guys what two days is worth and then I'll put this in the Ziploc bags so I don't mix it up with the third day which is tomorrow and tomorrow we're gonna do a blowout sale dollar per item basically so I don't expect like a massive turnout but I wouldn't be shocked if we did like fifteen hundred tomorrow so anyways I'm gonna count this stuff right now while I'm here and then we'll go ahead and tell it up and I shall be back with you stay tuned alright guys this is it I tallied is up so basically we have five thousand eighty four dollars so we have I put them in 1,000 stacks so we've got 1,000 2,000 3,000 and 4,000 and then this is 5,000 with small bills bunch of fives tens and ones and then 84 cents here sorry 84 dollars here guys sorry so yeah we have five thousand eighty four dollars for only two days of work I'm hoping tomorrow we get another three thousand so that means we end the three-day three working days with eight thousand dollars and we are gonna cut it short we were gonna go Monday too but I think we're just going to cut it tomorrow so we'll do three working days and hopefully get eight thousand dollars and then I did not include this in my filings here because I just it's just too much right now and I'm tired but yeah we have a lot of quarters here and then we have some of this stuff too guys so really cool I'm super excited and then by the way you notice that this is the Asian unit that I got I haven't done anything with it yet guys um this is the garage so yeah but anyways I'm super excited for this guys I think it went really well and I will continue to keep you updated alright so I will see you tomorrow for the third live day of taking money hopefully you guys like this video and yeah see you soon have an amazing night bye now oh my gosh bonus footage I almost forgot guys remember that this was the Asian cabinet from that really beautiful Asian unit those that have not seen that video go check it out but yeah I found the key guys it was actually in here so he's open and it was kind of right there in the corner so it was right here and this was what it looks like inside really cool huh so yep I found the key no that's what it looks like like that pretty cool piece now well that's it it's almost a wrap guys not really still some stuff to do but today is officially Sunday and I am beat my body is super sore from like last Monday and yeah and I'm tired and I've got like a major sunburn on my neck but other than that this thing's been crazy fun I met so many cool people so many awesome people that follow me so many people that don't follow me that I met and was able to talk to so it's been crazy so it's Sunday guys this is the last day we're gonna do a dollar day I'm in my office right now and it is a mess in here guys just crazy mess I wanted to get into some of these clothes and put them out there just because I've sheer abundance right now but mmm I wasn't able to get too close because it was so crazy busy so anyway I'm going to make a quick phone call and then I'll see you guys up at the sale and we're gonna start it this is the operation center right here as you guys can see I have an ebay sure so yeah anyways it's all about that time all about that time got to work on the weekend sometimes and that's what we're doing yeah I'd love to be playing my kids but we got a dead body talk to you soon all right so this is it was loud we're gonna go up to the sign because we're selling everything for a dollar today I think of me is the dollar store today I will show you one of the signs so this is a really great spot because right upstairs in the main road suddenly two streets away basically where those cars aren't going so works great although I think somebody took one of our signs Oh legitly somebody took one of our signs oh yeah but and it probably will get busier once churches out as well I would imagine so all right this is our side right here they're really easy to make actually so huge sale huge sale he put some balloons they don't need to be helium just something that catches people's eye and then let's apply 4 foot tall you gotta brackets here you can buy and they just bracket on the back well on this side for those people you can see I attempted an arrow but the thing yeah I think was not a pink that's uh yeah let me do little I got kicked out of kindergarten because I couldn't draw between the Lions but let me see what I can do here I'll be back stay tuned what do you think about that arrow guys yeah looking good looking real good that wouldn't have gotten me kicked out of kidney garden yeah that's fantastic looking so let's go into the next and see somebody sold my other science I put one over there and one over there so I'm gonna go for a walk I'll be back you can see a lot of cars come through here and of course we have our sign huge sale I know it's hard to seeks the reflection but yeah zip it there oh they're looking beautiful nice and yellow and see this is the this will get a lot more busier too as well as the time goes by and then I'll funnel people to our sale which down there is the other sign so let's go to the next sign and see what's going on with it and we're back alright guys I'll run down where we're at you all right this is the aftermath guys this is it Sunday eight o'clock and I'm gonna show you guys the aftermath of the cell there's not much left somebody didn't want those golf clubs we got trash over there man it's been crazy hopefully you guys like these videos this series I want to show people that you know if you don't have a thrift store or excuse me a thrift store or a flea market a lot of people don't have flea markets you can make your own you just have to contact somebody that has bare land and see if they can make a deal with them you know in this case it would it was I needed to mow the lawn and that's it so but yeah this is the aftermath some of the stuff is just like a tornado came through here but turned out really good turned out really good and then shout out to my brother for all the tables it's awesome all the wood it's gonna be a lot to clean up I think we made right around 8,000 so man but this stuff flew it's a fantastic location too so you still have here after three days anyway a lot of books closed I mean just everything everywhere but uh alright well that's it that's a wrap that's done Benito it's getting late we're gonna do the final count up and find out exactly how much we made we already know we made five thousand eighty four dollars so I'll let you guys know I keep you updated we'll go back to the house we'll count out tonight's and hopefully this inspires you guys or hopefully you enjoyed it yeah have an amazing day wayde's ventures out and we're back of course with the cashola we got a lot of cash here guys even some gold coins here you know the one dollar basically so alright so in the comments guys let me know how much cash you think this is this is day three so this we started Friday Saturday and this is Sunday so this is Sundays money right here so we're already at five thousand eighty four dollars I think I could be wrong it's right around there so I'm gonna count this money in my amazing Asian unit furniture over here and we'll see how much is exactly here and then we'll just kind of do a follow-up but man it's crazy I'm gonna take a couple day break after this was it was so much fun met so many cool people biggest thing is I met a lot of contacts people are like hey I buy this me a call when you get this and I buy books give me so that's the beautiful thing is when I get storage units I can call these guys off load this stuff quick and get my cash back you know so really cool to meet so many awesome people and I had a lot of fun it was a lot of work but a lot of fun so alright let me tell you this up and I just want really want to show people that you can do anything if you don't have a flea market don't use that as an excuse create your own or garage or whatever the case may be tag sale tag sell for you East Coasters mirror maybe Midwest I don't know but anyways let me count this and I'll be right back with you alright all counted I completely forgot to actually show you when it was in piles we have one thousand one hundred and twenty four dollars right here guys so now that doesn't include the coins I'm actually gonna take the coins in tomorrow it's a coin star and we're gonna see how much money we made in the coin so we can add it to our toilet total but not bad pretty successful I would percent I would say not my 15,000 but a good amount of money guys so I'm going remember this is stuff that I sold at the garage sale I already cherry picked a lot of eBay stuff so this is just kind of the limbo it's not too expensive to put on eBay but it's not too cheap to donate so this is a successful three days I'll see you tomorrow at the coins star we'll find out how much money are in these points I'm gonna go cash these coins in see exactly how much we got from the garage sale I want to sit the flea markets alex is way crazier than the garage sell so in the comments guess how much we have and I'll show you I'll show you food star it's right there Oh let's get cash and accept I guess how much guys I'm guessing 50 bucks [Applause] not bad and we will here we are done way more than I thought please wait for printing to finish there we go that's how much this guy's 75-71 alright guys so the deconstructive phases underway getting all the tables man these the people on these tables are amazing guys seriously really cool they delivered them help me set up this tent you know you are Jeff and Sun really cool but yeah so we're starting to deconstruct here got grandma ventures over there working hard trying to work hard yes oh we have some bar glasses over here we might have to keep those group no those weren't the ones I wanted you to keep these are their Crown Royal I think they're vintage okay yeah let's keep those will keep the Jim Beam to down there and nobody bought our snake thing or they're a little snake pit basket thing but that is the idea well not a lot left sold a lot couldn't get rid of him though he needs a good home guys anyway all right well it is time to clean up I'll show you before and after well guys it's continues it's continues this adventure continues I'm in the Box truck right now and it's 1 p.m. so let me show you guys what's going on I know there's a lot of small clips with this trying to give you guys that before and after and all the process it's a lot of work but it was fun so let me show you so remember that big massive tents gone which is cool I got the box truck pretty much empty so that's good this is what's left it's a wasteland out here it is a garage sell wasteland so we still have a lot of stuff that we're gonna have to deal with but nah I mean there's a lot that's gone – so grandma ventures over there you wanna wave really ventures and yeah so this is it a lot of work still ahead but we're gonna get there this is all repurposed read donating it's a Salvation Army because I'd like them over goodwill yes I thought you would have this done already [Laughter] it's like is it a wasteland out here or what that was a joke so yeah I'm so tired of this stuff but I keep finding things I didn't know we had yeah that's true that's true all right well just wanted to give you guys an update and we got this bad boy out of the way we'll get the garbage out of the way and we'll tackle it a little time with this thing all right guys all right guys this is it this is the last part got some miscellaneous stuff in here but it is clean look at this holy moly you guys remember this it was the it was the crazy Mouse stuff those on the ground you got Ashley over here helping out Ashley there's the Jeep over there and just look at this it's crazy crazy cool so we are done officially done and yes oh we can push that down too if we can there you go oh my gosh that's amazing you know I'll give you a shout-out my man over here couldn't have done without you thank you so much and yeah that's crazy it is awesome so work we're getting this we're gonna take this truck and get cleared out but this is it it's beautiful out here so hopefully you guys like this series just just to show you what it's like not only to have your own garage stop ice consider this like a flea market size a lot of work met some cool people def might do it again and yeah this is weights Metris make sure you love love yourself love somebody and have fun make your own flea market seriously if you don't have one make your own they're a lot of fun alright guys see ya alright guys we're gonna drive but that guy was way cool I didn't want to say much on camera because you know he's restarting this life I'm he's actually homeless and so I was funny so he was out here because there's spent what two or three homeless people that I've gave free clothes to last three days and he was he was the third one that came up and the yesterday everything was free I was going to bunch away stuff free there was a ton of people grabbing it I figured it'd be better to give it to the public than sit there and like give it to Goodwill salvos so I put a cap and I also put a massive science at free and man people came all over and anyway so this guy was here today he was grabbing stuff I noticed when we pulled up and so we got to talking with them and I was like look I got to go to the dump and also do a few more things but if you pick up this little area I'll give you 30 bucks and I thought he would just pick up like a small little area and then and then wait for us and that was it we got back in here like half this thing done yeah half this thing done and you guys saw earlier on the later footage that that was today when it was all over the ground looked like a windstorm and so anyway so I told him look I'm gonna give you 80 to 100 dollars and that way like he did so much work and it's like 85 degrees out here and so anyways I thought it was super cool that he like did way more work than he proposed to go to and so I love helping people that are trying to restart their life there's a lot of smart people out there you know there's there's been there's even some millionaires you know that have been homeless before and have restarted their life so I never wanted I never want to like look down on homeless people because they could be waste week it's smart and they just need like a little booster to get their life started back again so anyway it's really really cool guy we're gonna get out of here though there was a lot of fun and so I just thought I would share that because if it was awesome the amount of like three homeless people came and they all kind of helped out and I gave him some food clothes and so hopefully hopefully that helps a little bit but because anybody could be homeless only takes a few small issues that you can be homeless so alright guys have an amazing day and we'll get back to scorching the videos soon all right

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  1. Whats the prices on stuff ? I wonder how cheap the stuff was if it was really cheap everything would have been gone?

  2. If I were there I would be in my chair too Grandma Ventures. Lol 😂Congratulations 🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉 on a successful event.!

  3. Next time you need to advertise better. Your sign should have said Huge Yard Sale. The last day you should have plastered a big $1.00 sign slapped over the other sign.

  4. If you plan on doing this again you might think about paying some college or high school kids to help out.

  5. Congrats on doing your first successful flea market and making loads of money !! Well done for giving the homeless guy a job and pay that was a nice thing to do it would have made him feel self worth and that is a good thing.I wish i could go back and count the amount of times you said "it was so much fun " lol

  6. Again it only takes one video to create momentum on a channel you just got one more subscriber. Plus everyone i know. Keep it interesting.

  7. Great show! Come to massachusetts and we will show you some good areas to pick! Thanks for caring for the homeless and for donating to the Salvation Army!

  8. The Silver coin as right know is worth around $15 to $17 so good find. Huge Sale> Where, When, Hours? That was great you helped that guy out, that might be enough for a motel for a few days.

  9. Hi Wade ! the videos are good ! I've been following you for a while now and I didn't htink you had that much inventory ! Wow you have a lot !

    Touching story about the homeless.
    Maybe all the clothing you didn't sell donate them to a homeless shelter or women in need shelter. or a couple of them and they would be grateful i'm sure.

    Also why would you use Coinstar. Just take it to your bank and there isn't a processing fee. According to the ticket you actually had $85.94.. those coin star places take a fee.

  10. That was amazing thanks so much for sharing and I said man you would make over that 3000 mark…..You should do that again had lots of fun watching…

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  12. That's a great story about the homeless man! Loved to see all your hard work pay off. 16 truckloads is a lot of stuff! 5-6 thousand is really great. B.T.W. a few months ago you posted a video about a vintage stamp collection from the 1930's. Did you ever get it valued? I'm just curious because I bought a small stamp album with stamps from the 30's through the 60's at a flea market. It got me interested in looking for stamps. That's really cool that you found the key to the Asian cabinet. Take care!

  13. This was a GREAT way to clear out the stuff that wasnt selling, or thats not worth the trouble to put online.

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