Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat - 34' Venture Customization, Classic Hewes Resto

Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat – 34' Venture Customization, Classic Hewes Resto

today on Florida sportsman project dream boat to Rivers Boat Works takes on giving a 34-foot venture a full cosmetic overhaul the guys hold brief they know exactly what they need to do and we're gonna get cracking get this job out as quickly as we can L&H boats makes headway on restoring a very classic 36 foot Billy Knowles the boat is older and got some age on it with the new technology and the new engines and everything in there coming out now he's decided he wanted to repower the boat and we got on board with it George Labonte joins Chris Cogswell aboard his beautifully restored 1998 Hughes bay Fisher for a day of cruising in the Florida Keys now the huge line of boats is really a boat that's known for its ability to fish in shallow water but when Chris took on this project he had something entirely different in mind also wildfire marine takes delivery of a derelict 23-foot sea craft for an all-out restoration basically we're going back with everything in the boat will be a 100% new except for the hull itself all coming up on Florida sportsman project dream boat join us as we follow one-off builds to all out restorations in Stuart Florida's three boat district home to some of the best custom boat builders in the world so modest to over-the-top industry experts from the district's premier facilities show how it's done fiberglass repair custom paintwork engine rigging electronics installations and more and boating editor George Labonte shears the stories of voters who have already turned their dreams into reality this is Florida sportsman project dreamboat so basically our workload is pretty hectic at the moment we've taken on a couple of big projects we've just got a venture 34 in that means hull side respray the owner barbash Malinga has chosen really beautiful color it's called speed blue it's quite challenging color to paint because it's a metallic basically at two rivers we really wanting to do a lot of customizing and face it everybody wants to customize with its their boat their car or whatever so we're gonna get the boat in the shop the guys are all briefed they know exactly what they need to do and we can get cracking and get this job out as quickly as we can my name is Bob Mellinger I'm the owner of a 34-foot venture centre console and I keep the boat in New Jersey eight months of the year and four months here in Stuart and Palm Beach up north we go to the canyons which is approximately 60 70 mile trip and we've done well we've caught a big eye tuna 175 pounds weight Marlin even the blue marlin on that boat I'm retired so I have 12 months a year to fish and so in 2017 I repowered it but after 13 years of wearing hair the boat couldn't be touched up so I figured this was a good time to repaint the boat as well when we when we got the venture that he fought in it's actually in great condition Bob does a fantastic job looking off but bubs going to keep us on our toes to make sure that that boat comes out 110% so what we're going to do is going to get everybody together get them to bag the boat make sure that we're not going to get anything dirty we shouldn't get dirty get everybody on it get it standards get it fed and get it painted well today I'm working on the 34 adventure project as far as I know we're gonna be painting the boat so first off we got to sand it and then get it into Brian and after that's probably saying it again what you want to do is good to get the clear off the boat get it down to where it's flat you got eye the eye and you feeling don't trust your eyes all the time run your hands over you can feel it you can you can tell when the sandpaper starts to slide across properly the sand will catch wherever there's a rough spot a lot of it's by feel I had end and pretty much everything just tape it off bagging you know wiping it down you know let the painters do their thing they're professionals they do the painting you know we just get it ready we get it ready for them hopefully that satisfied I'm working on the venture 34 Dale has me sand and engine cowlings and prepping them for paint so while sanding the cowlings I use a 120 grit sandpaper which leaves a good flat finish for the painters to either spray primer or spray their paint onto the file the main important thing is that you pay attention to the detail because spend the most time with the parts sanding it and prepping it for paint and making sure it's clean make sure there's no contaminant on the part and that everything is really sanded to the point where it's ready to get coated with whatever it is they're gonna be spraying on it and these are all ready to go and now I'm just gonna pass them off to Mike and made for spray so the guys have done a great job getting the boat sanded and prepped I've done a good inspection of the boat everything is looking great the guys have found all the pinholes we're gonna get it into primer the engine cowlings have been sanded and stripped down we have a few tricks up our sleeve on how those motors we gonna do some custom paint and I think bubs gonna be super pleased with that the optimum load on the motor Collinson sides when we come back the team at L&H boats as a custom touch to a classic 36 foot Billy Knowles this segment brought to you by Bennett superior by design 50 years ago then a marine changed boating forever inventing the trim tab healthy boaters get on playing faster reduced bowel rised correct listing improve efficiency and increase performance over 1 million systems live worldwide we offer durable and dependable trim tabs and hatch lifters for all both sizes your only source for both hydraulic and electric systems industry-leading innovation plus the best warranty and service available give Bennett on board and enjoy the ride welcome back to Florida sportsman project dream boat join the team at L&H boats as they restore and modernize the classic 36 foot Billy Knowles all right good morning wrap the born you know we got to do some modifications on the console the original console here on the Billy Knowles project part of the problem is and I think you got the template there you're gonna put larger electronics displays up and what we were what we had here in the past was stuff like that exactly and that's not big enough to support the screen give us a full view of it so it's just not going to work so we're gonna have to go with something more modern which would be something raised up and give them a bigger display area so we can put put a bunch of that good stuff on there the Billy Knowles 36 the boat is older we've got some age on it and it had a set of old caterpillar engines in it that were probably what dated the boat the most on it and he contacted us last year about doing that project with him and name is Jeff Brown he lives in the Bahamas and Nassau one of the things Jeff was very concerned about was the angle of display on the bare electronics so we offered a couple different just simple templates you left out a piece of cardboard or a piece of door skin keep the project moving forward that way so this fits on there that's gonna give us enough room yeah that's plenty of room and we actually got some extra room there too so if we want to go ahead and take a picture yeah let's take a picture and send it to the owner and see what his what he has to say about it we basically gave Jeff that is the first option trying to modernize the boat the way we see things moving forward and get and changing he didn't like that he wanted something a little more traditional he wanted something that he's seen and basically on our boats and the but not his mold of display is in-your-face type thing is you see on a lot of the newer boats now so it's a little compromise but it's exactly what Jeff wanted all right Glenn well Jeff just got back to us and they've made a modification to the angle so we're gonna try this and shoot another photo out there see how he likes this angle he didn't want so that zigzag yeah we've got less of an angle so it's be a little lower look profile wise from the side I guess it's it's still relatively easy to get to in touch and he could still fit the large screen still gives us enough room to fit the large screen 17-inch unit on there get this room for additional switching so let me go ahead and so have to fit a couple pictures and send them out so well when we finally get the approval from Geoff the next step in our procedure is to produce a temporary mold which then we send that back to the lamination shop and once the the glass shop is done making it then we bring it back up and start putting it together to begin the process of creating a new fiberglass addition to the Billy Knowles console gelcoat is sprayed onto a custom-made box that shapes to the desired product specifications once dry fiberglass is laid down and soaked in resin spread using a standard paint roll and freed of all air bubbles with a laminating roller after harden a two-part core bonding material is mixed thoroughly and spread evenly across the party once applied a piece of coring material is pressed into place providing strength and backing where the electronics will be mounted the coring is locked in with multiple laminations of fiberglass for added durability and rigidity after drying the part is trimmed clean and broke free from the mold using a wedge and hammer the custom helm display is now ready to be mounted to the console alright Ralph we got the piece back from the glass shop now I've done a little bit of work and remove some of the old carpentry that was install for the old electronics well everything looks good the piece came out great again very simple nothing really complicated about something like this there's a little little finished pieces and little finish things that need to be done but generally the piece came out when we return FS boating editor George Labonte joins dream boat owner Chris Cogswell aboard his 1998 cused Bay Fisher in this week's one man's dream boat segment this segment brought to you by Taco marine innovative quality products with extraordinary service safety is paramount when boating that's why tako developed the grand-slam 800 VHF antenna mount easily raise and lower your boat's antenna by simply unlocking the crank handle from the base and turning it's quick easy and best of all safe no more climbing on gunnels seats or tops just to adjust your antenna find out more about the grand slam 800 VHF and 10 amount at tako marine comm welcome back to Florida sportsman project dream boat join us for this week's one man's dream boat segment with Florida sportsman boating editor George Labonte as we feature anglers who have already launched their dream Florida sportsmen began these features thirty years ago and the dream is just keep getting better today we're off to Key Largo Florida to meet up with Chris Cogswell and have a look at his repurposed Hughes bay Fisher now the huge line of boats is really a boat that's known for its ability to fish in shallow water but when Chris took on this project he had something entirely different in mind so my boat is in 1998 Hughes Bay Fisher I picked it up because I wanted a flat's boat that I could run around in the keys in shallow water go to the sandbars carry four or five people on it and comfortably and was still a good enough boat that I could take it through a chop I started out with something that needed a lot of work hoping to make it just the way I wanted it and I think I've done a pretty good job it's the way I like it I was lucky enough to get this boat in a configuration that I liked when I went and found this boat it was bold it had been fished enormous ly in tournaments and it had had a lot of repairs done that weren't working out now Chris's occupation as a general contractor keeps him really busy and this isn't his first project one of the things that he quickly came to realize is he does not have the time to tackle a lot of these projects on his own but he is good at delegating Authority and assigning tasks to the various professionals that he need and that's exactly what he decided to do when he went to take on this project I was able to take it get involved with a couple of people who are boat builders and many different businesses and each one specialized in something that they could do for me by the time I was finished I had a boat with a solid teak deck which is unheard of on a flats boat I had a beautiful green paint job which now as we see boats that's the color everybody's buying them in and I had a great power situation where I was still a two-stroke but it was plenty of power for the boat gets good fuel economy and runs great we concentrated on things that made it comfortable for the way that I like to run you'd laugh but my live well usually either has a cooler in it or lobsters if we're out bully netting it rarely has anything live that you could fish with but the stereo is plentiful and you know those are the things that were important to me when we get there I got everything that I wanted out of something that I started with and saw where it could end up I created what I liked and now I'm happy with it gets a lot of attention and more than that it's a lot of fun and it's been on the water for two years it took me over two years to build it maybe some of that was due to delays caused by some of the people that I chose to use but primarily it was because as you plan things out it takes time to produce them so it took a long time to get the teak deck to look that way and then to get the motor done and rewire everything so one of the things that we find important about living in the Miami are the keys area is we've got all this water in this beautiful land that we can take advantage of we need to get out there and enjoy it any way we can sometimes you fish sometimes you're just out there pleasure boating in Chris's previous boating experience he's collected a group of friends here that really enjoy traveling from place to place in the water whether it's sand bar hopping going to a lunch spot or a watering hole just various root to root spots all over South Florida and the keys now what started out is one guy taking a bunch of people out on a poker run type of cruise has turned into a group of people and actually a collection of people that actually meet regularly on the weekends to do these trips all over South Florida and the keys so we started all this stuff because of a friend of mine whose name is shorty has a flats boat he gets off work early every afternoon and what he likes to do is get on the boat go down and have some dinner in the keys it's about a 30-minute run he's willing to take anybody who wants to go with him if you got off work and you've got the day to yourself come on down have some food maybe a cocktail enjoy the music and we'll go back later usually catching a spectacular sunset on the way home we call it the shorty run it's evolved into something where instead of just one boat we've had as many as 15 flats boats running back and forth doing this in an afternoon well today was a pretty typical day we took about an hour run into the keys had lunch with some great people we actually got some fresh fish it was delicious we hit three restaurants we heard a little bit of music in one of them we're back at the Caribbean club now finishing things up and I've got one more stop to make on the way home I'll be in just before sunset sitting out there outside the channel watching the Sun go down now for me a person who's used to fishing on a boat all the time I kind of approach this day with a little bit of trepidation without having a rod in my hand but at the end of the day I'd spent an enjoyable day on the boat actually something I never imagined having so much fun doing and it turns out that Chris got exactly the boat he wanted and I totally understand why he built this boat it came out great after an initial investment of three thousand dollars spending seventeen thousand dollars on repairs and custom modifications the cost of Chris's dream boat comes to a total of twenty thousand dollars when we return wildfire marine begins restoration and customization work on a worn down 23 foot seat craft this segment brought to you by suzuki marine the ultimate outboard motor welcome back to Florida sportsman project dreamboat John the owner of wildfire marine she embarks on the ground-up restoration of a vintage 23 foot sea craft here at wildfire marine we're working on this 23 foot sea craft that came down from Savannah the 23 center consoles because they were so well built they're so desirable they're hard to find I've turned them on to find acceptors which are a lot more accessible and a lot cheaper so what we do is we take the cap off the originals acceptor and discard all that and go ahead and turn it into a center console it was a cuddy cabin when I talked with Mike two years ago about the project he told me find the hole and he could work with it so basically that's what I did the hall was designed by Carl Mosley and it like I said the hole was ahead of its time because of the design that Moseley came up with which is a variable degree dead rise they actually used to race this hole when he first built him and it did well for years there was a guy named Bill Potter that did filthy sea crafts he put a lot of glass and people know what they have when they have a pot or center console fact that's the first thing they always put in the ad you know it's just I have a seat craft Potter home right off the bat that's that's a money home it was hard to find any you know 1972 to 1977 sea craft and that's really what I was looking for ended up with a 73 but it really was hard to find a good home the transform itself was it was partially rotted around the out drive and since we're putting a bracket on it and he's put 300 horsepower on it and we have the cap off this is the time to change it you don't want to go through all that project and then turn on what at this time is a $1,500 job into a 45 or $5,000 job it's three years from now basically on all the sea crafts 23 Zanda tony's are all pretty much the same they have a problem transfers in all the wood it's what we do to make sure you don't have a problem the next time everything gets filled ground out into the glass so we can put new glass on everything it's a 1973 vote right and this transom even though it was compromised to the point where you couldn't hang a bracket on it it was still a lot of good wooden and it was fair to get out it's 46 years old right we put a who would transom in there and seal it properly and this transom a lot left live both of us yeah it's great you'll be able to give it to your kids and they want don't ever have a problem I bought the boat because I thought it would be unique and not something that you see every day in Savannah so it's been a long process but Mike does it sure be that within 90 days that we're going to get this project complete so Mike tell me about the floor the new floor is gonna be raised about an inch higher than what it was before one problem with see crafts is did floors were built really close to the water level right and all of these boats were designed back in the 1968 the biggest motors you could buy back then were 150 Merck black maxes that weighed 350 pounds now everybody's hanging including you or hanging a four-stroke on it that way it's close to 600 pounds right so we need to raise the floors just a little bit so that they sell fail right and then you at one point that said that you wanted to walk all the way through we're gonna basically do a walk through on this one it's the first time we've ever attempted that instead of having the casting platform we're gonna be able to walk all the way through up to the anchor Locker be two side seats on either side of the bow a new fuel tank and then as I said a new console is a custom t-top we're going to be putting an Armstrong bracket on he's going to put a 300 outboard on the back basically we're going back with everything in the vote will be a 100% new except for the hall itself yeah we're a family oriented group we have a fourteen-year-old daughter Molly and eleven-year-old son Luke and my wife and I have been married for 20 years and we like to spend a lot of time on the water but it's mostly about being with the family skiing you know just pleasure riding I do a little bit of inshore fishing so I want to have a little bit of that aspect of the boat but it's not going to be a straight-up fishing boat it's it's definitely gonna be centered around our family so we're excited about getting the process started next week on Florida sportsman project dream boat fresh paint and power in their sights lnh boats puts in overtime on the Billy Knowles restoration George Labonte joins brian and cheryl baddest before they're fully restored 25-foot dusty and two rivers boat works add a splash of color to the 34 foot venture project you you

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  1. Please tell me you're going to include Brian and the Boyz over at MCU in the new series ?? These guys made the show and I feel the new format has lost most of the intimacy and warmth I got from the previous shows . It is good to spread the luv around though , I know that the Stuart area has a lot to offer in the way of boat builders but geez those guys over at MCU have got some serious screen cred ! I always felt like I was there with them during the builds and feel like I know them personally ! I am glad to see the show make a return though !!

  2. Love the show, especially since I work in the industry, but where is MCU?? They do really nice work and are great at keeping you watching. Would enjoy seeing more of them!

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