FLORIDA TRAVEL VLOG! Couples Vacation (Summer, 2019)

FLORIDA TRAVEL VLOG! Couples Vacation (Summer, 2019)

I leave for vacation in two days and I am so excited this Will also be the first time in a little over two months that me and Eric have seen each other So I am just like so so so excited to not only see him again but to also go on a trip together tonight I am working what’s called an all-nighter turn. So I am flying from Dallas to Fresno, California tonight at 10:20 p.m. And then we turn right around and fly back from Fresno to Dallas and I’ll be home by I think 6:00 a.m Back to DFW its 6:50 a.m man, those overnight flights will get you I am super tired, and I also have not packed a single thing and I’m gonna be gone for 10 days. Just some advice if you’re going on in ten-day vacation Maybe don’t wait until the day before you’re leaving to start packing. Good morning everyone. It’s 5:00 a.m I am just about ready to head out the door If you have been following along on my channel then you know that my boyfriend Eric has been working in Brazil for the past two months and we Are finally gonna be reunited today he flew from Brazil to Houston He just texted me that he landed and then he’s flying from Houston to Fort Lauderdale, and I am meeting up with him there Eric just landed – he just texted me We are bragging into different tools though. So we’re just going to go try and find each other. I’m so excited I’m like getting like it’s Christmas morning Look who’s here? We just got interconvert heading towards super excited and went out 20 minute drive, so hopefully it doesn’t rain too much today it looks like it’s cloudy but We just got to our hotel in Florida, it’s really cute we have like a closet over here that has some big mirrors This is the bathroom and that is how tall the showerhead is in comparison to Eric We just have all our stuff right here so it’s a pretty decently sized room There’s a chair right here. And then I love this view it is so pretty You can see the ocean right across the street from us. So I’m super excited to go to the beach later We checked into the room Everything looks great, but we’re both starving and he hasn’t eaten in like 24 hours or slept So we’re gonna go grab something to eat and then maybe head to the pool, or maybe just nap. We’ll see We locked how many miles Greenhouse three and a half miles not realized in the restaurant we were going to was this far Eric’s already a little burnt on his shoulders, but it’s okay. We’re making memories we’re gonna get to the restaurant It’s gonna be all good Are here Thank you We just got back to the hotel room we’re both exhausted So I don’t think we’re gonna do anything else today, but just relax and probably go to bed early but we do want to wake up early tomorrow and go to the beach before it starts raining and As you can see on the drive over here. It looks like it’s gonna storm. It was already raining Close to where we were at, but those clouds were really dark Good morning everyone. It’s about 10:30 a.m I originally wanted to get to the beach a little bit earlier But me and Eric slept in which is perfectly fine because we both really really needed to catch up on our sleep but we are going to head to the beach now and Luckily the weather looks like it’s holding up Beach doesn’t look too crowded, which I’m super happy about We gotta go back up to the room to get Eric sunglasses and a water bottle and now we’re finally heading with the beach We’re such athletes filling up our Gatorade water bottles from college Yes No doesn’t have your name on it. No, I used to have eleven on the cab for those of you who did not know I was a gymnast in college and Eric was a soccer player and that’s kind of how We met was through the athletic community Go get in the water I love swimming any ocean. It’s one of my favorite things in the world to do We just got out of the water swimming felt really good it was so cool When we were out there, there were these little fish that kept coming up to our feet. Mostly Eric’s feet and biting at them I think I’m coming up and biting his feet Water felt really good it was Cool, but not cold and it felt really good because the Sun is out now We’re just gonna lay out in the Sun for a bit Later It’s getting hot and neither of us have really eaten yet, so we’re leaving the beach and We’re gonna go eat at this Mexican restaurant. That’s like right across the street from our hotel Lunch was very good. Now we’re heading to a little gift store That’s right next to the restaurant so I can try and find a magnet So far I’ve gotten three new magnets this trip I got this one today that says Fort Lauderdale, Florida on it It also has a bottle opener on the side and then Eric got me these two magnets from Brazil This is the flag of Brazil and then he got me this one from Rio de Janeiro. I got the magnet I’m just underneath the christ redeemer. And then the next day I saw the Copa America final in the American on Stadium So after lunch me and Eric just came back to the hotel and hung out for a while and we are gonna go Downstairs to the hotel pool and we have a drink voucher for two free drinks So we’re gonna go do that and then come back and get ready for dinner. He’s taking me to a very nice dinner tonight I’m super excited If the workers suggested that I get a drink called tropical splash it has Bacardi silver rum coconut rum passion fruit pineapple and cranberry juices hopefully I’ll like it had Eric on a Moscow Mule What’s in that But this is mine, it’s good ginger beer it’s pretty my tropical splash And this is Eric’s Good but not as good as mine This is my outfit for dinner tonight I have a brown pencil skirt with a White crop top and I have some gold hoop earrings that I haven’t worn in a while Look at my man. He’s looking so good Let’s go Stare at this table. Love it better, huh, I guess so This is funny I don’t think we’ve ever eaten better sitting next to each other Dinner was amazing. That was one of the best dinners. I have ever had. Thank you, Eric And now we are gonna go see some fish on the dock Look at that fish. He’s massive Me and Eric are now finishing packing up our room We had a wonderful and just a really great time here in Fort Lauderdale, but we are about to head to Miami for part two of our vacation. We’re going on a cruise. I am super excited I’ve never been on a cruise. So I think this is going to be a really fun experience for us to have together So make sure that you guys stay tuned because I have a few different cruise vlogs that I’m planning on making and that will come Out within a week or so of this vlogs Just wanted to say like thank you everyone so much for watching this video It really means a lot to me If you like this video go ahead and give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so that you never miss any of my Travel tips and adventures. I will see you guys next time Bye

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  1. My vacation is finally here! Have any of you vacationed in Florida? We had a BLAST! Thank you everyone so much for watching! 🌸🌞🌊🏖✈️👫

  2. Looking forward to the cruise vlogs I love cruises. I have visited Florida In 1999 I flew into MCO to go to Disney and Universal Studios . I visited just before Catrina hit north Carolina.

  3. Great vlog, looked like so much fun. I'll be doing a cruise to Bermuda on September 7. I'm so excited and already packed 😉

  4. You make a lovely couple! A long time ago I was in Miami, It's a nice city but I was in a business trip and unfortunately I didn't nave much time to relax. Love your vlogs! Greetings from São Paulo (CGH), Brasil!

  5. Isn't it true that absence make the heart grow fonder? So glad to see your happy reunion in Fort Lauderdale! You are such a cute couple and it's nice to see Eric acting like such a gentleman to you! I am sure that you had a fun cruise! As always, take care and Happy Travels! ♥️🛫🇨🇭

  6. I wanted to see two things. First you two look amazing together and second I love the Atlantic Ocean over the Pacific Ocean.

  7. Omgggg your vlogs are sooo unique! 🙏🏼😍 wtf! KEEP CREATING! Your going places I can tell, haha no pun intended 😂😂😂 ✈️

  8. What a fun vlog! Thanks for sharing your vacation. Florida looks beautiful. I collect magnets from when I travel too. It's a fun way to remember the trip! Enjoy your time on the cruise. 🙂

  9. Please keep posting videos like this. This one came out incredibly well Julia! Great choice of music too! I would absolutely love it if you used some of the music from our channel on your future videos! 🙂

  10. This vlog makes me want to go on vacation! Lol! I’ve been to Aruba’s before! & that desert at your nice dinner looked amazing! I’m looking forward to your cruise vlogs ❤️

  11. I enjoyed all your videos!!! I am flying in next Sunday to FLL and we are going in Navigator that week!! Such a cute couple ❤️❤️🖤

  12. You two make a super cute couple and I love your lashes. Beautiful!!! Will be in FLL in December. Where did you go to see the fish???

    Initially, I started watching your first cruise video but stopped when you mentioned this one. So glad I did. This was a great video. 😁

  13. I was looking for a vlog about a cruise. We are planning to go on our first cruise next year and came across your channel. Great job and very surprise you flew to Fresno. Next time if you have a layover. Yosemite is a must. It’s an hour away from the airport but well worth it. Is Eric a Manchester United fan? Great job on the vlogs.

  14. Da a search for photos of Jordie Barrett. A New Zealand All Blacks rugby player. look at a few photos and let me know if he reminds you of someone. Face shape etc.

  15. Taken 20 cruises up to 4 weeks long. Love it. Helps to have had about 2.3M miles on AA to get around. Many times in the Caribbean, the Med, Balkans, and south Pacific.

  16. Wow Julia and Eric both of you are looking very nice beautiful amazing florida travel vlog well done 😊😊❤️❤️👍

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