so Nick and I are having a day to ourselves because we're going to a birthday dinner later for one of my friends but we just ate lunch and where are we going babe we are heading to some car dealerships and we're going to go look at a bigger car which is hilarious because once you go past the 8 seater like SUV that we already have you get into like they like passenger vans so they're called passenger vans which are like 12 or 15 Cedars and it's really funny because if you google like a 12 to 15 seat passenger van like it pops up like church buses or like rental like vehicles for like companies because why else would you need one but our family needs one because right now I don't know if you can tell we have two seats right here and we have one seat leg down and then the other three sit in the main back so we do have one extra seat in this car but that's it and so when we need a pickups like some friends for our older ones or travel it's just really not convenient we have really close friends that have a set of twins that are Caleb's age and they hang out with us all the time and it would just be really convenient if we could just pick both those boys up at the same times and we can't right now and then when we travel to Indianapolis a few weeks ago we put the stroller in the main back and the stroller took up the entire back cargo section of SCV so then our suitcase was like laid on this seat that's laid down and it was just super inconvenient with the kids we had to get the suitcase out to get the kids in and out and yes we could like get like a carrier on top or there's things that we could do to make this car work but we still own this vehicle and so we're kind of like in this place where we're like we would rather just find something that works for our family if we're gonna have a car payment anyways oh yeah speaking of so speaking of like a 15-passenger we pull up behind this one which this is not it's not really the look we're going for the problem is all over the 15 passenger vans if you're not careful they look like child molester cars to me we're trolleys yeah yeah like that van in front of us if that was in a different color I think would be fine but like in why I think it looks like a child molester man so I don't want that um but what we're finding is that it's really really hard to find a vehicle that's not white because apparently that's just like the goin color Nixon but we have found one that we're going to look at right now that's like a dark grey and we're gonna see if we like it really what I need to check out the space inside of it make sure we can take out the last row in a 15 seater because then that will give us a ton of cargo storage and then also I need to make sure that I can even drive this beast because I mean I'm an amazing driver one time I've never told to blog this story so it's new to you all it's not new to any wedding you know and he wants it kindly one time I was driving next truck brand new truck yeah he had had it for lunch a couple months and I went through the chick-fil-a drive-thru I mean I love me some chick-fil-a and I know that like their drive-thru process is super efficient and they get you out very quickly but it's also kind of like claustrophobic to me so like our local chick-fil-a what they do is like you pull in to the drive-through and there's like plants on one side where you can't get out and then there's like you know where you could order but they don't just let you like order through the speakers they have like people standing outside to like take your order to make it more efficient and then when you come around a curve there's like a crosswalk for people to go into the restaurant and then there's like a tent to set up so you like turn and you try not to hit the people walking in and you pay at this tent well-used turn wide enough okay well I was you know driving this truck that I didn't really know how to drive very well and I was like making that turn and when I did like my back tire went up on the curb and I was like oh no big deal I'll just like pull forward and the tire will just come down so when I pulled forward I hit the tent with my back wheel and the tech collapse down on the chick-fil-a I work and I wasn't gonna tell Nick but that was a small little ditch there was a dent in his truck so clearly I should be driving a large vehicle I mean that's what we've established here we have friends though they actually have a youtube channel the Schmoyer years from this movies they have one and we call it the bus but I was like picking her brain about it you know to make sure that I would actually be able to drive this thing and she said that it has like so many sensors and so many cameras and things like that that is actually easier to drive than what you would think and they let me sit in theirs and they told me I could test drive it but I was afraid to like wreck their personal car so I did sit in the driver's seat though and I honestly felt like I was like a three-year-old sitting and like I got came and come up with the description anyways I felt super tiny because I'm only five three big things are massive so we're just gonna take you along on this journey with us today we may end up with the bus today we may just be test driving sorry it's kind of shaky we're on the interstate and the camera shaky but we will just see how it goes so we're looking at our first one right now and I really really like the color of this one it hasn't been detailed inside yet so it's pretty dirty inside they would stop to detail it but we are going to test drive it so it's a transit made by Ford let me show you so there's a sliding door on this one which I like because if the kids opened it up they would not hit somebody else's car but basically clean it has three seats right here and then it has one seat which would probably just take this out and make like more of like a walkway and then two seats and then back here it has three seats for four seats yeah four sorry and this whole row could be taken out you could take out half of the row however you wanted to do it and then back here is the cargo space like I said it hasn't been detailed yet so it's still dirty in here but that is the cargo space with this seat still up so it's massive I could probably fit like two double strollers back there even though I don't need to do that Pyrus makes you think Nick thanks out guys this is the best part look literally I'm stairs coming into my car it's it's legit like a church bus but it's not as bad as I thought it would be I really like this color this one has a little bit more miles on it but it's also cheaper so that's something to consider we're gonna test drive it here in a second so it's not like as terrible as I thought it was gonna be like a big earlybird reach the controls go social yep yeah see me rollin somebody forgot their shirt I mean the guy says he doesn't know why I hasn't been sent to detail yet but that it hasn't so it's pretty messy but hang up Nick just rolled down the window like the windows like big enough for me to like stand in not really but I could probably sit my butt right here in my head like barely touched the job babe did you ever think that you would be buying a church oh my god it beeps when you do this maybe we have a ride here well if nothing else I don't get people warning that I'm backing this beast up Nick just said we can't turn the beeper off I'm gonna have a feel about that are they all gonna be a good chance it's a commercial vehicle oh dear I mean we've got room for like five more kids now we have room for lots of friends we can essentially take all the seats out oh shoot Knicks revenant a little purpose let's see what this thing can do I don't know what you take all the seats out and we could just like not get a hotel room ever and we could just sleep an art bus Nick says he doesn't know about me I want to reach the window controls it up driving is everything so big oh we must killed a bird he's gonna drive it to like a parking lot so I can try to drive it because I was really scared to try to pull it out of like the car lot because obviously I don't know how to drive this and I don't want to like wreck into another car so we'll see I really really really like the color on this one but we're gonna go look at another dealership as well they have one that's a little bit newer but it's white and I'm trying not to judge this one very much because it hasn't been sent to detailing yeah so it just needs cleaned up the plus side is oh gosh you're gonna break that car the plus side is there's no carpet at all so you could like literally like just spray out the floor if the kids like puked or if they like spilled something and all the seats in this one are leather which is nice I wasn't expecting that you know I thought it would be like cloth for sure so like leather seats are like super convenient and like in terms if when we're traveling and the babies are crying or something like I can legit like walk through here so that's much better than like having to like climb yeah so so we're in a parking lot and I'm gonna try to drive the Beast we discovered that what the back has the jack if you that's basic house yet it's a house jack essentially if you get a flat tire and then show what the doors can do it's a commercial vehicle so we could fit like you know a lot in here but here's the cargo space like I was saying with these chairs up so that's a lot of space and then look at this and comparison to my foot it's so big because the attempt at driving the bus how she's in kill us I can do straight oh you got that down so I'm gonna try like a a turn Park yeah yup I woulda hit a car totally hit a car and I'm crooked nearly too bad I'm pretty quick and we're beeping again so I'm gonna pull straight ahead and then I'm gonna try to back into that parking spot yeah but see how smudgy it yeah it's just dirty oh good god that's right that's right you're just so jerky with it there you go uh she's taking it on the actual road so she didn't kill us in the parking lot left no you gotta love turns I mean this thing's that face my hand can barely go all the way around the steering wheel in some parts of it like these like wide parts my aunt barely touches okay so I just test drove it and it's really not bad but it really wasn't it was easier to drive than I anticipated and it doesn't feel much different really than like the SUV like I really don't even think it felt like next truck to me in terms of turning parking was a little bit intimidating because when I pulled back into the dealership I had to park in between two cars I did it but I was really scared the whole time because I will say that like you can't really see over I can't see over the hood just see how close I am to like the car in front of me so that was a little intimidating and then Nick told me to watch my mirrors when I turn and I don't even know what that means I would probably write trying to watch one year so I don't know how to do that I just look in front of me I called my my good friend to show her what we were doing and she was like I mean how are you gonna park that like clear hopefully your parking skills are amazing as a backup camera we might look at a few more and then I really like the color on this one we have like a price in our head that we would want to see if they could give us obviously this one would have to be cleaned up and there's a few things that kind of need to be like repaired but they just got it in so I'm not like really judging them on that but so we're in a medium height one right now which we probably wouldn't purchase because it really looks like a bus but look like legit I'm 5:30 I don't touch this easily connects to hive room this one's a newer one we're thinking we don't know much about it its cloth seats though it's the same layout next time we could just go ahead and put a 32-inch TV right there with a Playstation reminds me of those vans like when we were kids that had like the curtains and the whole back like laid down and a hat like a TV built in mm-hmm I mean look at these windows how massive fail this is the medium height when like I said but look at these windows look at the backward dust I think those are as tall as me go pink do the windows just so we can see how tall so here's Nick he's like 6 foot so we're checking out another band that essentially is like the old school conversion bands but look it already has like this massive TV built it's is what we just looked at it's awesome on the inside it's hideous on the outside I mean but the inside was really awesome okay so we're test driving car number – yeah – and it's not it's not good so it's a Ford Transit but see how the seats are it's just two rows of three so that is no more seats than what we currently have and the cargo space is big like bigger obviously than the SUV but it doesn't really like suit our needs and then there's cloth seats and carpeted carpeted floor this one's like a like metallic silver but we're just going to take it back to the dealership okay so it's day two of us looking for our bus we are 99% sure that we're going to buy that first vehicle that means the Biebs yeah and that we looked at yesterday but by the time we had looked at a few more yesterday that particular dealership was already closed and they are closed today today Sunday so we're gonna go look at one more place today that has quite a few transits to look at but they're all white I'm pretty sure we're gonna go look then if we don't find anything today I think Nick is going to call the dealer the dealer sounds like good drug yeah anyways he's gonna call the dealership that we looked at first yesterday tomorrow morning and try to get the bus right the more and more like we think about it that car pretty much had everything that we were wanting like you had me leather seats it didn't have carpet sliding door had the sliding door it also had the backup camera which is a necessity with like me driving a big bus thought the car was coming over us anyway sorry okay she's a bad backseat driver oh I mean that car was like coming in our lane anyways though we're going to check out one more place before we can pick the kids up this morning fire light number I don't even know what and we are looking at they only have white and they have two of the 15 passenger bands so this one's a 2017 I think he said it had like 49,000 miles on it 422 yeah that's the sticker price so this one is a little bit different than the way we looked at yesterday this one actually has all 15 seats in it yeah okay so coins this one has carpet and it has cloth seats pros are we actually like the layout of this one really well yeah another coin is this one has the doors that open not the sliding door and these are like big doors I mean so I could just see my kids doing some serious damage with those as the three rows of seats just like the one yesterday and then it has the one seat here that we would take out and it has a row up to this one I feel like the one yesterday had an extra step right here which we can get that put on right cuz like this is a pretty big step even for me and I'm five three but um so it has the two seats right there then back here here's the difference so it has two seats here and then one seat right here and then back here is a row of four so you would take that row out to actually have cargo storage but then we also have the possibility of being able to put it back in if we needed it if we were going to have a lot of kids so I say like if we were to have a lot of kids not meaning like me personally having a lot of kids there like if we're having like a sleepover or having friends over or we all just need to pile into one car essentially but what I like about this layout is those can be gone but these like two seats over here like McKinley could have her own row of two seats Caleb who had his own row of two seats and then Paxton could sit in this one seat right here so I kind of feel like like for our long trips and stuff it gives the older ones the ability to kind of like spread out a little bit better that stream it does give us access better to the main storage area just walking through the car not having to climb over a seat so I do like this layout better I hate the fact that it's white because the white ones really do look like a bus to me and I if this one had sliding doors I think I would really like I think like if it had sliding doors I would probably be like okay like I can deal with the fact that it's white yeah but we're gonna test drive it and Nick and I are gonna like talk about it a little bit and so in here at the like media package is that medium you know that's like more updated yeah then why don't we looked at yesterday was definitely like more outdated and it doesn't beep oh it it doesn't beef when you put it in reverse but the guy the dealership did say that we could take out the beeping sound because God knows mama doesn't need a beep when I'm back up I haven't I draw enough attention to myself just having five kids with me much less if I'm beeping but we are going on a test drive right now I really really really like the layout of this one I do no it's kind of a hard decision because the problem is with transits or any large vehicle like this there's not a ton on the Lots like you really like it's kind of like you get what you get you don't throw a fit like there's not a lot to choose from like within like a hundred mile radius of our area I think it only popped up like like 15 transits and only two of them were not white so you don't really have a lot of options but I mean look at all this space look at this how big these things are rocking out in the bus let me down you know the songs basically about a month ago it's yeah she's telling her to get me a bus we wanna go up on that money right because her mom's dying they all have money for food arrest the babies get taken away and she's telling her hey fancy go pay fancy and your red dress you move yourself uptown I think the the main thing for me is the sliding door yeah I just like and this one doesn't have the runner which they said would get more at the kick board or whatever run award they said yeah runner boy don't make slouchy words up anyways I said we could like add that for like $500 but there's no way in the current state that Davis could even get in this one no like you would have to have a kick board because he's too little so it's a sliding door the other one already had tinted windows yeah which is a huge savings no I think the sliding door though is almost a must these doors are huge and it may could cause a lot of damage to a car with a like three-year-old slinging it open in practicality like it that's the only thing like I've been driving the SUV for a while and I used to have a van and that's the one thing that I've noticed is a pain already is the fact that the doors aren't sliding on the SUV so I constantly have to like stand there and hold the door to make sure the kids don't like bump it into another car which like Nick said I would probably be parking in the back of a parking lot anyways but like practically I mean like what if somebody parked beside you and they part too close like the only way to get into the back is through those doors so those doors are big wondering where the sliding door doesn't have an automatic slide on a car like this cuz there's a commercial door okay commercial vehicle people or whoever creates these vehicles even though you're never gonna watch my channel from a mom of a large family put some automatic doors on these bitches is that too much to ask where the cup holder is that seems convenient to me like there's stuff holders here and a cup holder there I don't even know what you call there but it's so deep look at the emergency brake I said I hadn't seen remembered to see Briggs like this since like my first car I don't even think I would be quick enough to like grab that an emergency like pushing my foot down it makes more sense to me I have them instincts yeah I think I have the instincts I'm just gonna go with the fact that this thing is like massive so if we get in a wreck we're probably gonna win yeah feel about my trucks so I don't know y'all should we just don't know like there's part of me that just wants to be like let's buy it cuz I'm just like what my bus I guess that in a weird way like I want it and I don't want it yeah I think this beast back into the car dealership and I don't think there's any way I could have done this ever like ever it was like at an angle like cars were like in weird angles and even though you have the backup camera I'm pretty sure I would like murder a car so there's that too

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  1. We looked into a Nissan NV because the room would be awesome and they are great for pulling things. I hope you guys find a van that you like.

  2. Hello ive come cos i saw that nerdy mom talk bout you and ofc i will support you and damn ur lucky girl lol

  3. We had to get a Transit after our triplets were born. It isn’t bad, it drives well and fits everyone plus. I just really miss my suburban 😂

  4. I never knew Ford made these buses. It looks pretty cool, I think in the long run it is about comfort and if it suits your family then it is a great investment.

  5. One of the family's in town has one of those ford's and I want one for traveling or a hippy van 🙂

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