FPV of Disney Cruise Lines AQUADUCK!

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  1. I have a fear of water slides it’s the thought of me getting stuck in them or ahhshsiwvjsb I feel scared thinking about it

  2. +jarrod Castleberry thank you for this. I got nailed with my camera. I wanted to do this for our sons Make-a-Wish cruise but they caught me. thank you for sharing this. this will help keep our memories from that trip. I hate those negative comments they obviously didn't get to enjoy the fun of the slide. thank you so much

  3. @jada broadnax Your right its not a kiddie ride, its a family ride. Plus you are scared of tunnels? Really dark is nothing, but no light. You are over reacting. It looks so fun.

  4. Why is everyone saying looks like a kiddy ride?

    I hate tunnels! Especially the walk on your knees, the water one, is so scary u never know if u will get trapped.

    Its so scary, and has anyone noticed that lasted like 1 to 2 mins.!!!!!

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