FREE LEGENDS!! WIN 1,000 GEMS!! Germa 66 Lottery!! (ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise)

FREE LEGENDS!! WIN 1,000 GEMS!! Germa 66 Lottery!! (ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise)

what is going on my birdies my name is Todd ski back again here to bring you guys get another one-piece treasure cruise video in today's video we're really talking about the branded website that actually went live for the brand-new German double six counter-attack event but before we get into that there are a couple things in game that we need to talk about as well the fact that the Sanji and judge trial quest is here after you clear it I think it's four times you get given a chance to get put into the lottery to win potentially up to a thousand gems which is really really cool and all the lottery stuff will be on the website which will go through very very soon also the training Coliseum is here make sure to clear this fire out 10 times per day get a bunch of training potions very very useful to go ahead and do and then also something else to note is that on this fortnight the mother camel fortnight when you run it on 30 stamina you have a chance to encounter the ambush big mom and I am working on a video for that for some reason I spent like a whole stamina bar she has not shown up for me yet so it's kind of annoying I don't know what the rights are gonna be like for her to be encountered but I really hope that they aren't too bad for myself personally I'm only gonna be aiming to get 9 copies so I can get one copy of the unit max limit break the unit feed eight copies into it to rainbow the unit and then I'm gonna feed personally I'm gonna feed Universal skill books or almighty manuals to the character to max a character out because the amount of time like stamina and gems you have to put in to farm that character it is just not worth putting in that much time so I'm just gonna get the eight copies and I'm done there but yeah that actually is gonna be live right now ambush big mom is live but if you go ahead and log in you actually got given two different males today one was a free rare cripple that guarantees you one of the new German units now you cannot save it after the Sugo fest and then get a character that you don't own unfortunately it's not a selection of characters that you can choose it's just randomly you're gonna get one of them as the 5 star unit and then the other male you'll be able to select one of the limit break materials I think yes Limit Breaks set so you can max limit break either one of the new German characters so typically you want to get the unit that you pull and then choose their Limit Breaks set so let's go ahead and show off my recruit now honestly I don't really care which what I'm gonna get because I'm gonna be doing pools on the suger fest anyway hopefully I can get at least all the rare recruits so here we go let's see what we get today I sort of a lot of people get each eg so let's see what we get today we actually get yawns okay I'm fine with that Yan Zhi has an amazing ability with the binder spear and attack down reduction and also has the ability to give you a color affinity boost as well absolutely phenomenal where recruit character so really happy about that and then we're going to go ahead and choose the Yan ji Limit Breaks set Yan ji yes let's go ahead and pick that one up and then I think we are given another male yes we do okay so we get given another male here which no we can't pick it up okay yeah that's right because I'm just full Adam look very materials so again it's kind of a waste the end of the day or what you could do if you really wanted to you could kind of just ditch all the German related stuff and you could just get limited materials for characters that you need to limit break like if you have a strength character that you want to limit break to pick up each of these materials for example but anyways now that we've gone through that I want to go ahead and go through the brand new website that we have here for the German double six counter-attack I love this banner artwork will so clean yo but then we could see there is a victory point score this is a community event and over the next couple of days we're gonna be get given all these islands that will have to complete I'll probably make videos on them as well and when we clear them we get added points to our community score so the struts attempt to assassinate one of the Four Emperors big mom has been foiled the fleeing crew has taken shelter within Capone badges father form a big father form while the main forces of the big man pirates encircle the fortification fear not the science military is here German double six fighting along with the force that once ruled the north blue stand steadfast against the incoming waves of big man pirates so from the 26th of July until the 4th of August is when this period is going to be going where we can farm this get a bunch of victory points and get some community rewards so we can see here at 1 million points we get given a copy of the absorb which is Sanji's mom and she is essentially just a support character for Sanji in the german unit that's pretty cool also there are different what we call chopper man missions that are available as well that also give you more copies of this character so you can max support ability of the character so it's pretty easy to do that moving on from that at 2.5 million points where you get given a set of training drinks which is always nice at 4 million points we get Sanji and judged or unit evolved asset so hopefully we get that really quickly and you know if you end up pulling sandy and judge then boom you can evolve them with the free of all the set which is nice at 5.5 million we get five three start teatime homies which is good at seven million we get five sets of three cotton-candy plus ten so again I think it's 50 of each cotton candy that's pretty nice actually at 8.5 million points we get given three Rainbow gems and at ten million points we get ten forbidden times looking pretty good so far and it gets even better guys it gets even better twelve million we get ten sets of five colored stone fragments fourteen million we get one special rabbit root for star or better now I believe from what the Post said yesterday that I've read it did say that any ticket that you get in this in this event you can potentially get characters that debuted in this pseudo fast so you could potentially get the new German characters with these rare recruit poles that's so so awesome at sixteen million we get ten sets of five crystals for Limit Break and an eighteen million we once again get another rare accrue pool at twenty million we get five four start T time homies which is really good the foster home is are phenomenal at twenty three million points we get three more Rainbow gems at 26 million points we get another rare accrue pool and at twenty nine million points we get a set of six final forbidden times which is nice nice to have and then at 32 million points we get three more Rainbow gems on top of that and then at 35 million points we get a free super fest exclusive rare recruit pool now that is awesome right and I think if it ended there would all be pretty happy with those rewards but it goes even further forty million points choose one super fast exclusive character now I know a lot of people probably have these characters and it's not really a big deal but he is a pretty interesting characters right uh-oh I don't know if I'll make another video about it it depends if I get a lot of questions about which one should I pick I might make another video on that but we have legends or who he's six plus isn't that good but he just got a support ability which is really good giving you up to two tons of 2.5 x chain lock when you support me hawk or piranha which is like really really ridiculously useful you've got an out there which NL definitely can still see play his six plus is very strong version one law really powerful character enabling characters specials to go through barriers is always going to be useful corazon I think corazon is the best choice here reason number one is the fact that he has the best super evolution out of all these characters here in my personal opinion I mean outside of NL maybe but corazon he is just a utility powerhouse with so much utility with healing as well and reason number two he just got a support ability which again is so so useful to have so even if you have dupes of all these characters I would suggest picking up corazon to max his support ability if you haven't done so already that is probably the best choice you've got Sabo there who's kind of fallen off he's still a decent free spirit attack booster but not amazing kisara is probably the worst character here and then version one main Hawk is still pretty useful it definitely works in tandem with version 1 lore on this list here as well to allow his special to go through barriers but still in my opinion I think that corazon NL or version 1 law are the three choices that you really should be coming down to and at 50 million points we get a free memorial roast turkey so you know these are great rewards and all but remember we actually have to get to know the 40 50 million points first in order to get these rewards so make sure when this event comes out you get to farming it what does the more information says clearing the extra island quest versus big mom cut at curry El Peris burro gives you victory points reward distribution the distribution of the rewards for reaching each of the victory points will be sent out through the in-game mail if the mail does not appear in the inbox please return to the title screen you can pick up all these rewards after the 30 first hour or up to the 31st so any reroll account I believe will get given all these rewards so I guess this is a pretty good time to re-roll especially towards the end of the event once we get all of the rewards gonna be pretty awesome and about victory points okay so we get given 50 points on the ultimate difficulty so if you're farming the highest difficulty you get given 50 points which is pretty worth it and then down below here it talks about the treasure cruise lottery so as I said before you have to clear the island with Sanji and judge and when you do clear it you are put into the running to win some great reward so we can click the treasure list here and go through it so here are the rewards and you can see it 10,000 winners will get ten Raber gems now if you go by the amount of people to play treasure map you have ten thousand I think in new world and thirty thousand in Grand Line something like that I don't actually remember how it works but anyways I think that a lot of people are gonna be getting ten Rainbow gems which is pretty nice you know just to get ten rainbow gems given out for free and then 100 winners will get fifty five million times which is not too bad either I still preferred that I still prefer the gems personally 100 winners get 10 million berries hundred winners get ten sets of homies 100 winners get three evolve a sets of three rainbow row sets of evolvers which is probably the worst one here honestly 20 winners will get three sets of 100 cotton candy that's not too bad either 20 winners will win ten sets of ten final forbidden times I actually love that reward that's really nice and then 20 winners will get five sets of five color crystal skulls and now that skulls are stackable I think that this reward is actually not too bad conserving those those skulls for super evolving characters in the future now moving on to the amazing rewards here ten winners will win v2 Sanji ten winners will win version two jimbe and ten winners will win legend Nami that is so high if you're able to win one of those characters especially if you don't have the character yo that's amazing and then some amazing sets here we've got the mink tribe set five people are gonna win legend current plus some mink rare occur characters and five people are gonna win legend Capone and his batch that's amazing you're especially the componentOne I think that's amazing to get him and his whole batch for free with the carrot one I mean carrots good she's really really good of course but the batter she comes with isn't it would have been nice if it was just her record batch you know it's opera Stasi galette etc it should have been that personally and then five winners will win the original German set do that is such a kick in the balls that one like five winners are potentially gonna win just the original Germans that that's I don't I don't know about that one man at 20 winners we get ten almighty manuals 20 winners will get ten – Tricia Cruz feast ten winners will get ten turkeys I'd love that reward and then five winners will get to choose from one of those Subaru fest exclusive characters you've got Brook Vito Sanji Nami give four component version one cut a curry big mum and version two djembe wow that's a great reward right there but you've got three winners that will win one set of three suger Fest exclusive characters so three people are gonna win the veto cutter curry carrot and snake man yeah that's nice that is a crazy reward especially with how I've seen the rates of carrot and kind of curry on one piece Joe Joe Cruz global that's an amazing reward and of course the one that we all would love to get 1,000 rainbow gems you already know your boys winning that one the 1000 rainbow gems let's get it but other than that I think that's about it this one just tells you you can look into the game and get the free recruit pool of course and that's about it so pretty exciting stuff coming on here I can't wait man I just can't wait to get my hands on these rewards and I cannot wait for the suger FS to go live as I said in previous videos as well I will be doing pools and I will be live streaming them as well so come over to the twitch channel when the suger FSK is live to see the pools on that but hopefully you guys enjoyed the video today and if you guys did enjoy it make sure to leave a like and if you want to say up-to-date with all the content I post including more one piece treasure cruise content make sure to hit the subscribe button down below but on that guys I'll see you guys within the next video

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  1. I can finally get Enel xD Didn't played when his Sugo was out so now I can finally get him, got all the other legends on the list. Last time there was free legend I choosed Magellan instead of Enel.

  2. so you get the new versions of germa 66 in the upcoming germa banner? would that be better to pull over the beginner sugofest of 72 hours?

  3. Is Sora's support ability even worth all the gems you'd have to spend on stamina to get her to max support level?

  4. TIP;
    this is the order of priority in which you should consider picking up your free legend.
    1) Law
    2) Corazon
    3) Enel
    4) Mihawk
    5) zoro
    6) sabo
    7) Kizaru

    feel free to debate

  5. I'm picking cora-san just because i already have The other legends (mihawk and borsalino are still at 6* because i don't use him, The other are Super evolved) and cora-san i can use it for a lot of teams, thanks for the info toad!

  6. I asked this on Reddit as well, i only have Corazon and Kizaru from those legends, and i can definitely use a decent slasher lead, who should i pick?

  7. 1. I got Niji out of pure luck.

    2. I finished the Germa Trials

    3. I'm really sick and tired of theses events only giving one user 1,000 gems. Why can't all users get 1,000, so we don't have to fight over it or spend money for more?

  8. So, plan is pulling the 3 remaining Germa with the RR tickets and Sanji/Judge with the red ticket. Sounds simple enough /s

  9. I can't complete germa 66 trial quest there is an error upon completing it. Probably something wrong with friend captain.
    Also when i played their super evolution island and clicked retry quest they gave me non-limit broken tm enel captain so i was unable to clear it.

  10. I've been a few weeks, or months, that problem that my optc apk (android) always crashes and always starts to reload. After the maintenance, I thought that the problem will be resolved, but nothing will happen. Although the maintenance took hours, I was hoping that the problem was fixed but no it is not. I hope you can help me further or somebody else, because you mentioned that in your videos. and maybe you have already solved the problem.
    Thanks for the future, for your great videos.

  11. My game closed out wen I pressed recruit and now it says I already recruited but I don’t have any of the new germa, fucken beautfil

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