Free Royal Seas Cruise- No strings attached? | EpicReviewGuys 4k CC

Free Royal Seas Cruise- No strings attached? | EpicReviewGuys 4k CC

hi I'm Paris and today I'm not here to review a product unless I actually did win a free cruise trip to the Bahamas in which case I'll be glad to review the trip and tell you all about it now today I'm talking about this sort of thing you may get in the mail the sort of thing that I've been getting phone calls about emails about you want a cruise you want a trip those sort of things does it ever really work out have you really won something well since they actually sent me something in the mail from Royal Seas Cruises out of Fort Lauderdale Florida where they do cruising from they actually spend money to send this to me I thought I'm going to go through this with you and we'll see exactly what happens when you think you've won a great prize like this first I should probably tell you that I don't believe when people call and tell me they're giving me some great prize but that's actually what's going to happen in fact I never believe that there's always something to it so this could be absolutely legitimate next month you'll see pictures of me on Instagram from the Bahamas but I don't think so let's see so I'm very excited it says free Bahamas cruise for two enclosed and no strings attached so that means there's no redemption fee no condos you have to go sit through sales pitches for nothing like that right no strings attached these must be my tickets right here so here it is an actual boarding pass except that under boarding pass it says cruise redemption voucher and you can see it's got marks on it and highlights and checkmarks and initials just like a travel agent might mark up a document like this if you're saying what's a travel agent well that means you're a younger person and I am afraid that this is actually aimed at older people who actually remember what travel agents are now it used to be the only way you could get tickets on a cruise tickets on an airline but anyway not a history lesson today it's just who I think they're targeting with this it also says from Austin Texas stopping in ports in Florida and the Bahamas now that's quite a trick since Austin is 150 miles from the Gulf chuckle I can't wait to see a cruise ship pull up downtown now the next page I will give them credit for this no too bad they couldn't have used a real one but what is this purple page again people might eat snow it's supposed to be carbon paper because here's your duplicate of your front page via this carbon paper and I thought well that's cool I've seen carbon paper a long time but I tried to scratch on it right on it nothing came through on to the next page so it's just a purple piece of paper but again targeted at people of a certain age and on the next page you learn this is good for two you get to bring someone with you could it get any better than information about the ship they have a spa they have fancy restaurants entertainment and so forth how could this get even better well the next page is thirteen hundred dollars you get to spend on the cruise however this is not a check it's a travel savings voucher what exactly is that and then here oh yes look at the wonderful things you can see there's swimming with dolphins and all of that and they're going to give you a rental car you can get additional trip so could it be any better well let's go back to the first page but you skipped here the back of it because you saw the carbon paper but over here can you read it can you read it now let me read some of this to you even though it says no-strings-attached I have a feeling that in this small print might be where the strings are located okay so we are going to get a free round trip grand celebration cruise with meals and entertainment including to inform the Bahamas with no purchase necessary okay now as for how long the cruise is we'll get to that in a bit but you will have two nights in South Florida two nights in Orlando an economy rental car for seven days buh-bah available out of tremendous savings and here we get to the crux of it Royal Seas Cruises Markinson is responsible for quality travel packages to promote specific hotels and resorts in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale and in return requires the attendance at a presentation on the sale of in the vacation ownership can you say timeshare such as vacation village at Bonaventure and vacation village at park wedding this is more than string theory these are real strings an addition here they have some of this in big print one thing Eleanor residents note or is required Wisconsin if you're in Wisconsin you should read this part you're another state you remember ITA's this advertising material is being used for the purpose of soliciting the sale of real estate or interest in real property this project is registered with the New Jersey real estate commission and here's the very bottom slightly bigger than the mice type it says this advertising material is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales so we figured out what at least some of the strings are when you call the number you may find there are a few more but here's what you get if you're thinking well that might not be too bad a deal a couple thousand dollar cruise the money they give you to spend on the cruise it could be worthwhile so what do you get what kind of cruise is this well it's a two-night Bahamas cruise with all meals live entertainment and activities included so two nights hmm so if they were to leave it's a three o'clock in the afternoon and sail to the Bahamas that would be one night and then the second night would be the next afternoon when they sailed back wouldn't it I'm thinking the next bullet point says fun day in port to enjoy the beaches or shop the duty-free marketplaces so it sounds like this cruise they take you to the Bahamas overnight you get to spend part of a day there and then they bring you back the next night at sea and then the next morning you're back in Florida now I'm thinking more than a two thousand dollar cruise that might be more like one of those two hundred and ninety nine dollar cruises also you get two nights stay in this particular luxury resort another two nights stay in a different part of Florida in their luxury resort and also a rental car so as I understand it you can drive yourself between these different places where I assume they're going to be good their presentation on buying the timeshares or vacation condos whatever it is exactly so they don't even have to fly you between places or you can put you on a bus they give you a rental car and tell you to drive yourself between them but wait there's more the first 50 participants also get these giveaways three days and two nights and exciting Las Vegas Nevada four days and three nights in romantic porta viar-toe Mexico and what's the chance that they probably have some real estate property there too so that's the story on the Royal Seas Cruises that you may have already won you might have one of these waiting in your mailbox today so if you decide to take them up on their offer of the two nights one-day import cruise that's the other side of it you will have to go to those presentations where they will encourage you to buy some vacation property now I don't know if you know Clark Howard again maybe it's just older folks who listen to him but he for a long time had a radio program I think he does a short segment on headline news or CNN where he talks about ways to not get ripped off best ways to make your money stretch and last longer good value and things and so forth and I remember listening to one of his radio programs where he talked about going to these sessions where they tell you all about the great deal of getting a timeshare or something like that and he said the only time you should ever consider going to one of those sales pitch presentations is if you've been skiing and you happen to have two broken arms both arms are in a cast and there is no way you can sign any documents I expect Clark Howard would say if you want to go on a $299 cruise we'll go book yourself a $299 cruise pay for it and enjoy yourself on it and not have to worry about all the high-pressure tactics and all the other things that you might not be clear on with this kind of a presentation but if you're interested in if you receive in the mail at least now you know what story is I'll be back soon with more videos you can keep checking back for those or you can click that subscribe button down below it will not offer you a cruise instead you'll get notified when our videos go up see you on the next what does the Fox buy nobody knows 34 me go shopping he watches our video

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  1. i was once offered a wooden puppet for a dollar with no strings attached
    then there was that time with the yo-yo

  2. i almost went on a free holiday to look at holiday homes in spain
    i did a little research just before going
    discovered the homes werent yet built
    and that when you are there they follow you everywhere and ply you with alchohol
    then show you a show home and try to convince you to leave a Β£2,000 non refundable deposit
    i cancelled and had a lucky escape because a lot of those schemes went broke and the homes were NEVER BUILT

  3. You asked me if I would of responded? I said Yes (You didn't ask me if I was going to waste their time or not).

  4. I went to a timeshare seminar once, they couldn't push me out the door fast enough. Tip, go there drunk and start yelling a lot

  5. Because I travel so much, I've can receive a free cruise for free for two. They fill up the rooms that won't be full. Must pay $65 dollars for each port cost and my why down there.
    I'm going.

  6. call them up on and tell them you are Arnold Schwarzenegger. They will refund you right away! You can see on my channel how I did it.

  7. Absolutely crooks….the fact they are still operating is testament both to human stupidity and lack of crime enforcement.

  8. I fall for these scams all the time,and I'm pleased to tell you that I'm now the proud owner of the Brooklyn Bridge,a Rolls Roice,and 3 beautiful Rolleks watches.

  9. The same story goes if you answer one of those travel ads on the internet . Example is ::6 days in Amsterdam , Netherland s for $ 1,756.00 for airfare from New York to Amsterdam and 5 nights hotel with free breakfast plus 3 dinners included with wine . That's $1,756.00 per person with double occupancy only . So its $ 1,756 times 2 plus you pay for your Lunch's plus 3 dinners plus you pay for all your extra tours while your there plus if you rented a bike , that's extra too plus your hotel tax too . So its really about $ 4,500.00 for 6 days which is really 5 days for very little .

  10. Its some what legitimate, you benefit from a nice 2 day cruise, BUT you do have to go thru a briefing(TIMESHARE) before you receive the cruise boarding passes. its not FREE either you do have to pay the port tax which was $65pp.

  11. So u basically just did a whole video on your speculation and opinion and theory of a cruise giveaway. I actually work for a cruise line and we do promotions all the time and yes we contract with vacation resorts in Florida and islands and to get a $4000 7 days cruise and meals and etc u do have to sit thru a 90 minute presentation. Maybe it's you who want something for nothing.

  12. Shame on TicketMaster for promoting this bs. As if it's not bad enough they have a plethora of fees, then they pull this. Smh

  13. Nothing is ever "FREE"! You usually have to pay taxes, port fees, gratuities and some charge an administration fee.

  14. I have never understood why everyone complains about these "high pressure sales presentations." Is it really that hard to say, "No"? I don't care how "high pressure" a presentation may be, unless they are threatening you with physical harm, I don't see how someone can really FORCE you to open up your wallet and spend $10 or $20k+, just because they asked a few times. I mean any parent is probably used to "high pressure sales presentations" from their children at the supermarket checkout. "Daddy, can I have a candy bar?" "No." "Daddy, can I please have a candy bar?" "No." "Daddy, are you absolutely sure that I can't have a candy bar?" "Yes, I'm sure." "But Daddy please?!?!?!?" "No." Seriously, is it really that hard?

  15. You cannot even book a cruise on "Royal Seas Cruises" website! So I guess they are selling ONLY through suspicious offers like shown in the video. BTW, just a coincidence their company sounds a bit like a well known, legit Cruiseline?

  16. hello. the royal sea cruises , there main number is SHUT DOWN THEY HAVE BEEN STOPPED…for now. 12 days. there number is down. only number up is the customer service line. but they have not scammed anyone for 12 days. this is 100% and we have stopped them.

  17. I just took the Cruise three months ago. I only had to pay my way to Palm Beach and let them know at least 90 days ahead of time when I would be boarding the ship. They called me though I didn't get a voucher in the mail. it was $65 each for two people and there was no stay in a hotel beforehand and no presentation. We got to eat as much as we wanted and whatever we wanted and the only things we had to pay for it was gambling and any other beverages other than coffee or tea. Literally everything was paid for in return for a good review and to spread the word. I don't drink so I literally only paid about $50 total in addition to the 65 that was paid up front for the port cost. If we wanted to rent jet skis or swim with the dolphins we would have had to pay but otherwise everything else was taken care of and the room was honestly not that terrible. We also got to use the spa for free. Oh yeah and it wasn't two nights either. it was five nights. Three of those nights we were docked at the Bahamas able to play around on the resort or not and sleep on the ship at night while they were docked. We got to see the Las Vegas type shows for free and did lots of free things on the ship when we weren't on the beach in the Bahamas. I've gotten those things in the mail before but when they called me this was totally different.

  18. I've worked in offices for over 30 years and I know that carbonless paper has been around about that long if not longer. So these "free" cruise people are targeting really really old people.

  19. "Even though it says 'no strings attached', i have a feeling that in this small print..might be where the strings are located"
    XD.. glad to see you went this far with these people…i troll call them often but this brings a deeper insight into their scam.

    also a note…the number they called me from also links to other scam offers (backbrace, knockoff life alert, and of course the main 100 Gift Card).
    Ive trolled the 100 Gift card many times (have a small vid i made with one of em) and one time theyve legit called me an idiot for giving them my "credit card" info… i just responded "good thing its not a real credit card then"

  20. I have been getting calls from them cos I bought a ticket to a concert through Ticketmaster and they called me that I won a cruise to Bahamas because I did a survey on Ticketmaster now the cruise company royal seas wants mr to pay for the port tax for either one person or two people which is about $130 for two which they told me if I pay would be used in reserving my spot. Haven't accepted it till now is this a scam?

  21. i just purchased some Astros tickets from Vivid seats and oddly enough, thats where the offer came from. I usually research everything, so glad I saw this video.

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