Free Trip to Egypt – OFFICIAL TRAILER

Free Trip to Egypt – OFFICIAL TRAILER

– [Woman] We’re to the
point in our country now, that we need to be vigilant,
and watch out for ourselves. – It’s like a Iraq, and
Iran, all of them places, we just gotta shut ’em down. – [Tarek] Okay. – And take back our oil. My name’s Tarek Mounib. What we’re doin’ is
we’re taking people here with different points of view, bring ’em all to Egypt to have a dialog. – An amazing project. Giving away free trips to Egypt. – The whole point of
this project is trying to to connect with people in kindness instead of fear. Do you think there is a way for us to maybe go to Egypt and
understand what’s happening there? – No. – You say no. – No, no, no. – They’re our enemy no matter, all right. Want a free trip to Egypt? Nah? Do you think you’d be
interested in going to Egypt? – Absolutely. – Yeah? – I would love to go to Egypt. I’ll take you up on that offer. (mellow music) – My fear is being taken hostage. – When 9/11 happened I just lost it. I’m so racist now I can’t stand myself. – My mom she thought that this was just some ploy to
sell me into sex slavery. – I just want to spread Jesus’s
love into the Middle East. – Are you all ready for Egypt? – [All] One, two, three, Egypt! (upbeat music) – Since I’ve been here
it’s completely different than what our news media tells us. (singing in a foreign language) – I’m real cautious about
what we’re gettin’ into. – We just ask for supernatural
protection right now in Jesus name. Gosh. – A lot of the people have
forgotten why we’re here. – The whole point of this trip
is to get to know Egyptians. (upbeat music) – I think a lot of people
think that they’re going to be so much that’s not the same and I just felt there was
so much that was the same. – Am I your first Jewish friend? – She’s like, you guys go to
all these different countries and are you truly fightin’ for America. – When something comes to you as a calling and you feel it deep in
your heart and you do it you know it’s right. Even if it’s stupid and naive. (mellow music)

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  1. I saw this last night, it is very heartwarming, I hope everyone who wants to see this can see it soon. Beware of those who try to divide us..the media, politicians and religious fanactics. It is done to stir hate and create conflicts that lead to wars. Wars are profitable for a few but not for the rest of the 99%. Ask your representative to break up the corporate military media monopoly and to Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. This legislation would bring balance and sanity to media reporting….

  2. REMEMBER, We blamed Iraq for 9/11….What kind of a bag of propaganda [email protected] is this? Why Egypt?! This is cinematic comedy for the Elite. Kemet…THE BLACK LAND! HANDS OFF ZIONIST SCUM!!!

  3. i hopee itt comess on netflixx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! andd i loveeeee youuu adammmmmm

  4. This is such a bad video, They Make Egypt seem like we are all Muslims. Excuse me but their are many Coptic Christians their. At least show foreigners that their are Christians their.

  5. Will the show ever come to Australia??? All good if ti does not . I will just need to download it then.

  6. The guy who said I wanna bring Jesus to the Middle East. Egypt isn’t in the Middle East it’s in Africa

  7. Bring juses to the middle East. What juses is born in the middle East and mentioned in Quran even more than prophet Muhammad

  8. I once went to Luxor when our guide took us to the Valley of the Kings & Queens he said this is to show you that not all of Egypt is dessert. I found the people very kind and friendly.

  9. I can’t get over that lady saying Americans need to take back ‘our’ oil. That is just unbelievable!!!!

  10. I am so confused what's the point, Iv backpacked Egypt as a single mum with my son 3 times for a month each time. An are heading back in 20 days for another month of adventure and never felt Absolutely anything but humbled by the people and safe…. No matter their nor my religion I certainly did not feel threatened in anyway.

  11. Just because it didnt happen doesn't mean ITS NOT HAPPENING ppl need to get over this insentive just like anywhere nit every place is bad BUT there are bad things happening nobody wants to fear anything or anyone but ppl suck once we can all work together as one race the HUMAN race we will prosper beyond anyone's imagination

  12. "I want to spread Jesus' love into the middle east" … didn't someone take care of that already, about two thousand years ago?

  13. It would be priceless to see that Jewish women's reaction if she learned who was really behind 9/11

  14. What happened to the big Jewish community in Egypt and their businesses. Mostly gone. What happens to the indigenous Coptic Christian people of Egypt. Churches burned, daughters kidnapped and forced to become Moslem, denied jobs or remain unprompted, insulted in Friday prayers etc

  15. Yeah, convince them Muslims aren't so bad by taking them somewhere where there's almost no Islamic terrorism. Great. Bet you won't take them to Saudi Arabia or Chechnya.

  16. Saw this ad while watching YouTube… looks pretty interesting. As someone who is more more right leaning, yet libertarian… I don't take it so much as anti-trump or anti-conservative, but more anti-war and anti-bombing people we know nothing about.

    A next step for this project would be to take some far left people from the coasts and bring them to middle America. It's not as dramatic as this, but still gets the point across that we all aren't really all that different in what we truely want. That is to live our lives in peace and be free.

  17. Mannn I already get tears in my eyes…this is what humanity is based upon…COMPASSION & INTEGRITY….these 2 components have been lost within foremost western society…values and respect are other keys to solve the bigotry and prejudice in this world. I personally think this is even more important for Americans, because they travel the least to other countries compare to for instance Europeans.

  18. 0:17 "We just gotta take back our oil…" Lol! This obese slob is a living breathing stereotype.

    And the dude who said he was going to bring Jesus to the Middle East. God Damn are American Christians not the finest bunch or retards the US has produced? Ho-lee fuck…

    I'm just going to go ahead and say it. Fuck these people. They are the pond scum of American Culture. And screw reaching out to them. They should be treated like the social pariahs that they are.

  19. If I had more thumbs, all of them would have gone up for this project!!! Spread love! This was the only message from Creator and His Son. The only! All the rest are interpretations of priests. I do not need interpreter for a simple and most powerful message of love. Do you?
    Someone there said:" I want to bring Jesus to Middle East." Do not bring Jesus. Bring Love he tried to bring us. Do not glorify the Messenger. Carry his Message.

  20. Yeah! Break these F-ing walls down! One brick at a time! Travelling and seeing other cultures is the only way to do that. I was born and raised in Russia behind "iron curtain", left Russia in 1991, lived and worked in several countries and by year 2000, when I came to US, I had lived or visited many countries and continents. I was shocked on my very first day in US to meet a local policeman at a BBQ party, who admitted that he did not know where Canada was and never in his 40 years of life left his home sate. Then I met more people like him. Shock!!! No wonder it is so easy to form and stir their opinion using media…

  21. "I'm so racist now I can't stand myself" I have to appreciate her honesty. The fact that she's willing to identify and admit it shows that she is also willing to be a better person.

  22. Yea… definitely young beautiful women are needed in Egypt… especially white… doesn't matter single or with boyfriend/ husband.
    good luck

  23. That lady whos saying take back "our" oil is full blown delusional.. How could she possibly think the natural resources of another country on another continent belong to America? * That level of ignorance is terrifying.

  24. The person who said he wanted to spread jesus's love to the middle east…I think know that guy…I think he was a preacher at a three day long youth church camp at the lake of the ozarks I got back from just at yesterday.

  25. Thanks for the comments. They are interesting. My name is Tarek and I embarked on this journey and offered Americans a free trip to Egypt. The idea was that I felt people were afraid of me, because of my background and instead of getting angry or running away, I wanted to try to offer the people who I thought were afraid of me something kind as a way to start the dialogue. I offered a free trip to Egypt as a "treat" to people who seemed a bit anxious. I found 7 courageous Americans who went on the journey with me and what happened next was just really amazing and beyond my wildest dreams. This is their story. I wasn't trying to education anyone. It was an experiment, an attempt to connect with people and see what happens. That's it. I would love for the people who left to comments to actually see the film and let me know what they think. My hope is to bring more kindness and listening to the world. The film is playing only on June 12th – one-day-only : @t

  26. Stupid and naive. An impassioned call for fence-sitting, perfectly appropriate for the cowardly times we live in.

  27. Y'all should've invited me! I would've been all for it. I want to visit countries like these so bad but I do have a fear of other governments not treating me right, because America has been sketchy enough.

  28. I am so sick of this ad on Youtube!!! It's every single ad! (Nothing against the movie itself. It looks interesting.)

  29. Sorry to disappoint you thou, this will never help the lost till they become human again and that's the amerikkkans, otherwise it's pointless. Keep up the excellent work thou.

  30. Not a bad concept, but unsurprisingly dishonest in execution. You pick Egypt to represent the entire Middle East, as if there aren't real problems beyond Egypt. More importantly, you pick people who are the most diametrically opposed to you because it makes the movie look more impactful. Why don't you give my Dad and I, two people who are fascinated with Egypt, that same trip so we can simultaneously prove your conceptions wrong and get a free vacation? #CentristsExist

  31. Beautifull! <3 I ve been in Egypt as well, on my own and lived with a Family there….it also changed my Life to the Better a Lot and my Perspective. Meesh Sukran Ya Habib Tarek. 🙂 + Wa Salaam and also in Eashoas=Jesus Name may The Maker of ALL Life bless You and guide You fellow Human Folks.

  32. What a bunch if ignorant CUNTS…. Egypt is NOT like Iraq Syria Iran etc…… if only these people had a proper education. Do they even know the earliest Christian's and first Christian church is in Egypt? The media has just pushed up all the middle east to be a bunch of terrorists. Egypt is the No.1 country in the middle east trying to wipe out extremist Islamic idiology….. Egypt is actually one of the safest countries to visit. It has the friendliest people in the world. I have been to Egypt more than 10 times… I have lived in Egypt… in fact, somenof the things said in this video is extremely offensive.. and that's dur to IGNORANCE…. the USA has to have the most ignorant people on the planet…. just so people know, Egypt is the No.1 destination to visit in summer for Russians, Serbian, Italians, Croatian, and many other eastern European countries. In fact, many of the resorts in Egypt hire ONLY Russian/ serbian/Croatian/italian/ Spanish speaking staff… . There are also resorts in Egypt that will only accommodate people from overseas.. meaning no Egyptians are allowed to stay in there… its 100% for tourists….. yet these cunts on the video talk about kidnapping, beheading, sexslavery…. WTF????? THIS IS NOT IRAQ or SYRIA… get educated u bunch of American fuckheads

  33. I low key understand the people who said after those terrorists attacks happened with the Muslims she became so racist

  34. Amazing job
    Proud of you Tariq
    I am Iraqi who loves Egypt a lot visited Egypt twice this year 🙂
    Just came back from the theater in Ottawa and was amazed with what you have done
    Chapeau to you and the whole crew

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