Frozen Pizza – The Adventure (2019)

Frozen Pizza – The Adventure (2019)

Frozen pizza is one of those topics that don’t really address too often, but it’s something that’s always there and Well if you want if you want, I just wanted to I wanted to say the intro like that just to throw everyone off Hello, everyone. This is running on empty food review Yeah, it’s it’s a random video though, but I mean I am trying out a food item So I guess you can consider it a food a food review But it’s more like a random video than it is a food review, but you kind of you You know what? I’m trying to do. Anyway, it’s a Miscellaneous food stuffs. Anyway, yeah frozen pizza though. I wanted to do a video about it just because it’s You have to get in the mindset number one about frozen pizza Has just given you a few seconds for the mindset to set in because it’s you know, it’s pizza but it’s frozen and then you’re the one that cooks it and Then it’s it’s not frozen anymore and you can eat it which is pretty crazy when you really when you really think about it Frozen pizza comes in all shapes and sizes. And for me, I’ve always been a real avid frozen pizza fan But there’s a couple things that I really like about it And I mean nothing beats the real thing of course fresh pizza I think is always better but you have all these different brands all these different types all these different styles and the thing that I like about frozen pizzas the most is that if you’re not feeling it if you don’t really want to you know go out and get the pizzas your self or if you don’t want to you know either a Get it delivered. You don’t want to deal with anyone else. Maybe the weather is really bad or maybe it’s a you know, an unsightly hour and No one’s really gonna be making or delivering any pizza like for me right now, you know, it’s early morning, and Yeah, I don’t I don’t think my options are very a very broad at this at this time of day, but frozen pizza is there For you, you still hunger that pizza. You still crave that pizza. You still want that meal? You got the frozen pizza and the instructions directions are pretty simple But I mean there’s more to it than that It’s it’s not like you’re just I’m right. Yeah, let’s put it in the oven and then it’ll be ready it’s really it’s an art and in a little bit We’re gonna make a frozen pizza and then we’re gonna try it out and you’re gonna be here every step of the way for this frozen pizza journey, so I mean this was gonna be big this is gonna be big so I mean didn’t get ready right now if you have to pause it and you know, Just take a break and and you know psych yourself up for this. I understand go for it now because I Don’t know if anyone will be able to handle this. Otherwise, so just a word of warning first and foremost, but so many brands so much to choose from so much to So I mean like you go to the the supermarket in the frozen section next time you’re there I take a look and you’ll see there’s like there’s dozens and dozens of different of different types you have Yeah Freschetta. Oh you have DiGiorno, of course the famous DiGiorno and I was thinking about that before I was even filming this their phrase, you know, it’s not delivery its DiGiorno, right? And I was thinking and in regards to that phrase. I’ll take a sip later Is there even another and I want you to think about this, honestly? Is there another phrase in the entire English language that can be utilized as much as that phrase? I mean think about it You can take the phrase it’s not delivery its DiGiorno and you can say it any way you want and It fits nearly any circumstance if you want it to be like in a very happy tone like this is the best day of your life and you can say it like You know, hey It’s not delivery its DiGiorno and then if you kind of just want to say it like a neutral it’s not delivery its DiGiorno Then you can kind of you could use it as an insult to if you want You can kind of say it like I like in a condescending way could be like, yeah, it’s not delivery its DiGiorno And you could you know throw in a few choice words there also, if you want you can make it like a little bit of a snide remark You could do it. It could be like He’d be something that could be in a horror movie. Like, you know, it’s some sort of Experiment gone wrong and you know some sort of interdimensional portal is opened up and all these monsters are running out and You could be sitting there with like this. Grim. Look on your face you shaking your head? be like it’s not delivery its DiGiorno I Think a lot of people don’t realize that pizza making is is an art you have to examine the box first I mean, it’s a huge process. You have to know what you’re working with. You have to know what you’re doing Because if you don’t the consequences could be grave so first and foremost, you need a thorough inspection of the box of the instructions, so You know what you’re in for Take it out. You can see it’s encased in plastic and you got to remove that But you can keep the cardboard thing If you want to kind of make a little magic trick there a little bit you’ll see there’s it’s there it is there it isn’t There it is again and then of course so you don’t want to eat it. So you get rid of it eventually Do whatever you want with the pizza though I kind of rearranged the pepperoni put some seasonings on it a little bit of garlic a little bit of red pepper I always like how you can kind of customize it and into the oven it goes put it in for the maximum amount of time Now… OH Reviewbrah! No don’t do that. Don’t do it reviewbrah. There we go. Got it Use the glove like a good boy getting it out and it is Cooked pizza, you know now I always like my pizza a little well-done So kind of inspecting it some more making sure it’s looking good Cut it. I What will you do in review bra? Yep. Yeah. Well, he’s insane right I think mines he doing that Well, really, I just like to have my pizza a little more. Well done now it’s done You put it on a plate and they are now ready for consumption. So we have the rising crust pizza From Frechetta it’s going in Freschetta is always my favorite it’s always been my favorite and I Just like the way everything goes like digiorno It’s one of those things No, you go back to 2014 or before then DiGiorno was my favorite. I was a as they say a DiGiorno fiend I couldn’t get enough of the DiGiorno No, but then think you kind of change the recipe a little bit and I just went downhill for me. So Yeah, I guess it’s not delivery. It’s DiGiorno But for sure, I’d prefer freschetta – better but if they ever changed their their ingredients again, I’ll try him You know DiGiorno I mean, I always like when it comes down to these pizzas, especially the sauce Sauce is always a little iffy for me. Like sometimes it tastes like it’s just Like, you know, it’s really really cheap garbage tomato paste and it’s like it’s runny and it’s it’s just like it’s It’s disgusting. Honestly, I just like how this sauce has a little bit more It’s not as watery as some some frozen pizza sauces are so it just got more to it It’s a little thicker and it just has a nice little blend You know, it’s just it’s more robust than some of them are some of them they just really they rip you off They do a really bad job I’ve tried many of frozen pizza and Admittedly you have to do a little bit of digging before you find the right one There’s a lot of bad ones out there but then there’s also that the next tier where some of them are better and freschetta is like It’s one of my go-to. Anyway, I like the rising crust best, honestly No, it’s good though and I always like the little personal Additions that I add, you know, the red pepper flakes are always good I always I always enjoy what it does to the slice gives it a little bit more I don’t know a little more character, you know same thing goes for the garlic salt I just like that spice and then that Camera, hello. I just like that little spice and just that little uh, That little extra garlic flavor that it adds and that’s what I also like, you know You can kind of customize it you can do whatever you want with it, honestly I mean That’s not to say that it’s anything extraordinary That’s not to say that it’s anything, you know, best of its kind. Of course you go to a regular pizza shop or especially the local places the local places Always have the best pizza you know, I know I don’t really review too many local places and that’s just because Unfortunately, I just want to do something that’s applicable to most people but maybe one day I’ll do some some local reviews could be fun To try out, you know like your your mom-and-pop places So you always do it best honestly, it’s always freshest highest quality there nothing even nothing beats it But for what it is I mean for just a Relatively low effort pizza that you can make any time. I mean, it’s 6:00 a.m right now and you know when there’s aren’t gonna be any other pizza places at least nearby that are Serving up pizza at this hour. So that’s the thing You know, especially if the weather is bad You’re not feeling it you’re very introverted and you just don’t want to deal with anyone else. You can make a frozen pizza and Hey sometimes Sometimes they can be good and especially if you customize it because you can get exactly what you want on it And it makes it makes it pretty tasty. So yeah enjoyable. I’m gonna I’m gonna be finishing this up and it’s my meal for the day. But now it’s it’s good. It’s good. I’m a fan of it I enjoy it and Yeah, yeah satisfied satisfied is the best word for it So if you want me to give a rating for it, I’ll go ahead out of 10. I would be giving the Frechetta Frozen pizza the rising crust one at that. I mean I’d give it like a simple, you know, seven point five out of ten because it’s like Again, it’s it’s I mean for all the factors that I was saying earlier For frozen pizza, it’s good. And that’s why I’m a fan of it, you know better ingredients and Higher quality and I just I like the way that tastes Especially the sauce mind you so that’s all that I have for you Ladies and gentlemen, just want to take a little video about frozen pizza No real rhyme or reason, I just said how about we talk about frozen pizza and and go for it So that’s exactly what I wanted to do has its it has its distinct advantages. Of course, the real real thing is better But frozen pizza certainly gets the job done when you need it most that’s all that I have for you Ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host the report of the week and as always consider supporting this channel Thank you and do take care of you in a couple days with another video

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  2. Digorno is pretty good, especially the rising crust or the cheese crust, but honestly its all about that Papa Murphy's take-n-bake.

  3. I think it would be amazing if you started reviewing local restaurants. A Gordan Ramsey style thing xD
    You could definitely bring some extra attention to businesses that deserve it

  4. My first day off in almost two weeks (split days of course) but don't get to relax but when I sleep in an extra hour and wake up to your videos on my phone. I take the time and just relax and enjoy you as a person. Thank you friend.

  5. Reviewivwa I discovered this channel because my friends said I looked like you, and it’s weird but I look a lot like you, also your content is great and I love the channel!

  6. frozen pizza is gold if youre poor like me. i cant afford to drop 20$ every week and order a pizza but i can defo drop 3-4$ and buy 2 or 3 frozen pizzas

  7. It'd be awesome to branch out into frozen meals and convenience foods. Especially if you do things like compare following the microwave instructions vs the oven instructions, and, if viable, the deep fry instruction for things like chicken nuggets/fish sticks/fries

  8. I cant agree more that digiorno has gone down hill allot since the brands inception, but frechetta has been the king for several years now. I'm a huge fan of the thin crust three cheese pizza. Good review 👍👍

  9. Once I bought a Four Cheese frozen pizza and I swear to god that it was one of the best pizzas I've ever had, better than a lot of fresh natural ingredients ones.

  10. Why is St Basils Cathedral or whatever it is behind him, set at an angle?

  11. Oh my gosh! The person named Pigeons down in the comments had a great idea! To piggyback on it: get one of those 1960s Betty Crocker cookbooks. Make a recipe. Profit. Call it Timewarp foods with Reviewbrah!

  12. 5:30 dude i do this with ALL fast food i buy. Pizzas or hamburgers, i ALWAYS put extra pepper and some more ketchup on em at home. Sometimes, some pinches of chili powder for that extra boost.
    The problem is, they make the food such that its suitable for EVERYONE, even people who complain if there's 1 too many flakes of pepper, so everything is usually bland. That's why its best to add your own seasoning, it can make a mediocre burger or pizza really shine.

  13. For the same price (or less) as a Hot n Ready at little caesar's, Kroger's private selection pizzas are surprisingly fantastic.

  14. Hello from England, the advertisements ruined my whole experience of a frozen pizza review. Maybe a pizza advertisement would be more suitable? Still enjoy your videos.

  15. Thanks for addressing this hard hitting topic of frozen pizza. It deserves it’s bad reputation and all the bad names that go with it. It is disgusting and not even fit for poor people.

  16. I have not had a frozen pizza in 2 years. However, since my sick son wanted a pizza, I found myself in front of the frozen pizzas this morning, after watching your review. Based on the report, I got him a Freshetta and a Red Baron, because that's what he usually gets. I also got myself a DiGiorno (sorry) because I like their thin crust vegetarian pizzas. So here I am, eating DiGiorno and trying not to feel guilty about the carbs. I appreciate you mentioning not getting delivery because of the weather, I would never think of asking a delivery person to risk his life to come out in a snow storm to bring me a pizza.

  17. They do amazing pizzas in France for this purpose. Not frozen just refrigerated but they will keep for a few days and you can put extra toppings on them.

  18. ~ 1:47 lol pizza is probably the one food you can get 24 hours if anything reviewbrah. Right up there with hamburgers 😛 Glad you're doing well 🙂

  19. I tried cooking a frozen pizza let’s just say, the fireman are here and the house is in flames, I mean flames 🔥 not to worry though, I got out with the goat, Dads dead though sadly but the goats fine.

  20. This was a dope vid I have not tried those pizza before I may have to try those for real for real keep it up and keep those great vids coming as always peace and stay blessed bro.

  21. I suppose if I had to eat a frozen pizza I’d pick freshetta. I tried it a couple years ago when a friend bought one because she lives out of town where we can’t get delivery and we wanted a pizza night.
    My ex husband always liked those Totinos pizzas. They were edible. I liked the crunchy crust but flavor was minimal.
    I remember when I was a kid my dad use to buy those frozen French bread pizza’s from Costco and I loved them. I actually bought a box of them at Costco a few years ago remembering how much I liked them but they turned out to be nowhere near as good as I remembered.
    My favorite substitution for a frozen pizza is my tortilla pizza’s I make sometimes if I’m babysitting. They are a huge hit. You just take a flour tortilla (taco size), lightly brush vegetable oil on both sides, put a thin layer of Contadina pizza sauce (squeeze bottle from store) then add a little mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. I put it in my convection oven on high for a few minutes and whala. It’s crispy cheesy yummyness. It’s cool because tortillas stay good for weeks in the fridge. So does the sauce and cheese.

  22. Freschetta is one of my favs for frozen pizza. I don't really care for the standard DiGiorno pizzas, however their pizzeria ones have been pretty good.

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