Gachapon: Capsule Toy Adventure in Akihabara ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Gachapon: Capsule Toy Adventure in Akihabara ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Today we’re in the center of OTAKU culture Akihabara! And we’re going to focus on this! gachapon!! And to help me out with this
episode is Satsuki Uno you never gonna believe what was inside
here! What was it? Underwear for your smartphone! protect the home button so what exactly is GACHAPON? It’s like small toys which comes in a capsule like small figurines, key chains, can (metal) badges.. and the fun is that you never know what
you’re gonna get. It’s a mystery You never know what you’re gonna get! So today we’re going to unravel the mystery of the GACHAPON It will be fun AKIHABARA it’s a playground for adult anime and
manga lovers A place where you can indulge in your
passions and catch up on is one of them GACHAPON is one of them. GASHAPON is used by BANDAI corporation and it’s trademark so
many other companies use the more generic term, GACHAPON or simply GACHA GACHA It’s a Japaneses onomonopia of the sound the machine makes. let’s take a look at how these machines
work for a typical adult customer Pick the collection that interests you Make sure you have one hundred yen coins and insert them into the machine turn the handle outcomes the mysterious treasure. Is it the one you wanted? Yes! Celebrate! let the world know you are a real otaku A badge of honor. Keep going! or walk away. Many people find a second
option hard to do AKIHABARA GACHAPON KAIKAN is a
paradise for GACHAPON lovers SATSUKI and I discovered it between
Akihabara and Suehiro-cho station it’s a shop dedicated to Gachapon They’re stacked up four levels high and
line the walls I talked with the manager about his
really unique shop We ran into a friend in the middle of
treasure hunting Getting some ONE-PIECE Gachapon? KAI knows his stuff Not quite what I wanted ONEPIECE is a popular anime and manga series The GACHAPON Ford are extremely
popular This is VERGO a high-ranking member of the Don Quixote Pirates Trying to get smoker so keep trying The three of us split up in search for
the best GACHAPON Let’s follow KAI first he’s onto something 400 yen and a newcollection series each GACHAPON series has four to
five collector’s items and you can be sure one of them is
impossible to get each GACHAPON capsule is sealed by
the manufacturer to prevent tampering It’s ASUKA from Evangelion I can tell it’s a new one because of the eye patch So you know you can take her legs you put them in right here You have this little stand to put her on Put her by a TV, computer, whatever But I mean I want it all so I just keep trying who knows Nintendo Controller And also a LED
flashlight KAI’s on a roll He’s found another ONE PIECE GACHAPON for 300 yen Tony Tony chopper from One piece with Tokyo Skytree. This seems like
something limited ,because it’s you know Tony Tony chopper with Tokyo Skytree Satsuki needs to load up on one hundred yen coins before starting it didn’t take long for her to find
something she likes I’m collecting the soul gem that’s
from the series called Maho Shojo Madoka Magika and yeah I actually got the ones I wanted and
I’m collecting it so I can do it again and collect them all At 400 yen a pop, it can clean
out a wallet fast now Satsuki’s gone high for the next GACHAPON To get there, she needed one of the shops handy ladders You have to get past the first line of defense. the TAPE Is that the one you wanted? No, I was expecting CAMMY from the
Street Fighter Series but I got Karin so I like her too, so.. pretty satisfied And this is like a half figurine so I think this is a pretty good quality and I’m fine I’m happy with it To collectors,quality is an essential point and makers don’t disappoint their fans
often. Now Satsuki goes low and find something unique for 300 yen Huh? Frogs?? They are lifelike.Maybe TOO lifelike Good morning! Hungry for breakfast? I am I’m trying for the big one and over easy egg Bingo! On my first try Now I’ve got the GACHAPON fever Many collectors go on binges to get an entire collection I wanted them all You can trade with your friends or rent
a glass box from the store to sell your collectibles to others.
There’s a market for everything We met some first-time GACHAPONERS This couple is visiting Japan from
Scotland and their interested in this cat GACHAPON machine Ok, I’ve never opened one of these before Oh this is really a cat one! That’s so cute! I like it because it can go on your keys so that’s
definitely it’s all for sonny he’s missing his cat It’s no Final Fantasy We don’t get like, we get speed ones in Scotland but or anything like this so it’s just experience in itself you know that’s about paying 50 where we come from It’s really cheap. People collect this
stuff so yeah it’s not for them. It’s a hobby us and I’ll
use it So whether it’s underwear for your
smartphone your favorite anime character, a souvenir for even breakfast. There’s a GACHAPON
collection for you A moment of total excitement.There is
mystery inside that capsule collect them all! Are you feeling lucky?

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  1. I've always wanted to go to Japan. I think that time is arriving around the corner. Even if it it much farther than the corner.

  2. The one Gaschapon that I like are those ancient Samurai mini figures by Bandai.

    I only found them inside Osaka Castle, don't know if there are other places in Japan that has it.

  3. i thought those would be the real kind samll gaachas i even have my own series! and my gachas names violet! shes all purple with wings!

  4. My GameStop in New York just got 4 of thoses machines it’s weird you have to pay $3 and they give you a token to put in the machines prize

  5. Wait does it have to be adult customers or can children enter if it’s adults only they should add a area for children and anime tiny figures.

  6. Tried this out during my first trip to Tokyo back in 2017. And in the same place as shown here, in fact. It's as addicting as John made it out to be, for sure.

  7. Hopefully akihabara business establishments invest here in the Philippines for progressive and teach us how they became a progressive place in Japan

  8. These deadass gachapons are way too cheap in Japan, 100 yen = 50 PHP (and 300 yen = 150 PHP) in my place. But in Philippines, the gachapon machine requires 3 tokens per turn, which is 60 PHP per coin, 60 x 3 = 180 PHP in 1 machine only, thus, in JPY currency it is 360 yen, but in Japan, it's only a 100 yen to 300 yen per machine (300 yen = 150 PHP), there's a really big difference in terms of prizes but our machines had low quality prizes (like fake stuff) and they didn't have any anime stuff in! Feeling jealous right now…

  9. 50 ribu dapat figure Asuka yang kualitas detail oke!! murah bgt! disini bisa sampe ratusan ribu (ノಠдಠ)ノ︵┻━┻ tapi hoki-hokian sih

  10. I saw something like that in 2nd and Charles in Birmingham Alabama I don't live there but we do go there a lot

  11. visit japan 2 years ago, won alot from crane game , too bad in America we o ly get push animal, wish we have cool stuff like banpesto anime

  12. I've started to see these machines more and more stateside. I first saw some at an anime convention in Detroit, then I found a couple at Hot Topic, then a wall of them at 2nd and Charles.

    Out of one I got a Legend of Zelda logo keychain, and out of another I got a Gundam Zaku II head that I actually had to assemble.

  13. Those figures look pretty nice for something that comes from one of those. When I look online for figures they always seem so pricey. I'm so gonna go someday

  14. When you pay $3 US for a tiny big hatted anime character hugging the Tokyo Sky Tower, you're being ripped off. That thing isn't worth that much.

  15. These aren’t only in japan! For the US you can find them in Texas! (You can find it in the shop anime Tokyo

  16. Although Japan didn't invent the vending machine, it took the concept to new heights.
    There are gacha machines that dispense miniature gacha machines, and the mini machines can dispense tiny capsules.
    There is also a collectible 1/2 scale gacha machine released by Bandai, which works just like the full scaled one.

  17. I reeeeeally like this woman. Not like all that kawaii-girls, but down to earth. I can take her serious, appreciate her.

  18. What the heck I bought an action figure for 24 usd and these with 400 yen got some good detail can compare with mine…

  19. There’s a movie theatre near me that used to have a giant wall of gacha machines. They recently renovated and I believe most if not all of the machines are gone now 🙁 sucks because I live in Boston and it’s rare to find things like this anywhere closer than Toronto or Montreal Chinatown.

  20. “ embarrassing for kids “
    Well how about guns like the BB guns lol
    every chinese mixed with American kids want in gachapon

  21. we have those in the philippines but they are more pricey and there are limited options unlike here in japan i’ve already bought a ton of them

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