Galakrond’s Awakening Cinematic Trailer | Hearthstone

Galakrond’s Awakening Cinematic Trailer | Hearthstone

Those villains captured Reno? Who knows what horrible things
they’re doing to him… Wait…what are you doing? No more rhymes. Anything but more rhymes. It is time to reveal my master plan. In a manner
that you might actually understand. Behold…mini-Rafaam! Adorable supreme archaeologist! Of course I was the leader
so I called on those I knew who Would be schemers rather devious,
a truly E.V.I.L. crew! And our starting point was Dalaran,
we wanted to abscond With a big city that was floating
so we strapped some rockets on! Lock and stock and barrel
simply flew it to Uldum Plagues we then unleashed
so we could watch you fret and fume! That’s so cute. What? We beat the Plague Lords. No you didn’t! Yes we did! How did you get here? Please don’t interrupt. Audience participation time! Brann faced the ravages of Wrath
with classic Dwarven flair And then Sir Finley braved
the Scorching Dunes with sanity to spare! Elise defeated Death
by using antiquated texts For me, to beat the Murlocs,
all I had to do was flex! Boom! But you forgot… The Plague Lord of Fire! We flexed on that one too. Ba-boom! But we did get away
with the Plague of Undeath. That’s bad. That was the whole plan
because I’ve been a fan Of the most evil thing
that has ever walked land It’s a dragon I claim
Galakrond is his name The unstoppable beast of nefarious fame! Once you’ve run out of time
Azeroth will be mine This world will be burning but I’ll just… So you’re saying this whole year’s led up
to raising that big evil dragon, and once my pals stop you, again, The world is saved, again! Is that about right? They won’t stop me. Yeah they will. No they won’t. No! Who interrupts someone else’s puppet show? You’re a really annoying prisoner,
do you know that? It’s been said. And I’m the villain.

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  1. Omg this is the best thing i ever watched from HS!💪💣
    The creators of this have my full respect and my money!🙌
    Blizzard pls take my money and my soul🛐
    Pls buff the Warlock and never ever nerfed 😌
    God bless you guys!

  2. -Behold! mini-Rafaam! Adorable supreme archaeologist! Please mini-Rafaam say hello to auditory!

  3. E.V.I.L is more frienemy then a real enemy

    Know saying grate heroes draw grate villain so both Heroes and villain are very liked by all players

  4. i love it when the villain is just as much as a fool as the hero
    two idiots with gos like powers battling like school children during recess is so funny to me.

  5. somebody can help me?
    I can't understand what he is saying by 1:50 🙁 ? I only hear the Name of Nefarian (Atleast the ending "This world will be burning" i understood^^)

  6. After this expansion they need to drop the league of explores and the league of evil for some time and move on to newer things

  7. Rafaam sounds tired, did he get enough rest lately? Or is that just Reno being uncooperative boggled his mind and stressed him out?
    Also, for a plague of undeath, we sure have none undeads, as such tribe simply does not exist. Which is sad, since it should've from the very Naxx times.

  8. Hearthstone:ahem players the pre order bonuses and 400 plus pack opening wasn't enough for us we have decided to reveal our new expansion of cards we left out to charge as a 20 dollar adventure for your use in standard for a year then place them in wild and make them obsolete cause there are better cards in that format.
    Blizzard:we give you this opportunity to spend 20 dollars plus anothor thousand dollars every year the.!
    Player:so I'm just cattle you keep for views.
    Blizzard:bottom line is your investment means nothing and we could take it away in the blink of the eye happy spending.

  9. I have mixed feelings with this trailer. The animation and art is a little silly but more feels off and cheap. Though I do like cheesy it was with Rafaam and reno. I feel with a bit more time and effort it could have gone from enjoyable to amazing, and that makes me like it less as a whole.

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