Georgia Road Trip: From Jekyll Island to the North Georgia Mountains

Georgia Road Trip: From Jekyll Island to the North Georgia Mountains

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  1. You stayed at my Walmart in Brunswick…well it ought to be mine as I spend enough money and time there!! Driftwood beach has Totally changed since Hurricane Irma last year. I'm planning to take the time to drive over to it on Christmas Day. January 1 starts the annual hunt for glass fishing floats. One is placed everyday from Jan 1 to Feb 28th. Maybe you could stop back!! Safe travels and thanks for the vids.

  2. another nice video.
    I'm not sure if you've covered this yet As far as hauling, how is your new Colorado working out for you? I have a 2018 crewcab LT. I'm pulling a 26 foot camper with a dry weight of 3950 lbs. I've only been on 2 trips so far but it seems like it struggles sometimes.

  3. Hola Robert,my husband start watching your videos too. He like the music,on the videos,he said is sodding and relaxing.

  4. Subscribing just because I grew up in Brunswick. $6.00 to get to Jekyll??!! I thought living in California was expensive!

  5. Last Time we went to Jekyll Island we got hung up by some low branches near the airport. Had to back up a long way !

  6. I wish i had know I am in Brunswick, Ga, just found your channel today…when you come this way again let's have a cup of coffee happy 🙂 In the distance was a shrimp Boat, lots of shrimping is done here.

  7. Robert we started watching you about 1.5 years ago. And so appreciate you. You are a friend that we will never meet.

    I hope that makes sense.

    I moved from Tennessee to Los Angeles twenty years ago. And watching you reminds me of my earlier life over there. Thanks for what you do.

  8. You went right buy my house when you crossed the Dames Point bridge. I love camping at Jekyll island. Seeing random deer just standing around

  9. Robert, Savanah and Tybee Island a top 10 place to visit. Tybee is way more middle class friendly to folks than Jekyll Island.

  10. Hace poco que descubrí tu canal Robert y estoy admirado por la calidad de tus excepcionales videos, muy bien filmados y con los comentarios justos. Obviamente ya me he suscrito, felicitaciones amigo viajero!

  11. Another interesting travel adventure.  The Drone videos are awesome and it would be nice if you would tell us how high they are flying to get those views.

  12. We didn't get a fair shot in Ellijay. We have some of the best property in the Mountains, for sure. Our downtown is great.The best food is not where you ate. Since Cantaberry moved, to their new building, not great anymore. The River Street Tavern is the best!! And, you would have loved the Ellijay Coffeehouse! Oh. my. Coffee has never been so good. This is a small mountain town with a big heart. Not boring and empty, if you know where and when to be there. In the Fall and winter, around Christmas time, there is much going on and much to see and do. Give us another chance. You'll be glad you did.

  13. pollution? Not so much… that is steam from the paper mill where they dehydrate the pulp, I think….. it does stink of methane though… fermenting pulp does stink.

  14. Just saw this… Glad to see you visit my home town (Brunswick / Jekyll Island). One thing, Google maps calls all the streams around here "Fancy Bluff Creek". The Lanier Bridge actually crosses the South Brunswick River. The drone footage really shows the damage Irma did. I think the best times to visit are the Spring and Fall

  15. I didn't read through the comments, but it's a fee for its a state park. The state of Georgia owns the island, and "rents" to the businesses and some of the 100 houses on the island.

  16. I go to SE Georgia every year with my husband. He was born in Brunswick and his family lives in Jesup. We stayed on Jekyll Island this year. Was wonderful! You should totally have went to Savannah. We walked the city for 4hrs on a gorgeous day. There was so much to see.

  17. I found this very amusing,
    that at 22:30 you seem to be lamenting the low 10 – 12 MPG
    and then at 23:10,
    (VROOOM!) it's time to floor it! (VROOOM, VROOOOOM, VROOOOOOM!) LOL!

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