Good Trouble Season 2 Holiday Special | Sneak Peek: The Adams Fosters & Hunters Reunite | Freeform

Good Trouble Season 2 Holiday Special | Sneak Peek: The Adams Fosters & Hunters Reunite | Freeform

We’re only— 20 minutes late. So sorry we’re late. Oh! Are you late? We hadn’t noticed. There was so much traffic coming up from San Diego. Oh, you know what? You should use Waze. I’ve heard that. It’s great. We haven’t seen you all since the wedding. And what a lovely wedding it was. Uh, this is for you. Oh! How sweet. Thank you. Um. Could you put this in one of the bedrooms? Wow. Look at this view. I usually host a big Christmas Eve party at our home in Newport, but now that all of your kids are involved with ours— Well, except Carter. Hands off.

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  1. Ugh, can't stand the Hunters. I mean, I know Brandon's married to Eliza and Carter might get involved with Jude and Jamie could be with Callie but seriously? Why must they be so rude and snobby? Why did Brandon marry into that family? Also, they haven't seen each other in five years? Wow.

  2. Maia's Austrailian agent came through momentarily when she said these are for you. Also so glad someone mentioned how involved all the Foster kids and Hunter kids are. Carter and Jude are next that's forsure. Also it's been so many years since the wedding, Carter still hasn't come out, I feel so bad for him. Wonder if he lives in a dorm for college to stay away from his parents. Doing a great job keeping the secret. Mrs. Hunter telling Mariana to stay away from Carter made me laugh out loud🤣😅 I'm so excited to see the whole family. Man the Hunter parents are such rich snobs. Lena and Stef must hate that Brandon married into that family. Callie might potentially marry or at least for now is. And then potentially Jude and Carter later. Also it's so weird having all the kids date kids from the same family. Once Brandon got married the family's became family, so they're in-laws. Happy to see everyone again.

  3. Maia's australian accent is apparent on the good trouble. Not so on the fosters. How come? Not very consistent across the shows.

  4. Kids dating kids from same family…By Marriage,I think Callie has nothing to do with her Brother in-law….And no one should come and tell me that Brandon is not Callie's brother by blood bla bla bla.

    Just miss Steph And Lena…I am never tired of seeing these two.

  5. Okay so don't hate me…I didn't really watch the fosters. like I did enough to know who everyone is in Good Trouble. But I don't know who these people are can anyone explain the backstory to meee!!!! pleaseeee

  6. I don’t get brandon and the chick he married it’s like Bonnie and Enzo from tvd stop putting people together that makes fucking zero sense!

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