Gosu's Journey to MPL has begun..

Gosu's Journey to MPL has begun..

without score yeah put their lone Phoenix and let's put four awesome turtle resurrecting soon basic JFK you have been slain nice to you watch out the green jewel mmm both missing I mean to meet mrs. the Mideast taking the bread and cookies Empire your team destroyed a turret you can speak by the way what the heck is the bomb team destroyed a turret turtle resurrecting soon we're gonna keep this tip-top why are there person organs you help yeah watch out the grain to Sutra how boy your team destroyed a turret thank you for donation your team destroyed a turret let's go old hang it up Lord resurrecting soon with the Lord as you can see I have a lot of damage I don't read a lot level 12 Fanny level 12 we're gonna defend it you have slain an enemy team destroyed a turret you know no yeah just first game let me find her really already I think we play until the final you see the bracket here so three games next I see so we're waiting right now all right let's go all no is it them cuckoo all right let's see the drafter right now is there gonna be let me introduce you to my partner mr. King is frickin 65 we have a lot of you know practicing that the central oh no modisett I'm low so I'm gonna just appreciative Marceline Claudia's really get the benefit is insisted strong in they're all icky but if you go to obsession ambulant then so squeezy our cars are coming tough let me go to low slow low – you gotta top yes Hani's : onion you get outs to keep living freely is one of life's basic let me busy there's a crazy rumor that my partner is a beautiful girl I guess no more okay like Carter comes you guys mr. King should is Decatur Qatar thank you [Laughter] yeah what is this he said living free general that Dido let's go fight them and destroy a turret coming let me introduce you to my partner Dexter when you got 15 just winning nice D Delta Oh totes fucking delay haha I can't get back to my shadow yeah this this yeah it happened to it look at the peanut it's normal to 70 they're kidding they're kidding that's not possible that's spiking yeah of course it's spiking if you are using better internet connection then will be spiking because a lot of people is to participate in the MCA right now of course they can even use the flicker how dare you talk g.j stop swearing ah we need to put the logo what the heck let's go find her so maybe it would be the Easter side players can join without squat yeah is it fair put that long Phoenix well these know people are a little strainer those are the free skins no that's it yeah that's expensive the same as dusk holy shit yeah that was bottom what the heck no water for Fanny come here you know level through everyone night we're doing better than you in we could kill thank you nice Oh oh I'm dead alright the delay okay Ramazzotti bloody blinkin 20 close they only know turtle residence soon Queen Jennah pushing Barbara Feldon wrong he said I would but he's not a leech wash is just a spell brah you fucking delay are you suspicious oh no to the herd blows up yo should I just go oh nice choice oh just kitty freak okay let's let's see less revenge attack when he came here he's coming with me no oh never mind just the testicular to your back hey you heard and never show me Oh revenge revenge I summon Nick simonec Oh No watch what's nice bait Oh No and that oh never mind that invisible was me open my invisible save you freakin delay is this this beep beef beef jerky West team to Tirana us to treat each other is tilde so she wasted all your with the waste gas sujin sujin a tree sujini a decision that's the one we want comes to won't be on thomas won't be one Thomas come on man come on man come on man come on man don't say the coffee oho how do you know what come on man come on me I mean if they see because the team that will be like open youtube type gender oh yeah and we all yeah I'm watching use a finer yes so very clear champion Oh easy please oh no jumping Gigi thank you for watching a 6400 viewers Wow Kim go suit we are champion Oh Bravo be so man wears a logo freak logo Oh choose the reward I'll just weigh it I was waiting let's wait don't pick it guys don't pick it come

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  1. For you who keeps bitching about kills, your kills doesn’t really necessary if you got towers and other objectives. it is useless if you kills 8 with 6 death. If you wanna even smell Mythic, better know this first. that is why they didnt bitch about anything. you’re being alive is much more valuable than being die

  2. To all the people who are saying 70ms is quite okay, come here in NA server for you to try how delay it actually is. I’ve been to the philippines and I can compare their 120ms to 70ms in NA.

  3. Why you keep using Kimmy … You are not good with that hero, you are great with Claude, Granger, Karrie, Hanabi … but very bad with Kimmy … And I am too 😅😅

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