Grocery Run Q+A • Watcher Weekly #007

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  1. "you see how the proverbial sausage is made. uh, the sausage being the person, i suppose"

    uhhh ryan that's kinda cannibalistic

  2. in case no one’s said it yet, the editing for watcher is hilarious. the editing for all the shows is so immaculately creative, but watcher weekly’s editing is just hilarious.

  3. Shane dressed as the proffesor: there's no Steven Lin here to stop us!
    Ryan, a gay cowboy: yeah there isn't <creepy smile>

    Ah Ry Guy your Ricky is showing a bit there bud…now where is Steven actually

  4. Ok I can't even begin to say how fucking excited I am for the SWAT thing. I'm from the Netherlands and I live for that show, so I'm sure we will get that episode quite soon after it's aired in the US, and I'm already so hyped. I'll probably legit scream xD

  5. i feel like steven will watch this and feel the same amount of shock and dissapointment as pet owners feel who set up cameras to see what their pets are up to when they're gone

  6. The two "dash hounds" (dachshunds) definitely stole the show! I've always wondered if there is meaning behind the watcher logo, or was it a random image put together to create the 'W'? Love the channel, and love you boys! Keep up the good work!

  7. "If you were an item in a grocery store, what would you be and why?"
    If Steven were there, he'd be a grocery cart, because he's carrying this whole team.

  8. Shane with the hat on looks like a college history professor that loves what he teaches and buys his students alcohol if they're underage

  9. It would be cool if the boys had personal episodes of grocery run, where they do grocery shopping and cook for the crew! I'd be so interested in seeing how they cook at home and why that dish is special to them and where they learnt it from.

  10. It’s official that they all collectively have 1 brain cell and it’s never Ryan’s turn to have it, and it usually belongs to Steven

  11. The clothes they are wearing are a cry for help! Steve is actually behind the camera & holding them hostage! Never trust a guy named Steve 😨

  12. Ryan and Shane: Steven’s not here to control our chaos !!! >:)

    Also Ryan and Shane: Steven’s not here 🙁 Steven please answer our calls

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