Half in the Bag Episode 113: Star Trek Beyond

Half in the Bag Episode 113: Star Trek Beyond

half in the bag maybe that's bad hey Mike did you know that the only company to still manufacture VCRs is gonna halt production at the end of the month oh my god they were still making VCRs up until now I guess maybe it's time to finally close up shop hey maybe it's not too late to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a lighthouse Jay what the fuck are you talking about and I'm not talking about the lighthouse part with no new VCRs being made we're going to be in business forever hmm yeah you might be right how else are people going to be able to watch their copy of how to have fun with billy-bob teeth or such classics as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rock and roll documentary film or the OJ Simpson workout or more importantly Jay how are people going to play their Star Trek The Next Generation interactive VCR board game oh my god Mike speaking of the Star Trek The Next Generation interactive VCR board game have you seen the OJ Simpson workout no Jay I have not seen the OJ Simpson workout video looks like nobody has it hasn't even been cut open unlike the cold Brown Simpson Oh murder jokes I killed it with that one my dad joined Starfleet because he believed in it I joined on a dare you joined to see if you could live up to him it's now time for a third Star Trek film this time directed by Justin Lin of The Fast & Furious films the crew of the enterprise is back a bad guy wants revenge a doomsday device is there mr. Scott wrote the script and there is no dog in the film white the reference city there's not a reference city so Mike what did you think of the beyond directed by Lucci Ulchi what does that mean Mike what did you think of from beyond directed by Stuart Gordon a place beyond the pines Mike what did you think of beyond the valley of the dolls starring Roger Ebert Roger Ebert you'd start on that building Road did you ever see place beyond the plain I did not I heard it was good good well Jay this movie was awesome I have a feeling we're gonna have differing opinions no I I enjoyed it I didn't think it was awesome it's as someone that did not like either of the previous movies I enjoyed this one well this is definitely the best of the three yes our Trek films it's the best Star Trek film since and actually it's better than Star Trek insurrection is it even fair to call it a Star Trek movie though and compare it to those other ones yes I mean maybe this one more so than the other but in general I think at this point we're past the point of people if you want to complain like oh these new Star Trek movies they're not real Star Trek like that's kind of moot at this point because it's we've reached a point where it's its own thing no it is I would call this the closest thing to real Star Trek than I've said I've seen since Star Trek essentially died after data exploded Oh spoilers spoilers for insert which one is that Shinzon that's nemesis nemesis after Tom Hardy Tom Hardy's green green electricity doomsday device killed data but for next gen films insurrection is the closest to a Star Trek film and and beyond is is closer to a Star Trek film with the wonderful touches of a great action and amazing set pieces and humor and fun this is this watching this I was like duh because my mind was like there's there are so many little references well that's I was going to ask you about because that's what killed into darkness for me was all the obvious ones that even summon or me like me got and it was really distracting and this one I didn't get any of them and I just watched it as its own it wasn't hit you over the head reference like on you know like into darkness was stupid yes this is is taking all those elements that worked and and putting them into a wonderful blender and making some really great smoothie out of it well it's the first one goes down easy because the only thing I've liked in the previous ones is the cast and their interactions I thought they they all play off each other really well and then the rest of the movies sucked this one they play off each other really well and it's supported by a decent story even though it is another the bad guy wants revenge story it's it's it's not obnoxious about it well that's the thing that surprised me there are three things that would have normally annoyed me bad guy wants revenge doomsday device and inappropriate music in a Star Trek film but for some reason all three we'll get into that later idling but yeah worked perfectly yeah I think the core that like the first act of this movie it felt so Stark it was like you have this this cute little opening that actually had a point like unlike into darkness yeah it wasn't like just oh we're all we're good we're going adventurers and fight it was it was like the it brought everything back to the function of what Starfleet is and what the purpose of it is seek out new life new civilizations Starfleet is a giant like like everybody holds hands and tries to get a long thing it's a big United Nations of many different worlds that all like every world that's in starch Starfleet can become a protectorate of it it's basically like a big Universal Universal United Nations like I said and so they have all these the the core beliefs the prime directive and and sort of this ethos like we're going to we're going to work all work together towards a goal where we don't argue amongst each other and that was a big thing with with Roddenberry and next gen when next gen started have you watched that documentary by William Shatner no where it's like that the captain's that one no not the captain that's the ego project right yeah where Shatner talks more than his interview subject no it was about the the the origins of next gen and how it started off kind of rocky had when Gene Roddenberry was still alive and he didn't want the characters on the show to like have interpersonal conflicts everyone in the future in the 24th century lives in a happy world where everyone gets along yeah the conflicts come with with problem-solving and dealing with aliens and stuff like that well this is the first one of these new Star Trek movies to really set that up well yeah we're there weren't I mean there bones is cranky and cantankerous sure they all have their characteristics but in there it's about the overall worlds you know people living together but also these characters specifically working together right in a way that's they didn't really do well on the other – yeah you find everyone has their strengths and you use it to work as a team and all that kind of stuff you know with next-gen the writers were like we want we want all the characters not to get along and argue you know good that's drama comes from conflict yeah how can we write scripts without drama this found this found a wonderful balance of of that old Star Trek philosophy and mixed in the action sequences and all the little Star Trek nuggets and and the way that the characters acted no one acted like these were the closest to the original cast I even like cooked in this Kirk in this one I didn't really like Chris Pine and the other two right he there's a lovely little scene with him in bones where they're just sharing a drink early on and he talks about how like oh I'm a year older than my father was when he died and it actually makes you give a shit about Kirk for the first time in any of these movies yeah that's how Star Trek to the Wrath of Khan start that's I was writing of the Wrath of Khan now traffic on ends this one's closer to Wrath of Khan than the graphic on one without a feeling derivative I mean to absent friends is is the toast after Spock dies absent friends they also echo that in nemesis direction friend absent friends after data's dead and they do this at the end of this but in Star Trek to opens up Kirk is an admiral what is it before your eyes for most patient your age I generally administer Retton acts 5 I'm allergic to retinas exactly cheers Cheers bones gives him a birthday gift spectacles and used to wear spectacles to look at things he's feeling old and kind of useless wait are you talking about Kirk or William Shatner time well Shatner has currently old and useless I'm probably dead before this review goes out no happened J james t kirk played by William Shatner and Star Trek to the refcon he's like I'm old and and that that movie had that underlying theme of and so did insurrection where insurrection was about nad Merle who goes off the rails and wants to steal this this this this this radiation that's hitting this planet that makes makes you get youthful makes you basically it's a Fountain of Youth essentially but there's this little indigenous population of people that live on this planet and it's against the Federation rules to kick them off their planet and so Picard goes AWOL and he's like nope we can't just steal these peoples homes it's against our rules you know it's against the prime directive and and I like stories like that and this one this one was my only only downside to it was guy wants revenge he wanted revenge for kind of a purpose he was I think he was military nuts and that also felt abandoned he felt a little under written and it feels like they didn't give you too much information about him until like right before the end and then they suddenly dump this stuff on you well it was a little bit early on but you really I mean I appreciate that they kind of doled out the information but it felt like oh we're approaching the end zone they just kind of dumped it all there I mean there have been many Star Trek stories where former captains go crazy and do crazy things it was I would I would say it's serviceable because it's everything else in this movie that works aside from the villain that I thought was kind of under written yeah and the villain was his name Crowell was his name Crowell like roll with an O o crawl like the movie okay okay guy was very confused they kept talking about that and I thought they all just wanted to get together and watch movie crawls starring Liam Neeson is very distracting but yeah that that Crowell villain is played by a idris elba who's a very good actor and here he just kind of grunts a lot I am counting on it yeah a little bit underused Idris Elba was of course on the office you know Michael I know needs an away to a sexual history well thanks perfect because we have now arrived at Kevin and he has no sexual history hey how about I just say hi to everyone at one time that's right he was I forgot he was on several episodes directed by Paul Feig oh the director of the hit film ghostbusters yeah you spent all this time trying to be your father naughty wondering just what it means to be you you didn't like Kirk I didn't like Kirk in the previous two films because they're like which james t kirk like well he's um he's a womanizer yeah as everyone knows him kissing the green lady so he let's make him look this big rash I'm so awesome guy and he really wasn't Kirk was very like level-headed and smart yeah and he wasn't like this like frat boy and they took all the characters and just sort of yep to the the most simplistic aspect of here except response everybody in yell all the time yeah but not in this one no no Spock Asst is more Spock ish than ever in this one he gets emotional abut Spock also got emotional in TOS sure Spock strikes emotions overpower him but only briefly yeah unless he has has sniffed magical flowers and power on a hippie love planet this anarchic shit sounds stupid Kirk has to beat him with a pipe in order to break him back alright you mutinous disloyal computerized half-breed we'll see about you deserting my ship nevermind the Stars and Star Trek shit sounds great yeah that's a real episode I got to be out of it I had with this pipe he also gets emotional in this though in relation to the Leonard Nimoy Spock which I thought was handled very well yes it was handled mostly without any dialogue which I likes is it was it was very understated and sweet yeah and the and the what felt like before the the pointless romance between Spock and Uhura oh I love to think kind of got rid of that almost immediately you should have this back drawn to your mother it is not in the Vulcan custom to receive again that which was given as a gift well but they get rid of it early on he's like uh we broke up the first scene they've talked about how they're breaking up or they just broke up or whatever but it establishes this necklace that comes into play nicely later in the movie mmm it was a nice like before it's like okay Spock Spock's got a we go hers got to do something yeah original series in the movies her a check off Sulu and Scotty to a certain extent didn't really do anything you know it was always the trifecta right um check off did nothing in our meetings Chekov and Sulu is just crewman their crew members but I mean they have their character quirks but like Oh ro would always be like um picking AB whale sounds or hurrican you make the whale find out where the whale sounds are your the you know the communications officer okay yeah and then in this one like oh where did stuff like that yeah she she didn't it wasn't like every character has to be hyper charged and so when Smaug adore her I had their relationship in the first one I'm like this this feels so forced and stupid and this one it existed because it had in previous films and now it's like Spock wants Spock is like feeling this this this compulsion to help propagate his species because they've been wiped out and he feels like mating with a Vulcan woman and creating more Vulcans is a more logical thing to do and so the conflict with that is is so subtle so well done and so tasteful and and I think at the end when he looks at the picture of the original crew you know you really get a little bit of emotion takes over this is where I belong yeah I'm going to take the route the illogical route you guys break up what you do a typically reductive inquiry doctor you know Spock if nerd girl says it's me not you it's definitely you would you say that this felt like I think I mentioned this in our into darkness review or it's the opening of that movie felt like like the random episode towards the end of the run of a TV show when everything feels kind of stale and forced this whole movie would you say it felt like a good episode of a Star Trek show because it felt smaller in scale it felt more streamlined in a way that I liked it wasn't bogged down with convoluted shit everywhere ya know it other than they like it's hard to compare it to the TV series because the TV series lacked budget and this I mean from a story perspective or it's like oh they crash land on this planet and everybody split up and they've gotta get back together it felt like a like a very very good Star Trek movie because I don't know that there was there's lots of things in this that that were kind of like pulled from the series I mean they did they did the swarm in Star Trek Voyager okay I was sort of like the B story on the episode there was a the a story was like I don't know the doctor doing something I really can't remember but the B story was there is a swarm of teeny tiny ships that are coming at us and they were like shoot the phasers into it it's not really doing anything oh shit here they come yeah they're clamping onto the ship everywhere wasn't like as violent and over-the-top as it was in this one but chair they're coming on board you know it was like a neat concept I was like that's pretty cool that's a cool villain the swarm yeah tens of thousands of tiny ships attacking you at once is an interesting concept and the Voyager didn't do anything with it glad they brought that back I don't know that was a pre-established thing yeah why it's radically different from this now it was so small in comparison but there was there's lots of little things like Scotty references the the giant green hand you know glowing green hand in space no okay I didn't see as someone that didn't know that was a reference it just works as a kind of an amusing line a giant green hand there are lots of references and I think Simon Pegg may have been making a reference to Tuvix I don't know how much science Simon Pegg knows about Star Trek I always a big Star Wars guy I have a feeling he watched every Star Trek show in in order I mean I'm gonna assume he knows more than Robert ortt see and Robert Kurtzman but they made a joke about a McCoy in Spock being melded together once they beam back oh yeah that made me think of David Cronenberg's the fly was that a Star Trek reference well yeah and and uh Scotty goes that so that would be the worst thing that would happen it was the worst idea ever or something like that and there's a Voyager episode where Neelix the happy-go-lucky hobbit character and Tuvok the emotionless Vulcan get blended into a new being called Tuvix oh my god and they're like it to vixx is its own thing you know we can't tell it to separate he's like I like myself now I'm tuvok's and they're like we can't force it to come back apart new person what do we do I don't know all those ethnic there's lots of ethical questions in Star Trek that's what makes our Trek fun is all the ethical questions so many good good shows dealing with that and then there's a lot early you know dumb action episodes or whatever but it's hard to do an ethics a storyline in a big-budget movie this was like I thought they did what they could as far as all the characters like like Kirk is thinking about leaving Starfleet's and Spock I say you know I'll even start early and then their reasons for staying and all that stuff is it's in there and I liked early on there wasn't a lot of action so when it does happen it's actually exciting because it's not like overload right it'll get a little more excessive towards the end a little bit but not together on it inside the then the whatever that plug not planet yeah there's a space station yeah the space station whatever that was called worked Yorktown something like that some of that stuff was like but then they do something clever like because it's it's this weird planet shape thing or all the the the buildings are coming together it's like an Escher painting or something so there's all these different gravitational poles and they're using that to get from one point to the other yeah it's like okay let's at least need uh yeah then you have lotsa I mean at someday J I'll go through this film with fine-tooth comb okay and point out all the references it isn't uncommon you know it's easy to get lost and the vastness of space there's only yourself you shit your crew but the best and funnest part of the movie I think was the USS franklin they discover a crashed starship do you think there was some sort of subtle nod on simon Pegg's part to get him back to a simpler idea of Star Trek when this movie is a hole going back to an old ship yeah none of them kind of reviving an old ship well maybe maybe you have metaphorical her I just like the fact that I thought that was a it was a call back to Scott Bakula Enterprise oh really was the same basically the same design like against class ship that was so cool to see that in this movie and it was like the first you know I think I don't I don't know Enterprise of early on it was like oh you know we broke this barrier the warp for barrier the word v barrier and so that was a thing on that series was like getting the ships to go faster and faster so that that was like era specifically correct you know k and so watching that ship fly around like a nod to enterprise was also quite amazing we will find hope than the impossible should we get into spoilers yeah because there's another thing we got to talk about towards the end here so all right spoilers well we got to talk about the use of sabotage sabotage by the Beastie Boys sabotage if someone had explained that to me before seeing the movie I would have rolled my eyes because I think of the first two Star Trek movies and how lame they are you and it actually works in this movie that's what this doesn't get messy but it works in the context of if it was just that song plane during action scene I'd be like this is stupid but the fact that it is a part of the scene where they're playing the song it actually kind of worked and was fun in a way that I am surprised by and was well set up yeah because the the downed ship is inhabited by our alien friend Kayla Jayla yeah who I liked yeah yeah there was a good character um and she discovers an archive of music and likes to play Public Enemy fight the power and then she goes I like the beats and the yelling that's funny yeah it's funny and then it works it's it's blended in properly and it's not like what was it the other one on the radio or something it was just that's how that doesn't it how the first one started with a little Kurt driving a stolen sports car and yeah because just playing on the city blaring and it's like this is how we're being introduced to Star Trek this is weird but in this movie yeah it's it's in a context and when they bring it back later on it's it's a clever way to defeat the the swarm yeah and it works I can't believe that sequence works if you were to explain it to me I would not I would say that sounds like the worst thing ever but it's fun yeah the movie wins you over by that point yes yeah yeah this is where the frontier pushes back what the hell is this I know why you here why we are all here but I think the big key to everything is is the trifecta the Kirk Spock McCoy McCoy has stuff to do in this movie boy he's so swept to the side in the previous two yeah they knew what to do Simon Pegg and somebody else co-wrote this they did a great job dealing with the characters mainly Kirk Kirk was not like everyone everyone has this like idea of Captain Kirk that's very inaccurate from what the show is okay and they got it right Kirk is he's a good leader and he's level-headed he's not the the crazed do you I'm going to take risks and jump and explode and you know do all this kind of stuff even though it does right around a motorcycle there was the one thing I thought was kind of lame when they established that this old motorcycle is on the old ship again that's just an excuse to have him jump around later in the movie I liked the moment it's not it really spoiler because it's in the trailer but I like the you know they're gonna be transported as he's jumping off because he has to get to the the Jayla girl but it actually works and then the it's another thing that if like in the trailer I saw it is like that looks so lame but in the context of this movie it works pretty well yeah the the it's all it's all and it's all set up – yeah the her her weird thing where she um does the Superman – thing where she's jumping around everywhere has some kind of like reflecting hologram technology and then they use that later and then the the gaseous substance that turns out crystal yeah use that everything's set up and I think the assignment was make a big-budget action movie with big spectacular action scenes but at the same time retain all the good qualities of the characters have them scaled back to where they feel like the real characters and have that that the under layer of the Starfleet ethos or philosophy and make it all work and this was like the best example of them might have taken three movies to get it right because Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman what the other film oh this this film made me it made me sort of emotional which is surprising because o it had the surprising thing to me was it had all these elements in it that normally you'd think I would hate playing to Beastie Boys song during Star Trek action sequence bad guy wants revenge doomsday weapon uh but like all that worked the movie worked and then you had like these these kind of real-life elements that were involved the actual passing of Leonard Nimoy incorporated in the story yeah uh Quinto showing the the old cast photo from Star Trek 6 and then of course what happened with Anton Yelchin which I don't know if this was I think the movie is completely done before he passed away but there's when they do that toast at the end then he says to what does he say to the absent friend captain friends and he's in the shop the next yeah they cut from that close-up of him saying that immediately Anton Yelchin is in the middle the frame was like oh my god after just watching that new Ghostbusters movie like like Harold Ramis having having died yeah it was a couple years ago now but Leonard Nimoy you know Spock Egon and it's like and then and then it was it was bittersweet because this film made me feel like Star Trek it was kind of like it was like someone had shocked the corpse not a team and they're all just kind of sitting there and then he said you know it's alive you know it can be alive and it has has to go through some some PT physical therapy it has to has to have some some work done but it's it's kind of like alive again and you have these big giants like characters passing and what happened to Anton Yelchin is is separate but it's also sad you know and then we have this news TV series and running through my brain I'm like wow yeah we can have a new TV series which is supposed to supposedly episodic in in seasons where at second season one is going to be a story about this in this time period it's not going to be like seven seasons of one crew like okay traditional Star Trek is could be closer to like American Horror Story where this is going to be about this flash-forward 200 years about this Klingon things in this universe that's interesting and that's I liked the little touch in the Captain's Log at the beginning of this movie when Kirk talking about were near three over five year mission and things are starting to feel episodic yes and I thought that was a nice little nod that little little cute things like that in the dialogue but and then I'm like hey Alma TNG people are still with us like people have been remaking old stuff they brought back bringing back Twin Peaks they're bringing back the rest they brought back Arrested Development they brought back full house I mean for God's sakes they can bring back we can we can jump and see what's happened with the next generation crew uh 20 years later 98 was nemesis Captain Riker on the USS Titan which his wife Deanna Troi are doing stuff Picard's kind of Admiral where's Janeway at well she's locked up in prison when when the last two films felt like I was walking into a grave you know what I mean it felt like Star Trek is in Star Trek any Star Trek isn't Star Trek and it felt like the death throes like oh god here we go and while this movie did have tons and tons of huge epic action set pieces it was like being a being like those three notes that open the Star Trek theme there it is I hear it it's still there sort of Simon Pegg brought it back from the dead kind of and it's kind of alive and and so it made me another melancholy a bittersweet but at the same time hopeful I can hope see Adonai obviously I'm not a Star Trek guy so I didn't get those emotions out of it specifically but I did feel like this movie had more of a heart than the other two and the connections like I know Star Trek through pop culture basically so the the way they handled Leonard Nimoy or the looking at the the old the photo of the old crew like you know that worked for me is someone that just knows it as this pop culture thing whoo-hoo it had a heart in a way that the last two did not it's like Simon Pegg and whoever else wrote the script with them had to deconstruct what they had done with the first two films and go yeah yeah let's start over we got to put in the action but if we're gonna put in the action let's have some sort of connection to the characters so we care about the action yeah it was not some I'm not saying suggesting that this search of beyond was some like brilliantly written movie about ethics it was just like fuck it boil everything down I've been surprised I didn't bring a prime directive more which would have which would have added stuff to it it was more like the what the Federation is and what it represents teamwork yeah all the different alien species working together the the harmony of the unit I know why you're here why we are all here our captain will come for us mercy will be the last thing on his mind I am counting on it fear of death is illogical fear of death is what keeps us alive so why could you recommend Star Trek beyond absolutely is but one of my more enjoyable films I've seen in recent yeah what's a years oh my god I mean it's great I thought it was great as far as like a kind of untying my cynicism in terms of Star Trek like or like I said shocked it back to life a little bit you know when we saw that first trailer and yourself from another or that trailer like you're yeah oh no you know it right around motorcycles oh god I was not expecting to actually like this film I mean you know I had one eye open because the sign up egg was a screenwriting but I was like yeah and none of the actual Star Trek feature films are really that great to be honest I mean their motion picture in Wrath of Khan motion picture and Star Trek 5 of course Sarek six is good stay I like all the original cast movies except for five two and three are like adventure films yeah they're they're really not very heady yeah Star Trek one is historic one is a great concept and Star Trek six I really like Star Trek six the next gen films I mean I don't know you ever expressed your opinions on the next gen films that were real maybe maybe someday you should make some sort of video essay explaining those movie there are a bunch of shite definitely go see it that's a movie anybody can enjoy that's why I would recommend it as someone who's not a big Star Trek fan and did not like the first two Star Trek movies I thought this was fun I especially like I feel like this has been a pretty shit summer for movies when you think of the big like popcorn movies except for Civil War this is the only other one that I can think of that felt like a like a fun popcorn movie that actually holds together we're not just like I like the action I guess I enjoyed this movie I enjoyed all the characters in it in the way they interacted that's what held it all together for me that's that is the one weak point I'll say is the villain but it's it's elevated by everything else right a little more a little more work on that villain and his motivation well maybe they'll improve it on the next movie and they'll have the villain I want to get revenge oh maybe I'll take in a different route and have a villain that wants to get revenge but well that's what they did Jane oh I mean the opposite of that a villain who wants to be friends must make new friends sure why not oh no a villain who who had a beef with someone earlier but what's the patch things up there you go that would be that would be an inverse of everything are you going to read you my friend again whatever the cost and I have this giant giant doomsday friendship device the giant hug machine turn your planet to paradise solve all of your worldly problems like hunger disease then we will be friends Farah will do it do it pardon me you like sassy well now that we're done talking about the movie I've already forgotten I guess we should get back to work yeah now that they've stopped making VCRs our phone will be ringing off the hook yeah so let's just wait for that oh sure yeah any second now I'm sure knock it over when I pick up the phone you what are you reading that's the making of Jurassic Park oh I didn't know he had this Oh let's take a look here is it embarrassing no his name is a Gaul wrong yes I thought so chief future access pewter access science lamb go to the science lab Oh a little tricorder prop cinch us but it doesn't Bend definitely is breast cancer Oh clean and ceremonial dagger spinner access click on symbol it's like the price is right chief Klingon challenge tricorders oh my god the function and lightning fast VCR repair this is Mike how can I help you uh-huh uh-huh yes aha okay all right it was a wrong number

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  1. How do you bring up ethics as a positive for the episode of Voyager tuvix, did you see that episode at all? Captain Janeway forces tuvix to be murdered at gunpoint so she can get her Bridge officer Tuvok Back, that episode was not the Bastion of ethical Behavior

  2. What a difference switching out "Mystery Box" Abrams and the Kurtzmann/Orci duo for a Fast and Furious director and one of the cast members can make to the third film in this trilogy.

  3. It's heartbreaking to hear the hope in Mike's voice over the future of Star Trek versus what we actually got.

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    For those who don't want a movie review, skip to 37:53

  5. YouTube keeps telling me that I haven't finished this video yet but I refuse to sit through their experimental short film at the end more than once

  6. I'm sensing paralells with the Star Wars movies (the new trilogy). The first one got the ball rolling to MOSTLY positive reviews, the second one fucked it up and now the third one that was saved largely by Simon Pegg. I can't help but wonder what would the new Star Wars film be if they let Simon write it. Look how happy Mike was with this Star Trek. Instead The Rise Of Skywalker was written by JJ "the Mystery Box" Abrams and the guy who's written Batman v Superman and The Justice League. Fuck us all. Still not sure if I want to see the result on the big screen. I think I'm just looking forward to the Half in the Bag review. May the f…….oooh, fuck it.

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