Happiness Tour

Happiness Tour

[Applause] Jim did you forget to ask if he actually has a ticket did you check your pocket hello and welcome to the happiness tour all right yeah okay yeah hope you're having a wonderful day filled with joy and joy my name is Mel and I'll be your tour guide for as long as I feel like it please step into the door on your left that's the one not on your right or in the middle it's the one on your left thank you welcome to content ville the most content village on earth here you won't find a single person who isn't content because they're always eating tasty food or listening to cool music alright yeah this is our most famous attraction here it's an I can't remember all right let's move on to the next door we are now entering ulation burg while there aren't many icebergs here there sure are a lot of happy people they're just having a great time being elated and happy a lot of that has to do with the kind of water now back in the day halation Berg used to be called elation port but the people who lived here thought that sounded too similar to Britain can we move on please and here we are the last door hope there aren't any goats behind here haha please enter the door now welcome to euphoria the best happiest most amazing exciting happiest brilliant Raby and exciting wonderful amazing we can all go for a swim in the lake but only after we eat ice cream sandwiches oh and maybe we could play street fighter – that would just be peachy oh and then we could go to the water park and ride the water slides and keep eating ice lollies – Cherry you

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  1. i guess this means the lower your neutral emotional baseline is the more effective the kick will be when it gets raised.

  2. I haven't ever succeed explaining this fact to a single person. Maybe I should use your "baseline sensation" metaphor from now on.

  3. There's a saying that goes;
    "When there is no more, remember what once was"

    Anyway, great vid. It's always nice to see someone with similar philosophy

  4. 7 dislikes (by the time this comment was made). 7 dislikes by either dumbasses or people who just want to be dicks.

  5. I'm gonna smash that like button so hard it's partner will hear it and come running, decide they want a divorce, take the kids but not be able to support them without being forced to do multiple jobs, causing the like button's children to never have a stable home life, driving one of them into drugs which will eventually lead to their early death, whilst the other tries to fill the void left by absent parents with a long string of failed marriages and having children with multiple partners until one day they realise they've turned into like button and take up drinking…

    That's how much I enjoyed this video.

  6. The baseline point appears… flawed. While, yes, you cant always have happiness in your life (I think Brave New world touches on that, but i only know the movie, sadly), and only trying to experience happiness or presenting happiness sardonically is unhealthy.
    It implies something for the opposite, you can be happy, even if the baseline is extremely lowered, you're just in the opportunity to experience more things as happy things.
    Which I dont want to be true. Making someone's life better from the ground up should improve your happiness. If the people are content in slavery, why bother with freedom?

    Also… isnt there a thing where Human brains have a subtractionary thinking? What i mean is: If you ask two parents about their children in an objective way, they will tell you, that they're work, annoying most of the time, but every step forward, every happy moment washes away the annoyance from memory.

  7. Really great content Mikasacus, you have a knack for making meaningful yet poignant material. It seems like a harmless kind of funny video but then you raise these questions and dive into deep philosophical theories. You explore those theories really well and I greatly enjoy watching your videos.

  8. I guess if you agree that happiness becomes possible to experience only in its difference from baseline feeling, then you are also saying it is entirely subjective and self created, as anything objective would not be affected by a kind of feeling ceiling or need to be readjusted at all.

  9. So it's like a "getting used to" situvation for example; a person one mid-earning (between rich and poor) can feel poor and wants to be like a rich person but for a poor guy his state is rich and for rich that person can feel poor and wants to be richest…ect ect

  10. "The darker the night, the brighter the stars. The deeper the grief, the closer is God." – Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment

  11. Makes me wonder what makes kids so happy then..
    Perhaps they're happier because they aren't yet aware of what "baseline happiness" is supposed to be?
    They just focus on what keeps them content instead of constantly aiming for a consistent form of elevation in their mood..
    Hence why adults are perceived as depressed to the more youthful;
    They're always trying to raise the barrier of "baseline happiness" to a stage where it will only make them more miserable.

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