Harley Davidson Touring EXHAUST

Harley Davidson Touring EXHAUST

welcome back guys it's Wednesday we've got a new video I mentioned this week's video would be about a car show well I changed my mind we haven't been in the shop in a little while since last week I've talked about these sunglasses so in today's video we're gonna get back in the shop we're gonna install some mufflers and hear some sound bites and all that good stuff so let's hurry up and get there now if this is your first time here you may not know me my name is John Maxwell I'm a highly trained unprofessional right here at Chattahoochee harley-davidson and on this channel I bring you guys to work with me so if you want to learn more about harley-davidson you should hit the subscribe button right now now I mentioned that today we're doing muffler install a couple tips on different kinds and we're doing some sound clips on a Vance & Hines 450 a Rinehart for inch and a what's that other one cobra neighbor haters which I've actually already installed on this channel before but this one doesn't have a head pipe now today is no performance everybody just wanted the sound that Harley sound that a stock set of mufflers doesn't have they're actually all older videos though that I filmed while we're slow because now we're kind of busy this is the current situation of the shop as you might imagine we're a little busy Antonio actually isn't even working with us anymore we've got a new tech you guys already know Travis but he was a service rider and now he is officially moved his tools in and he's wrenching the reason I even bring all this up though is because I see all your video requests and while I would love to get to them for the next couple of weeks we might be doing well some stuff not necessarily within the shop or it's gonna be videos a film I never got around to editing so today is one of those videos so let's install some dancing ions for 50s that's the stock sound we're gonna pull these mufflers off pull Vance and Hines 450s did he order it on there but there's one problem with this bike it has the wrong license plate on it I got to fix that before I can work on it boom now I can work on it [Applause] [Applause] got it we'll see what the 450s look like I had installed a set of these hadn't heard them yet we package them up pretty nice hold this box Antonia probably could have moved the camera look still trying to like make money on the job here too you know we got there Oh whole bunch of bracketry I'll show you how these mount up all crazy not like the stock one because they're gigantic yes so step muffler design to see if you can see through there tell my flashlights dude so I can't show them what a crush Antonio for the win kind of see how it's a little smaller like the head pipe size and then bigger and bigger and bigger into it it's four and a half inches little bit of Windex help the new bracket go in there [Applause] well Tony was doing that I'll show you what what's going on here the muffler clamp I don't want to angle it in such a way that it's not like stupid looking you know this is the bracket that Vance and Hines uses seeing guys install it and not realize that it needs this bracket and it ends up looking really goofy because your Vance and Hines logo is right here if you don't use the bracket no Moulton quite line up right it ends up like way far back and then the logo will be facing down people make brackets to extend them out so it lines up right this way then everything's still pointing down you've had a manufacturer brackets for your $500 mufflers not what correct way to do it so the reason why I can't finish my side yet is because when you do all this you want the mufflers to be even you don't want one farther out from the back of the bike than the other so you get everything set up remaining loose and before you tie anything you kind of match everything up get the muffler line up with a heat shield correctly and with the back of the bike and you sometimes you just have to go with what like a compromise of what looks best sometimes I'll hopefully the end of business day here antoniou finish up his side so what I mean about the heat shield a muffler line it up is like this weld point right here in the muffler covers what you don't go far forward there doesn't then match up with the other just a little tech tip for you sound check so those brackets at the 450 shoes that's like a Vance and Hines oversize muffler installed only I think I can't think of another one off the top of my head that uses a system like that but the next bike up is actually this one I filmed this like a month ago originally but the guy ordered a bunch of painted parts when he bought the bike this is not the one that we installed the tour back on by the way so because painted parts take a while and the guy just bought the bike we installed we could and now that his painted parts are in he's actually back again Cobra mufflers the neighbor haters is what I'm installing and they're well pretty much the same as stock I still have some tips for you on the install but we're gonna cut through the hole you'll see coming up don't get that stuff on your rotor that was sucked alright that clamp right there I'm gonna put it this far like even with the edge of the muffler prevent an exhaust leak right there check your gap right here make sure that looks good make sure that gap is good right here this should be about even right here even up these two mufflers together you know one like way out here one in there sound check number three is actually screaming Eagle so it already has some mufflers they're just not what the guy wants so sound check [Applause] all right that's all you get because it's gonna get hot and I got to change this slip-ons so these are the Rhinehart four inch chrome obviously for the Milwaukee eight one thing I don't like about Reinhart setup though is you have to use new hardware just makes it more annoying then why can't these use the stock stuff for what it's worth always open the box of the muffler within the box of the both mufflers because I pulled one of those single muffler boxes out before and the bottom wasn't taped so I just dropped like a really expensive muffler right on the ground thanks packaging people [Applause] don't fall I don't find that alone oh crap let me go Oh soundcheck let me know down in the comments what you think stock screamin eagle mufflers or Reinhart orange alright guys that's it muffler install should be really easy but it's also really easy to make it look like well an unprofessional installment so now you got some extra tips so you know how to do it and make it look good so hopefully you like the sound clips and if you like the video give it a big dirty thumbs up and if you want to see more videos like this make sure that that subscribe button tap the Bell notification so you know when I'm uploading and I'll see you guys in the next one you

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  1. John thanks for the video. This video answered my question – that a HD service shop would install non-Harley parts? Is there a limit to the type of non-Harley parts that a dealership will install? Thanks in advance.

  2. I have Reinharts 4" with black tips on my 2004 ultra and I love the sound and I can piss off my neighbors any time of the day or night. Keep the vids rollin'

  3. Cobra sounds the best out of these – looks the best too. Wish their headpipe performed better down low.

  4. It's all taste on exhaust. I go with a blended approach; my bike is a touring bike and it doesn't need to deafen me on a 700+ mile ride, but needs to be audible above the stock level. That being said I listened to the Screaming Eagle in person, the V&H, the Cobras, and the Rhineharts were already on my bike at purchase. There are a few others out there comparable, as well. Rhineharts were the balance for me, but on my prior muscle cruiser it was V&H and head pipe combo that was perfect. I'm keeping stock head pipe since I intend very lengthy ride time and want my situational awareness about me as far as the touring goes…but she'll sound off when I give it the BRRRAAAAPP! It's not obnoxious, but it's not my style. The SE set was way to mild… just above stock. The V&H likely would be a close second because I love their sound; I always have. The Cobra NHs would be too much for an extended ride unless you're already hearing impaired, I'd guess. Just my figure. Best advice is to sample around and go hear what you think will be right IN PERSON if possible. 😉

  5. Maybe you can understand why so many of us steer clear of the dealership. Near the end of the video, you're banging a part on the floor that is going on a $40k bike. Imagine what happens at the dealerships without video–or what DOESN'T happen but still gets billed to me.

  6. Hay John I have my bike at the H-D shop and I have a slip on from drag specialties on a 2018 m8 107,with out a tune will u loose power

  7. I have a 2018 streetglide special with rineharts slip on ! Now I’m looking for headers and air intake which one do you recommend

  8. John, my 2015 Dyna Low Rider came with the two into one, and it’s the quietest exhaust I’ve ever had. Does the Screaming eagle night stick offer a better sound or should I go with Vance and Hines? I’m just wanting your opinion.

  9. Bought a 2012 Roadking a few months back….it already had V&H twin slash rounds on it with the stock head pipe. Installed a Cobra headpipe on it and V&H fuelpak….I like it and it runs good. Still trying to get the decel pop dialed out of it without going the dyno-tune (for now) route… think it's a good setup with some good thump

  10. When your buddy with the pony tail pulled the right rear muffler bracket out and whacked the rear fender @4:25 ……….Damn!! LOL

  11. In your opinion, what are the better slip on exhaust w/ stock headers, with regard to volume..aka 'NOISE'? I am looking for loud and thunder sound/noise. Thanks!

  12. I have a 2018 road glide special, if I'm just doing slipons and keeping stock air cleaner and head pipes I don't need a tune right?

  13. Nice vids…so I just ordered a stage 1 for my new 2019 triglyde..SE tuner, SE hi flow air, and rhineharts…now Im in California…whats my options on the rhineharts slip ons as far as size and what do you recommend thanks

  14. I love my thunder cones from Thunderheader. They’re awesome. My 15 Roadglide has the Yaffe true duals. Love the low tones. I wasn’t looking for something that loud because of the audio on the bike. The roadking with the thunder cones with Klock werks true dual headers is obnoxiously loud. 😎👍🏻

  15. I'd prefer mechanics that are a little more careful with my s*** that guy whacked the hell out of that fender

  16. Sounds balls. Or if you like chirping you can drill out the stock baffles. Did it while waiting for my V&H big radius. Sounded better than stock though.

  17. John does it not void warranty to put on vance and hines? I have been told you have to go with screaming eagle???? Please get back to me soon. I'm really wanting to put some one asap

  18. Hey j, thanks for your videos. Definitely the 3rd sounds better and not that loud. What kind of lift you use to work on your bikes?

  19. I like the Reinhart Four Inch. I have them on my 2016 RoadKing with 2-1-2 headers. Loud, but not obnoxious.Great sound going down the highway.

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