Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 7 – Geometric Trees Design

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  1. Mmm, so many treats, I do love apple cider and just about any traditional Puerto Rican dish. Love this card! Btw, your hair looks awesome. New haircut?

  2. Great design. I love pumpkin pie, but my fave Christmas treat is Sugar Cookie Cutouts, I have my Grandmother's recipe and learned how to roll out the dough when I was a teen. The best years were when my Mom & I made then together. She watched the oven and I rolled the dough.

  3. Beautiful holiday card. My winter/christmas treat is clementines, it's so hard to stop eating them. And they smell christmas.

  4. Love this card beautiful my favorite treat well I dont like sweets much but I would have to say sweet potatoes not many people like them but it's always nice to have them with Turkey

  5. Raisin filled cookies, Gingerbread boys, Russian Tea Cakes, gumdrop bar cookies, magic cookie bars, apple pie, cherry pie, pumpkin pie, mincemeat (not the real meat kind) pie, popcorn balls…my mom and I used to spend a weekend making cookies to give away for years before she passed away. Now I cannot eat gluten and have cut way back on sugar so my cookie, pie, and cake making days are in the past. I make Gingerbread boy Christmas cards instead! I am enjoying your holiday series, Kristina!

  6. My favorite candy is the Hershey's cherry cordial kisses! They are only available at Christmas and I've had two bags already!

  7. Beautiful card Kristina! Love the dramatic effect, and the way it was toned down to make the sentiment stand out 😘😘

  8. Buñuelos and churros with a hot chocolate!!
    We love it, those pastries are so delicious and so much work that I only make it once a year!!
    My birthday is December 25 and usually I request buñuelos instead of 🍰😁. They happily obligated to do, best present ever.
    Lovely card and yes I have Christmas trees stamps, New way to use them for the Christmas cards

  9. Kristina- Enjoying your Christmas Holiday card series. My favorite treat at Christmas is my peanut butter fudge. Have to wait until it is cold outside to make. Makes a lot so its easy to share and still have enough for me.

  10. Beautiful card!!!! My favorite Christmas treat are the Royal Dansk Cookies! They are Danish butter sugar cookies…so yummy!

  11. Wow, when i first saw the thumbnail image of the card earlier in the day yesterday, i thought it was out of triangular cutouts of a pattern paper…

  12. My favorite drink treat is peppermint hot chocolate from Barnes & Noble. Mama & I always get a cup (each, of course!) on Black Friday when we go shopping. For food, I would say turkey with jellied cranberry sauce (the sauce is in beside, not inside, the turkey). Though I found a recipe last year for mint chocolate chip cookies that have mint-filled Oreos inside. You get about 12-13 cookies from the recipe, due to their generous size. 🙂 I have made them a few times (OK, they're not just for the holidays! LOL), and they are to die for! Thank you for sharing your card. I love the drama. I would probably (since I don't have Copics) stamp the trees, watercolor them, and then cut them out and adhere them to a cardstock panel in a similar pattern. Granted, if you're careful, you could probably paint the background around the trees as well & have everything on one layer. And thank you for the tip on inking the area around the greeting. It really helped, but didn't obliterate the trees in that area. Great idea! Take care, & have an awesome day! 🙂

  13. I am a huge pecan pie fan. I also love my grandmother's cut out cookies which I know have been made at least 70 years. I make several batches each year. The secret ingredient is fresh nutmeg.

  14. My favourite Christmas tradition is the Christmas cake. It is a family recipe handed down from generation to generation . We all love it. I only ever make it at Christmas, it's a huge treat to finally take that first bite after waiting a whole year

  15. Love, love, love this card. It just pops when you used the black soot on it. You amaze me with each card you do. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  16. What a great idea for making the sentiment stand out! At first I didn’t believe it would look good, but I love the end result! I have to say it’s hard choosing just one favorite treat since I eat things I don’t normally have during the rest of the year. However, my husband and I make peanut brittle and almond roca as gifts and I always enjoy the smiles we get from our friends (plus I have an excuse for sampling).

  17. My favorite is Raisin Pie made by my grandmother GRISSOM! I learned how and wrote the recipe down and not that she went to heaven I make it! YUM

  18. I love everything about this card! I wasn’t sure I would like it when you started adding the black background but it is one of my favorites!! I really love the black ink blended behind the sentiment. I learned a lot from this video.

  19. WOW, lots of visual impact with this card. The black background on the greeting is brilliant! Cathy's style & clean design has quickly become my new favorite. So much art & crafting, so little time!! Really enjoying your Holiday Card Series.

  20. Your card series has inspired me to try lots of different techniques with truly unique results. My favourite Christmas treat is molasses cookies. Yummmmmy!

  21. Yes! I love the drama that the dark background adds to this card. Favorite holiday treat? Pie! Apple, cherry, pumpkin, sweet potato.

  22. A must have at our home for Christmas 🎄 is “buckeyes” (yes I live in Ohio). Not Christmas without those ❤️

  23. My mother used to make Penuche nuts for Christmas. Basically, candied walnuts. I don't get them much anymore, but they will always remind me of Christmas.

  24. Funny when I saw this the other day I thought "that would've made a good holiday series video" and here it is. Christmas (in fact most family celebrations) always meant my Aunt's apple pie and trifle, you always made room for those whatever else might be available. I've made trifle the way she did and it has turned out great but I haven't yet attempted the pie, the pastry was melt in the mouth and I have a fair idea how she made it but I'm always nervous it will never be as good and won't live up to expectation.

  25. Your cards are always beautiful, and this was no exception, your talent is amazing. My favorite treat for Christmas is Christmas cookies

  26. My favorite holiday treat is Coquito. It's a Puerto Rican beverage made and served during the holidays. Main ingredients are coconut milk, condensed milk and rum. Serve cold. It's amazing!

  27. My favorite treat is Chai spice tea-pumpkin pie spice, apple pie spice or just LOTS of cloves. Ethopian tea with cloves and cardamom is another new favorite tea.

  28. Christmas pizza😋😂. Who know that’s how you would take this card series to the next level. Love all the energy you put into these cards and videos.

  29. Kristina you never ever disappoint! All the cards you make are stunning, beautiful, cute…This card is soooooooo AMAZING!!! Very, very cool. Whipped pumpkin pie. It's not dense, it's so light and fluffy, with homemade whipped cream. Oh and ice cold eggnog. Tfs!

  30. This would be a cool design on a sweatshirt. You could use any words or phrase. Maybe even center on a metallic area behind the image.

  31. Peppermint bark is my favorite. Growing up I was not allowed to have it because my sister is allergic to red dye and my mom wanted it to be fair so when I was finally able to have it I fell in love

  32. Christmas Tree Pizza Cookies! Thinking of Christmas cookie dough rolled into a circle and sliced up like a pizza before baking. Then decorate those triangle cookies. Shove them back into a circle and voila! Pretty!

  33. Wow Kristina, what a fantastic modern design with perfect Copic coloring! Love the technique behind the embossed sentiment. No help on a favorite holiday treat, I love them all!!

  34. I did not suspect that this was the way you made this beautiful card. And I had no idea that this was the stamp set you used. Thanks for showing. My favorite treat always is chocolate bonbons, but when the holidays come I am looking forward te eat ‘oliebollen’, these are dough balls with raisins, fried in a frying pan, yum. (Dutch treat for newyearseve). Bye.

  35. I bake my grandmother's sugar cookies every year. Nobody has ever said that they weren't anything but absolutely delicious.

  36. The colouring on those trees is so dramatic. Fabulous against the black background. My favourite Christmas treats are traditional Christmas Pudding, and panettone.

  37. This is a beautiful card! I was concerned about so many dark colors on a festive card, but it really makes it pop. If I was going for a more traditional effect, I wonder if I could reproduce it as a peppermint in the middle. Great job as always!

  38. I love the look of your card for today. It's perfectly dramatic. My favorite holiday treat is my mom's homemade Almond Roca.

  39. I love how dramatic the card is. I will definitely be using the tip about blending ink behind the sentiment.
    My favourite treat at Christmas is Pavlova with fresh passionfruit, being hot in Australia we have a lot of different traditions to you.

  40. Beautiful stunning look. So elegant. These trees could be used just adding different colors. Great way to get the sentiment to stand out.

  41. I love the card. I just keep thinking of the cost for a new black marker. Couldn't you have stamped on white card stock then glue onto black? The black really does make everything pop.

  42. Love the colors of the card. I loved my mom’s fudge. We were a family of four kids so in order to save the fudge for Christmas my mom would hide it. One year she hid it in the organ seat and we didn’t find it till a couple of months after Christmas!

  43. Kristina I love the dramatic look of your card.. A person could try different colors to create drama. Like a rich royal blue deep and dark. …love the card. I love pumpkin pie too and Christmas candy. Then I love love sweets. I have to watch it now as I'm older and type 2 diabetes is on the border… But I still love sweets…I go into a bakery and I feel I'm in heaven from all the wonderful smells. I still love ice cream too. Vanilla with dark chocolate poured over it. your card..WOWWWWWWWWWWWW pat

  44. I love Trader Joe’s sipping chocolate. It’s a seasonal mix and it makes a thick a little bit bittersweet chocolate drink.👍🏻🐾

  45. Wow – that’s stunning, Kristina! My favourite treat is definitely Christmas cake. I love it. It’s very rich (and fattening!) so you can’t eat huge chunks of it. I make my own as I have a severe dairy allergy so can’t eat the ones in the shops. I also love mince pies. Not sure if either of those are available in the USA. I’m in the UK.

  46. Favorite holiday treats: Italian Baci chocolate candies and grain and sugar free gingerbread cookies! Love this card!!! 🎄

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