(upbeat music) – Hi guys, it’s Audrey,
and I’m here with… – Jordan, from JustJordan33. – And today we are going
to be playing the holiday face paint challenge. So how you play this face paint challenge, is that we have some paper slips, in this cute Christmassy mug, and we’re gonna pull it out, and then whatever we get,
we have to paint a part of on our face. So if we get Rudolph, we
can paint his red nose, we can paint his antlers,
whatever we want. And our faces are gonna look pretty crazy by the end of this
challenge, so, let’s go. Okay, I will draw out the first. And you draw one too. I got Frosty the Snowman. – I got Christmas tree. – Oh yeah, the things in
here are either characters, or items. I’m gonna pull up a picture
of Frosty so I get it accurate on what it’s supposed to look like. – I’m just gonna go full in. – Frosty. That is what Frost literally looks like. – Okay, then. That’s not from… – I’ll just draw his happy face then. (upbeat music) Tada. – He has a blue tongue? – Yeah, let me show you. – What is this? That is weird. – I recreated my face to be like Frosty. So, here’s what mine looks like so far. Definitely off to a crazy start. So, let’s go on to round two. – Okay, guys, I’m done. This is what it looks like. – Let’s pull out the next one. Rudolph, of course. – You just said Rudolph. – Present! – Frosty also has a red nose, so, Rudolph and Frosty, I mean… – True. Should I just draw a bow for my present, or should I draw the whole present? Or what should I do? – It’s whatever you want to do. – I think I’m just gonna go
with the bow of the present. – I’m gonna paint Rudolph’s red nose, ’cause that’s what he’s known for. (calm music) ♪ You know Dasher, and Dancer,
and Prancer and Blitzen ♪ ♪ Vixen, and Comet and Cupid
and Donner and Blitzen ♪ ♪ But who do you recall ♪ – Not Rudolph. – Probably Prancer or Comet. I don’t know why. – I choose Dancer. – There’s a Dancer? – Is there a Dancer? – Do you mean Prancer? – I look like I’m from the circus guys. – You do, that’s crazy. – This is Rudolph’s nose. This is Frosty the Snowman’s mouth, so, together… – You look crazy. This is mine, and the bow. – Okay, let’s go to round three. – This one chose me. – Tada. – A nutcracker. – Candy cane. – Wow, you’re getting all the objects, and I’m getting actual people. – So should I do the actual candy cane? I’m gonna do it. – Okay, nutcracker, he has mustaches. – Ooh, he does have a mustache.
– What should I do? I think I’m gonna do the
mustache of a nutcracker. (calm music) I hope this doesn’t stain. (calm music) Okay, I look so weird right now. – Tada. (laughing) – Hello there. – Yours looks crazy. Okay, next one. I got, penguin. Oh my goodness. I actually got something… – I got ornament. – Tada. – Here we go. It’s gonna go on the middle of my face. – I currently can’t talk guys, ’cause I’m painting over my mouth. – Oh, lovely. – Be right back. – I do better when I look at a picture and then draw it, than
actually drawing from memory. Is anyone the same way? – I’m just drawing from memory, except for this penguin one. I had to check what a penguin looks like. (bird call) (laughing) – Oh wait, did you make the beak? Or the nose? – The beak. – That was unexpected. (bird chirp) Okay, I’m almost done with my ornament. It’s covering my eyebrow, and it’s very uncomfortable. It’s like sticky. – This feels so weird. – Yeah, same. There’s my ornament. – Nice. ♪ Dunt, dunt, dunt, dunt ♪ – Next round. What is it? Casper the Friendly ghost,
a haunted Christmas. – Okay I was looking out
for Christmas people, and Casper the Friendly
Ghost, there is a Casper the Friendly Ghost movie
that’s Christmas version. Yeah, it’s the haunted Christmas. That’s what it’s called. – Okay, I have to search this one up. – I got, Jack Skellington, at… Okay, this round is a little bit weird, because Jack Skellington,
there is a scene in Nightmare Before Christmas
where he actually goes to Christmastown. – True. I mean, he’s in… – We both got haunted, or Halloween… – Yeah, this is the Halloween round. – On Casper he has these
little bouncy eyebrows. And then this little button nose kind of, so I’m gonna draw that. – And I’m gonna draw Jack Skellington. – His eyebrows go like… – Maybe I’ll paint my face white. I’m gonna paint a
quarter of my face white. (upbeat music) Alright, I am completely going full out, and covering my eyebrows,
and a little bit of my hair. Great. – Yeah. Tada. This is my Casper the
Friendly Ghost attempt. ‘Cause he has really,
small kind of eyebrows, and this weird nose thing. So, yeah. – Jack Skellington. Oh my gosh I look so
weird in the viewfinder. – That is very weird. Yours looks crazy. Okay… – It’s fun though, I
like doing this stuff. – Let’s go onto the next one. I got the Grinch! – Aw, yeah. – I’m doing green. – I would never be able to go
to school with face paint on, though because throughout
the day I touch my face without knowing. – If you get an itch,
you always get itches. – I got the gingerbread man. I’m gonna paint brown on
the other half of my face because the gingerbread
man has brown body and so, I’m gonna make the other
half of the upper portion of my face that color too. – And I’m doing a quarter of
my face green like the Grinch. – I feel like I’m putting
chocolate on my face. This is literally the
color of milk chocolate. – Yum. – I know, I just want to eat it. But it’s (mumbles). – That would be amazing. Don’t eat it. – Yeah, it’s face paint. It looks like chocolate. Doesn’t smell like chocolate. This is a lot of face paint on at once. Do you remember the last time
we did a face paint challenge? – Um, yes. – Which one was that? – Wasn’t it Halloween? Not this year but the year before? – It was that long ago? – It was really long ago. – We haven’t done one since? – Was it? I thought so. – I don’t know. You guys, let us know in the comments. – Tada. This just made the whole situation worse. – Whoa! You look like the Hulk partially. – Why am I always the Hulk? – Really though, I don’t know. – I don’t know why. – My eyelashes are getting into it though. Is yours? – Kind of, yeah. – Okay, next round. Christmas wreath. – Yeti! Yeti? Yeti. – Yeti. – Wait, how my gonna do this? I’m painting the white for the yeti. It’s gonna be on this side. We’re gonna be twinning. (upbeat music) – Here’s my wreath. I don’t know how well it turned out, because I literally did
it on the side of my face, that I am not that super
good at with makeup. But, that’s the only place
I could fit it in, so, thumbs up. Let’s see, how’s it going for you? – So good. – Oh, yours is very loppy. – The white isn’t really
covering my eyebrows, ’cause I have dark eyebrows. – Covered mine kind of. (laughter) Yeah, you do have dark eyebrows up here. (laughter) I have two eyebrows. I feel like I need to be
in 101 Dalmatians remix. – Yeah! – Instead of the white and black hair, she has the white and the green hair. – Head dance. – Ooh, ooh, ooh. Next round. – I got Santa Claus. – Last Round. – I got Santa Claus. – Snowflake. – I’m taking this white
and making myself a beard. – I’m taking the white and
making myself a snowflake. (upbeat music) Tada! I made a snowflake. – I’m Santa Claus. Wow, we look super crazy right now. These are our final looks. – All I can say is just wow. – Yeah. – Like what just happened? So, tell us in the comments down below, whose face you think
looks crazier right now. – Yours, I feel like yours. – Mine? – I don’t know, mines pretty crazy itself. – I don’t know. On the post too, I want to know, let’s see who wins. Alright, so that’s it for today’s video. We hope you guys enjoyed it, and if you did, give it a big thumbs up. Also, please subscribe
if you haven’t already. Turn it from red to gray,
and hit the bell icon for some Christmas spirit. The shout out of the week goes to… (tapping) Tada! If you want to be the
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