Holiday Letters from the Front

Holiday Letters from the Front

My beloved husband, I dream of the day
when I’m back in your arms. I hope you’re doing well,
and that I’ll see you very soon. We’re doing okay. The whole family is gathering
for a New Year’s celebration. May this letter give you strength
and warm you through these cold days. Yesterday, me and my friends
made a snowman. Mummy brought some
candies from the factory. I miss you so much. So does Mummy. I even saw
her crying yesterday evening. Please come back soon. We’re waiting for you. We’ve spent another
night in the bomb shelter. We can only go
outdoors when it’s quiet… It’s never quiet. We’re all exhausted by this war. I can’t wait for it to all be over. My dear son, I hope we’ll celebrate
Christmas together next year. I’m thinking of you, and these thoughts
keep me warm despite the cold. No one has ever
loved me like you. I have only one wish
this Christmas — I wish that you’ll return
home soon, my darling. Thank you for
the photo, sweetheart. I hope you can still
remember how I look. Another Christmas without you.
It gets me down; I feel so lonely. But we support each other here. We believe
that victory is imminent. We attack tomorrow. It’s the second time you’re ringing
in the New Year far from home. Just know, we’re fine. Father has already put
the Kadomatsu in front of our house. And I’ll be cooking
your favorite fish pie. We’re seeing in the New Year
with the belief that we’ll see you soon. Sorry for not replying. The fighting has gotten tougher
around here. I’m in the hospital. But I feel even better
than when I last wrote you. We’re putting on a show for
Christmas and decorating our room. Sometimes I feel like one day I’m just going
to wake up at home with you. Happy New Year,
my beloved husband! Happy New Year, Daddy! Big hugs, and Merry Christmas! I love you so much!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! Hugs and kisses.
Happy New Year! Merry Christmas, my dear!

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  2. Although someone who is japanese forced by his army and country to paticipate in the war, I can't sympathize with them. Beacause they are the war criminal. I guess why you don't add german, that's why you know they are the war criminal and bad point for victims. But you couldn't realize Japanese.

    Many people should know Japanese brutal deed, and they have to apologize to victims such as German. I'm sad they seem indifferent this issue.

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