HOLIDAY LIFT – Working Out With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!

HOLIDAY LIFT – Working Out With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!

[MUSIC PLAYING] We’re here in The Dungeon. As you see, “The Dungeon’s”
in the background. We got Under Armour. It’s a big photo
shoot day, today. You know when I break
out the chains, that’s when you know it’s on. That– that’s when I become– what’s that phrase–
a bad motherfucker. For the next three days,
I’m getting up at 3:45 AM– Jesus Christ– starting this
morning, tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday, for
a very big campaign, photo shoot we’re
doing for Under Armour. Under Armour’s flying
down from Baltimore. We’re coming here
to The Dungeon, down here in the great
state of Georgia. We’re going after it
hard core and heavy. The purpose of
the photo shoot is to shoot me in the new
Rock Collection that’s getting ready to drop
for you guys next month and the new Rock
Collection that’s coming out the first
quarter of next year, including the new Rock
Deltas, my new training shoes. One of the shirts I’m
wearing right now, it’s our anchor shirt. Because the anchor–
our anchor– when we find our anchor, it grounds us. It keeps us powerful. It gives us that
manna, that spirit. And also, I just
want to thank you guys for making the Rock
Collections, Project Rock, Rock the Troops, the
number one sellers in the entire company
of Under Armour. The spring, the summer,
the fall, the winter, we’re dominating. Appreciate you guys–
hardest workers in the room. Under Armour, get ready. [CAMERA SHUTTERS] Double. All right, good morning. We’re down here in Georgia. We’re getting after
it, hard core and heavy with you in The Dungeon. Training heavy back. Here we go, last set. Double. Double. It is Sunday night here
in the Iron Paradise in the swamp lands
of Florida, where the alligators roam so free. I’ve been on the road shooting
for seven and a half months. I haven’t been home. I only have two and
a half days at home, so you know I’m taking
advantage of the Iron Paradise. We’re destroying legs, tonight. I got to crawl out of this some
bitch when it’s all over with. But I just want to say
thank you guys so much. I appreciate you. I love you. Excuse me while I
go back to being– what’s that phrase–
oh, a bad motherfucker.

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  1. i need someone near me to show me the ropes an really work with me. Never been to a gym or really worked out before.

  2. Man i sure hope peeps dont work out tryin to look perfect like adam and eve when life evolved. It wasnt my motivating factor my old mans hidden self hatred was but just remember its what would your prehistoric ancestors do in a certain situation.

  3. Idk how good you are at responding to comments, maybe someone else would- but my question is, does hand powder work similar to how workout gloves?

  4. @2:28 enter Jeff Cavelier,”hey what are you doing, don’t use momentum to pull down, let your lats do it for you and you will immediately feel the difference. That’s what Athlean X is all about. Rock, if you’re looking for a program that will take you to the next level, head over to Athlean x dot com.”

  5. what time do you go to bed at night? I work till 11pm and dont lay in bed till about 11:45 or 12. So only 4 hours of sleep or even 5 in a half feels like shit in the morning with that little sleep. It's hard to do that every day. So I a just curious if you are getting a good amount of sleep to productively do that every day or do you just suck it the fuck up?

  6. Wood Dwayne Johnson be supportive of mental illness🙄 mental health programs overmedicated that a crime ⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️🤔 people who have mental illness mental health programs exploit erratic complicit 🤔provisional programs they are all over the country go public 🤔 does celebrities know about this no now they do blame your therapist for property treating you🤔 lawsuit remember they complicit rehabs to alcoholics something with them Charlie Sheen🤔 mental health programs deserve the death penalty for over Medicateing people who have mental illness tell everyone about this 🤔

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