Hey guys, it’s me Aego here, Hi Hello. Today I have here a HOLIDAY LIMITED edition product and that’s CLIO’s PRO DAZZLING EYE PALETTE GLITZ SHOWER. The holiday season has already passed, but I really wanted to review this for everyone. As you can see from the case already, since this is so beautiful. lemme start the review right away. The case of this palette looks as if it was
dipped in glitter and shines gorgeously. This design really reminds me of the holiday season. When opening the lid, you’ll come face to face with a very big mirror, which is very convenient to use when doing makeup. There’s a total of 25 colors that are composed of various colors from big glitters, pearls that looks different in angles and clear bright shimmers that is great to use as daily and party looks. I think there are literally no matte shadows at all in this palette. When applying the shimmers, pearls, and big glitters on the back of my hand, the shimmer and pearls applied very smoothly while big glitters applied with a moisturizing texture. One thing that I need to point out is the
big glitters can get clumpy, so you need to make sure that you blend it thoroughly. All the shadow colors stand out more when applied than they do in the palette, so let me show you each color one by one. Starting from the first line. The first color is a bright ivory color which is great to use as a base eyeshadow. The second color is a bright apricot color mixed with gold and blue pearls. The third color is a rose gold color with pink and gold pearls. The fourth color is an orange color with gold pearls which feels clear and fresh. The fifth color is a copper color with orange gold pearls. The first line of shadows is a set of coral like colors with shimmer shadows which I think they are great to use when doing a clean and bright look. The second line. The sixth color is a coral pink color with gold pearls. The seventh color is a two-toned pearl color with pink and orange. The eighth color is a pink brown color with silver pearls. The ninth color is a pinkish brown big glitter. I think it also has some red pearls in it and this is a shadow that stands out in this palette. The tenth color is a red copper shimmer shadow. The second line of the shadows has a bit of an orangish brown colors that are great to use as a base color with points. The third line. The eleventh color is a peach pink color with gold pearls. The twelfth color is a cool pink pearl shadow with orange and blue pearls that shines differently depending on the angle. The thirteenth color is a purple pink pearl shadow. Since the pink color feels strong it feels very bright. The fourteenth color is a warm pink color with pink, gold and orange pearls. The fifteenth color is a red color shimmer shadow with pinkish feeling. The shadow colors in third line seems to have peach and pinkish colors that feels very clean and bright. I think they are great to use when you want to create a romantic feeling look. The fourth line. The sixteenth color is a blueish purple color with blue and green pearls. The seventeenth color is a two-toned color with purple and pink colors. The eighteenth color is a purple with big glitters. This is another shadow that I find that especially stands out in this palette. The nineteenth color is a pinkish purple color with blue, purple and pink pearls. The twentieth color is a pinkish brown color with pink and orange pearls. I think there are also some purple pearls inside. The shadows in the fourth line appears to have purplish colors with a mysterious aura which I personally feel to be the brightest among the whole palette and are great for party makeup. The fifth line. The twenty first color is a sand color with shiny gold pearls. The twenty second is a copper color with gold pearls. The twenty third is a basic brown shimmer shadow. The twenty fourth is a brown color with gold and silver pearls. And the last twenty fifth is a silver pearl shadow with a light brown base. The colors of the final fifth line of this palette are a collection of deep brownish colors which you can use daily and are especially great to use when making deep eyes. Like this, I’ve showed you how all 25 colors in this palette look, and the eye makeup I did today is also done with this palette. So, let me show you how I did this eye makeup that can make your eyes look gorgeous and deep. I’ll apply the first color as a base on the eyelid and on the lower eyelid. Then I’ll apply the third color on my eyelid as wide as I applied the base color. I’ll also apply it on the lower eyelid line as well. Next, I’ll apply the 23rd color as close
to my eyelashes and then blend it till my double eyelid line. and apply it on the lower lash line in a straight and also fill in the corner areas. I’ll also apply the 22nd color from the
inner corner of my eyes to the center. With the Eyeline and mascara done, you can create a very simple daily and gorgeous eye makeup! Overall there are a larger variety of colors than I thought there’d be, and I think this is very useful by changing the looks by only applying big glitters after doing daily makeup. I especially think the first and 12th color are also great to use as a highlighter. And since there are only shimmers, pearls and big glitters I think people who likes pearls or bright makeup products will like this palette. It wasn’t easy to apply all the colors on my eyelid since they all are shimmer, pearls and glitter but I hope this video helped you a lot. So this was my swatch and review of CLIO’s PRO DAZZLING EYE PALETTE GLITZ SHOWER. Thank you for watching my video today🙏🏻 Don’t forget to subscribe▶️ Press the like buttons👍🏻 And please leave some comments for me💌 I’ll see you guys next time BYE BYE

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  1. OMG, your eyes must've been so sore after doing all these swatches for us ^^' Great review as always! I wonder if maybe you're planning to do a review of moonshot eyeshadows in the future? I'm torn between ordering their newest Rêve de Paris and the older Honey Coverlet palette.

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