Jeez, 2019 was crazy! I can’t believe so much stuff happened in just one year. For real! I mean, I published a book. I finally started my comic. I was technically homeless for a week. I got stuck in the polar vortex for three days. I traveled transatlantic like three freaking times. Notre Dame caught fire. Oh man, that was this year, wasn’t it? Yeah, and they stormed Area 51. Whew! Yeesh. And we hit a million subscribers. Oh, yeah! And of course, we can’t forget all the politics. *dramatic shenanigans* So, how about those personal milestones huh? Yes, let’s focus on that. What’s up gang? 2019 is almost over which means it’s nearly time to enter the Roaring Twenties 2: Electric Boogaloo. So much crazy stuff has happened. Just one year and there’s no better time to celebrate time well spent than winter when everything outside gets too cold and terrible to do anything fun. In honor of that iconic winter experience, we’ve got a brand new holiday design summing it up as succinctly as possible. Everything sucks. Let’s party! We also released a ton of new designs this year like the indomitable comment kaiju, some extra quotable one-liners, and a bunch of new artsy designs. All these and more are available on our RedBubble shop where we’re running a sale from now till Christmas Eve. So shimmy on over there if you’re feeling festive and grab something shiny for the holidays.

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  2. Hi, I visited the shop but couldn't find "unusual color unlike any seen on earth" shirt… There was a shower curtain, but that was all I could find… Is that going to be added or did I just miss it?

  3. Me: sees 1:04 out the corner of my eye, does a double-take.
    "Is that Dyonisus or frikin' Mollymauk!? I can't tell!"
    Goes back to look properly.
    "Oh, okay. It Dyo… I think?"

  4. Gah, Two Steps From Hell AND Trans Siberian Orchestra?!!!!! It's like your videos are edited with my exact background music tastes in mind!

  5. I hope you guys have a great year going forward! Stuff on youtube is gonna get hard for people come 2020 and the new laws and the POLITICS, but its great to be optimistic during the holidays! Happy holidays, OSP!

  6. Everything Sucks, let's party = said every Pagan celebrator of Winter holidays ever! SUCK IT, "White, Christian, upper class, straight, cisgender men"!

  7. To let you know, Winter is my favorite season! And it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm Russian.

    But there's so much fun stuff to do during winter. Like ice skating, skiing (cross country too), snowball fights, comfy sweaters, chimney, coco with marshmallows, dress up as Santa to entertain kids and then get drunk with their parents, repeat the Santa gig for all the kids in your block, fall asleep on the street, wake up in the new year and go back to your job…. The last few options are optional. Everything else MANDATORY!

    Go out and build a snowman! And remember kids! Don't eat yellow snow! Ok, bye!

  8. I've been a fan of you since you've had 120 something K you've always made my day and i loved this year and how far you've gotten I love you guys see ya love y abye!

  9. H O W did I not know Red had a webcomic? I adore webcomics! Thank you Red, just caught up on all the pages! Kendal is baby Im lov him

  10. Anyone know the artist of this version of carol of the bells? I swear I’ve heard it before but I can’t for the life of me remember who did it.

  11. With over 1 million subscribers I bet I'm not the only one suffering in a smoke hazed Sydney with bushfires raging all around us. Summer. Over it. And, yes, Everything Sucks!

  12. Red: I finally published my comic!
    Me: has a caughing fit WHAT!? I WAS NEVER INFORMED OF THIS! proceeds to read the entire comic thus far in one sitting

    By the way, it's really, really good. I mean, I'm not surprised, but it's SO GOOD.

  13. Instead of calling it the roaring twenties two, I’m calling it the. Screaming into the void twenties because nobody knows what the fuck is going on.

  14. All love u guys, but I think is perhaps the most ugliest merchandise of any History/Education channel I’ve ever seen. It looks like someone designed it in Microsoft paint. I just become a Patron instead.

  15. Last time, it was the Roaring Twenties because of all the partying and economic growth.

    This time, it will be the Roaring Twenties because of the screaming.

  16. I kind've wanna buy stuff just for my personal treat of the month, but I also planned to get the latest volume of the BNHA manga at Barnes and Nobles.
    which should I choose…?

  17. Win you're from Florida and all you can do is laugh at everyone else who has laughed at you all year long. Enjoy piles of snow while I enjoy my 70 and sunny!


    Also, I might need that "Press Pause I'm Making Tea" sticker on my laptop.

  19. Me twenty minutes ago: I need to save money for Xmas gifts this year
    Also Me: sees this video Dammit

    Serious note. After being a subscriber of OSP for this long, I feel morally inclined to give something to support you guys just because you're awesome. You encourage people to actually study ancient philosophers, mythology, classical writers and legends. I respect that. I know that I wouldn't have progressed in English literature as much as I have thanks to your channel.

    And now I have 11 different OSP stickers on the way.

  20. You really need a design for Sun Wukong saying "Did somebody say IMPULSIVE!?!" I'd buy that in a heartbeat!

    Also, kudos for complaining about the political climate in the USA without stating a side! I fully support that, and I think it's how the USA will re-bond.

  21. During the next Halloween I change you and Red to do a collaborate video wish Gregory as Super syain Gregory and Red as Bane

  22. consider what I've been calling the upcoming decade: ~The Screaming Twenties~
    It's accurate because that's all I'm gonna do if things keep going how they're going

  23. Love the kaiju merchandise!

    I wonder if you can sell a few "inspirations" of Shukra and Mamagon (from Godzilla vs Gigan), free from the wraith of Toho! 😉

  24. If, many years from now, history does not call it, "The Roaring Twenties 2: Electric Boogaloo" I am going to be exceptionally disappointed in humanity.

    shakes head sadly

  25. looks at merch I’ll just buy those books I wanted to buy with the money I got for my birthday next year, this is better

  26. I just showed your Asu-Shu-Manier tribute to my Mom and while I was explaining it, my step father came in after I said "seduced the Queen of Hell" and he said "I know the feeling." My Mom has NEVER looked so offended in her life and I haven't laughed that hard in months, THANK YOU FOR EXISTING OVERLY SARCASTIC PRODUCTIONS, YOU GUYS ARE THE FREAKING BEST AND I'D BUY ALL YOUR STUFF IF i HAD THE MONEY AND ANYWHERE I'D BE OKAY WITH KEEPING THE STICKERS FOREVER

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