Holiday Ops Bonuses: Second Wind – The festivities go on!

Holiday Ops Bonuses: Second Wind – The festivities go on!

The New Year has come, but that doesn’t mean that
the holidays are over. Our merry festivities
in World of Tanks will go on. If you reached at least Festive Atmosphere level V
by the end of the event, you can continue to use
your Holiday Ops vehicles. Albeit with a slightly different twist. You will have as many slots as vehicles
you unlocked during the Holiday Ops. Changing the vehicle in a slot
will be free once a day. Changing it more often will cost you credits. The Holiday Ops bonus is still effective
for Holiday Ops vehicles. Heavy and medium tanks
earn more Combat XP, SPGs and tank destroyers
get more Crew XP, and light tanks net more Free XP. Moreover, the highest bonus to credits
that you earned during the Holiday Ops applies to all these vehicles. You can also add a unique 2D style to them. Haven’t reached Festive Atmosphere level V yet? Got no Holiday Ops slots? Hurry up!
You still have some time left! Prolong the festivities,
get bonuses, and let the year start
with spectacular victories!

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  1. Prolong the festivities, and let the year start with spectacular victories! <3

  2. That's cute. He said victories. As far as I gather there's mostly massive losing streaks according to the forums. My experience has been similar to what the forums declare.

  3. hey WG can u nerf the M56 scorpion 🙂 cuz i felt something wrong here 🙂 my tank had brother in arms and my problems is why this one had aim time 1.6sec but went play it i felt it not 1.6sec aim time it truely over 2sec aim time because really different i had the sheridan with brother in arms i play i know cuz it aim time about 1.58sec without enhanhed enhanced gun laying drive it bassicly fast aim 🙁 but this tank bug ?? cuz aim so long and it info is 1.7s aim time but actually it not so please check it thanks WG 🙂 im bad ENG 🙁 hope you know my report want to said

  4. So nothing for those that made it to Festive 10? Like anything extra for getting to the max tier? Cause if not I dont see a point of ever trying to get more than tier 5 lmao. Like the stuff we got during the event was cool buy since yall doing extra stuff I figured Tier X people would get something neat for their grinding.

  5. i get bored already playing on this events daily's stressful for me to get the be among the top 1 mission..i hope next year change it to another type of missions that are not stressful for us ordinary players..hmm..i think i did not play for 5 or 6 days now because i get bored of those daily missions..

  6. Spectacular victories??? Who Contributors or Youtubers or payers? I have average 5 looses on 1 win.
    Yesterday 30 battles and 7 win… Its very fun… 👎

  7. Start this year with victories…….hahahaha…every day and night 5-15 on EU Server……your balance game is bulshit ….make game better ….put tier 8 fight with8 ……no 8 vs 10….example Sta2 vs 60tp… not normal…..

  8. You are making your usual bullshit again and again but in the meantime you have made this game broken by your disgusting RNG and MM. So you can go to the hell, disgusting butheads..

  9. i ve done all daily missions almost every day until now, and cant complete the collections.. whats the point of getting massive lvl 1 , 2 or 3 duplicates if you missing only lvl5 ones?? the shards arent enough to get completition!

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