Holidays Are Still Overrated!

Holidays Are Still Overrated!

hello again and another day another
video today when I talk about holidays and then being overrated now I did a
segment on this topic earlier low in my first early topics I did my openness
site and did all the content around Thanksgiving time and I talked about how
it’s overrated so Christmas is coming up next Monday and it’s still overrated and
I want to be out I just don’t get I got no problem with people like I said
before I don’t for my people celebrating a certain day or just having fun or
getting together and doing things and I’m from people getting gifts I think
you should just give gifts because you want to get gifts in our society it’s
like a it’s like an obligation yeah if it gets them because you’re supposed to
get it and that’s your job if you don’t look like a bad person so to me that’s
wrong because it puts pressure on people even they can’t afford something to go
out and buy something anyways which is just silly you know buy something a gift
should be look I thought about you man here’s a gift not expecting something in
return that would be a true gift not just getting somebody something because
you’re supposed to do it because I talked people I was talking people this
year like well I got to get them this I got to get my kids this I got to go get
my wife that that’s kind of the culture ring you got to get somebody something
if you don’t it’s bad and then you train the next generation to believe in this
and then people like that tell people like me the unmaterialistic and things
like that what I hardly buy really anything I buy things I need I get
things for fun I don’t really buy a whole lot because I have enough stuff as
it is and I don’t have much stuff it’s just I like to keep low clutter I just
don’t need a lot of extra excess junk and I see people who are racking up debt
on their cards buying things they can’t afford to go out and impress other but
just makes no sense to me and which you’re generally fine I got a deal my
fans like people are coming down we had events coming down here and come do this
you know come do that like oh your mind and it meeting people and doing things
it’s just like if I don’t talk to you all year why would I want to talk while
also now it’s a holiday and now I gotta get together be buddy-buddy nice nice
why because because you’re supposed to to me the proper attitude would be to do
these things through the year now I’m not saying I’m talking every single day
but if I’m in dealing if I’m dealing with somebody or if I’m involved with
somebody I want to you know I want to keep up with them I want them just you
know contact me around the holidays around my birthday because they feel
like they have to and that’s what you get from people who just feel this their
job to do and they do it so they don’t look that you know be real do be real be
realistic you know I rather a person keep up with me and not contacting on my
birthday and Christmas then it just contact me just because it’s that
particular day to me it just makes no sense
rather for me holidays are just chill out relaxed and just chilled I find the
best holidays are just I’m at home and I’m just chilling and getting some
things done or watching a movie or listening to music to me that’s my idea
of fun and another thing is the fakeness like I
remember growing up it was always you know oh we got company coming over we
got this you know we got to do this we got to go visit this is just as Oregon
back and forth about whose turn it is to do this and whose turn it is to do that
whose turn it is to do this and then out to me I want to relax I want to relax my
idea I’ll relax and get some relax not to argue with somebody or some chick or
some family member about whose turn it is to turn this on or cook this or make
that I cook every damn day and you know around the holidays I don’t cook because
I cooked in advance so I’m just chilling out and I don’t want anybody interfering
my relaxation my holidays are trying to relax not to argue not to be fake now to
have a competition about who bought the best gift or who cooked the best meal
and get involved in family politics and drama is just to relax that’s to me well
holidays are about and I find them over it because they’re not about that
they’re about the showmanship and materialism and doing the right thing or
quote-unquote doing the right thing not really the right thing but just fitting
in and what do you think about this how do you feel about holidays this year do
you enjoy them do you think they’re cool are you sick of them definitely hey let
me know and I’ll like subscribe and transcend definitely

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  1. 100% true thats how I feel about the last few yrs and just gave up on this tradition. It is OVERRATED. Chill and relax is the way to go!

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