good morning! so today it’s Pohela Boishakh
it is the first day of the bengali new year we’re entering the year 1425 it’s
celebrated every year on the 14th or 15th of April
excuse my goblin-like face but I’ve just woken up and it’s already 35 degrees
outside so I’m already super sweaty I’m about to put a full face of makeup and
then we’re gonna go eat some special food we eat
on this occasion and then we’re gonna go out in taka and have some fun On Pohela Boishakh, we traditionally eat “Panta Bhatt” This rice was cooked yesterday, and then was left soaking in water overnight. We’re gonna eat it for breakfast with eggs and fried ilish (fish) Ilish is Bangladesh’ national fish during pohela boishakh fairs are held in
many parts of the country it’s the occasion to fill up our bags with toys
cosmetics food and sweets so sweet they instantly give you diabetes there
are also music bands performing live in fairs and in almost every University This is an other special dish: byriani, ilish fish, beef, mango pickle and salad this is called falooda it’s a
popular dessert here in Asia it’s made from mixing milk with ice cream and
vermicelli and it is topped up with fresh fruits it’s really refreshing and
it is absolutely delicious yeah I also thought I was about to die
because someone had dropped a bomb but actually it’s only a spray against
mosquitoes #OnlyInBangladesh when you go
in the country all you see is green and green that is because Bangladesh has a
landmass of 144 thousand square kilometers which is five times bigger
than Belgium’s and 70% of this landmass is covered by
agriculture Bangladesh is the fourth largest rice producer and is almost
self-sufficient in rice production random fact: the average annual milled
rice consumption was 173 kilos in 2009 tell a Bangladeshi about a low-carb
diet and you’ll see what happens when we get angry and offended Friend: What do you think about Bangladesh? Me: I like it very much Friend: How many days are you planning to stay? One more week, insh’allah! Friend: one week? Friend: Do you like it here? Me: I’m loving it! It’s super hot but I love it anyways, as it is my father’s country! Friend: How do you see this country? Me: I’ve already come here 10 to 12 times already, that’s why I love it so much, i have a special bond with this country Friend: do you want to come again? Me: yes, I have no intention on staying in Europe. I’ll come back and settle in Bangladesh after getting my degree, insh’allah Friend: We have a lot of different birds here. Are there as many birds in Europe? Me: Well, there are ducks, of course… Friend: are there big heron like the one we saw yesterday? Me: Yes, there are herons but there aren’t any doel pakhi (=national bird of Bangladesh), nor moina pakhi (=talking bird) Friend: What are you eating? yoghurt! Friend: made of? me: Cow (actually cow’s milk but idc) Friend: Do you know it’s made? me: no… Oh yeah, it rots, then poof it becames yoghurt Friend: No, it doesn’t rot, you have to leave it for a day, then put it in a fridge for 1 more day, and then it turns into yoghurt (like magic) Friend: Do you like it ? Me: it’s not bad… actually no, it’s pretty good the traffic here is really something
else but there are actually more people living in Dhaka than in Belgium so what
did I expect right ? there are street shops everywhere here they sell
everything you can imagine from peanuts to pillows from shirts skirts it’s so nice
and so cheap I love it those vehicles you see are called rickshaws
they’re common mode of transportation across Asia they were invented in Japan
in 1869. They were used in Kolkata, Jakarta and Dhaka in the 30s and by the end of the 20th
century there were 300,000 rickshaws in Dhaka Drinking coconut water this is very good for hydration guys During warm days like we have plenty in Bngladesh After drinking the water, you can eat the inside of the coconut , it’s really tasty! these are plain naan, tandoori chicken porotha and butter naan so here’s the situation
today it’s 36 degrees and it’s literally too hot to go outside
so we’re basically waiting for the Sun to set like we’re fucking Stefan Salvatore or something I’ve been in my balcony for I think 45
seconds and I’m already sweaty I’m gonna have to take a shower it’s not
like in Belgium in Belgium even if it’s only 25 degrees you’re gonna see the Sun
you’re gonna get a tan here even if it’s 40 degrees like we had a few days ago
you’re never gonna get a tan it’s only super hot and the air is heavy and you
cannot breathe probably so people do not walk here we take the rickshaw we take
the cng we take the car and I would not recommend you taking the bus if you have
another option because first of all you don’t know where the bus stop is second
of all you don’t know when the bus is gonna come I think the bus is gonna come
when the driver wants it to come third: it’s crowded as fuck!
you cannot breathe there’s no a/c there’s no fan when you hop in a bus in
Bangladesh you basically know what hell feels like so we have a lot of options
for us not to walk walking is not really an option here during the day but people
often go out on the evening because the the weather’s cooler it’s more enjoyable
and the markets are open till midnight so that’s a plus I tried my best to make this vlog as
interesting as possible I hope you liked it stay tuned for more now bye

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  1. From peanuts to pillows
    From shirt to skirt
    It's so nice and so cheap
    I love it
    Pria Khairul 2019

  2. Conclusion de la vidéo: c'est un documentaire ou Pria Khairul nous donne des infos climatologiques, environnementales et des conseils de nutrition et d'hydratation

  3. I loved it. Very interesting vlog. Don't see many vlogs about our country Bangladesh. You brought many things on video which are informative as well. Keep it up. (y)
    Your ig follower(itsdipu)

  4. When you said it’s 35 I was expecting you to say it’s freezing but I forgot only usa uses Fahrenheit lol

  5. It's my favorite vlog so far, loved learning new things about your country, and the editing was on point!

  6. পান্তা ভাত মানে = আগের দিন রাতের ভাত পানি দিয়ে ভিজিয়ে রাখা +কাচা পেয়াজ +লবন + শুকনো মরিচ পোড়া + আগের দিন রাতের বাসি ডাল,,,
    পান্তা ভাত মানে = ইলিশ মাছ ,, ডিম না ,,, ধন্যবাদ

  7. সুন্দর আমার গ্রামের বাড়িও ময়মনসিংহ। ধন্যবাদ

  8. You are a travel Goddess LOVE LOVE LOVE IT <3 amazing <3 the colours the culture! So rich! Love the heat love the adventure in the bike and looooove it that it seems like you are home, home is always the best place to visit…

  9. আবার কবে আসবেন বাংলাদেশে? আপনি কি বাংলা লিখতে পারেন? i know english but not same to you.bye.

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