Homemade Starship Enterprise: Star Trek Enthusiast Recreates Iconic Ship

Homemade Starship Enterprise: Star Trek Enthusiast Recreates Iconic Ship

COMM: This may look like a regular family home, but the basement contains a surprising
secret. 00:09
Line Rainville from Quebec, Canada, has spent $30,000 transforming an entire floor of her
house into a homage to seminal sci-fi series Star Trek. 00:20
Line: So this is my bridge! 00:22
I first became interested in Star Trek when I was nine years old. I was watching it with
my father every Tuesday night because it was translated in French. 00:34
COMM: The 52-year-old Trekkie’s home includes replicas of the Starship Enterprise’s bridge,
transporter room, recreation room – and even Spock’s quarters. 00:44
Line: As a child, I always wanted to be aboard the enterprise, so it was my chance to have
it here. Spending time here in my basement makes me relax and I feel that I can allow
myself to dream. 00:59
COMM: The social worker enjoys all Star Trek series, but her basement sticks closely to
the original, due to her love of Captain Kirk. 01:07
Line: I love Captain Kirk! He’s so great, I love this character. I’m in love with him
since I was ten. 01:17
COMM: Images of the Star Trek house have been seen by millions of people online, with actor
George Takei – who played Sulu – even posting it on his Facebook page, much to Line’s delight. 01:27
Line: I am so amazed with all this going on. to me here it was my home, my special home,
but I did not think it was to be so much appreciated outside. 01:43
COMM: Line plans to continue working on her home, as she attempts to boldly go where no
woman has gone before.

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  1. She's a nice person, for sure. The house is great too…but, of course, you need to be in to Star Trek stuff to actually appreciate it. I am!

  2. That is wonderful! I am impressed. Many have a passion or a dream and few of them ever live it. Perhaps fear of what others might think is a part of it. I am doing things now with my house that are "geeky" but along the lines of a star ship bridge. Seeing things like this gives me ideas and encouragement.

    Keep it up and live long and prosper. πŸ™‚

  3. Incroyable dΓ©cor ,ou est vous a QuΓ©bec? Est-ce possible de visiter?j,aimerais aller voir et faire de magnifique photos Est-ce possible?

  4. I say If someone wants to do their house to resemble the Enterprise I say go ahead. Houses these days don't remotely look futuristic and this is 2015.

  5. I'm in the "that's awesome" camp. I would LOVE to hang out in that space, while listening to recordings of
    "Charlie's Our New Darling" and "Where the Heart" is by the amazing Nyota Uhura.
    You got any Rigellian Tea or perhaps Romulan Ale on hand? πŸ˜€

  6. Cool. You need to get that orange/red material they used on the original.Bed spread's, wall decoration ect. They have something just like it in Star Trek continue's.

  7. I am a super super star trek fan I don't just have interests in the actors or the parts they play I analyze the ship to death all the way down to the individual components that would be needed to make such technology happen and when I watch any star trek old or new I find myself living the episode I happen to be watching and if I could and I just might,, do the same thing she did to her home. Your Home Looks so cool. WOW!!! . Idon't just like or give a thumbs up I love this video and her home.

  8. Congratulations for the Lady! πŸ™‚ She has apparently more style than many so-called "internal decorators" – at least SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    If I had to choose a "cult-series", for making the style of my own house then I'd probably end up with "Miami Vice", though! πŸ˜€

  9. Parts of it I could accept as being the interior of some ship we've never seen on Star Trek. It's amazing.

  10. OH MY GOD o_O the perosn who made this is from QUEBEC?! O_O holy shit… i hope she still lives there…man would that be fun to role play in that house πŸ˜€

  11. No kids check, no husband check, fat and old check, the only thing missing is a cat but a dog would do, this is the sad end of a female Nerd, or a feminazi

  12. amazing.
    & that little dog is amazing too πŸ•
    wonder if the dog outranks the human ?? 😊
    really love what you have done & the hard work it must have taken
    thanks for sharing 🐹

  13. well done you its a brilliant thing you have done i am a trekkie as well and i would love to do the same to my house but do it like the enterprise -D which i really like so live long and prosper

  14. I wasn't sure what to expect but this lady went all out & exceeded my expectations. Very nice indeed. Live long and prosper Lynne.πŸ‘

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